December Studio Organizing Challenge

Posted on December 16, 2019 by prairiemoonquilts in Studio Organizing Challenge

One last chance for an Organizing Challenge this year! But never fear — we WILL be doing The Final Countdown again, so tune in on the last three days of 2019 for that.

I didn’t get done with last month’s challenge, as usual, and the main reason is because I cannot find the staple gun anywhere! Because we’re constantly remodeling around here, we’re continually moving lots of things from room to room depending on where we’re working, and I guess I’ve moved it one too many times, and it’s in hiding. But I’m still hopeful I will find it before the end of the year.

And here it is time for the next challenge! How does a month go by so fast!?!?!?

I’m making this month’s challenge a bit easier on us . . . because it’s what I need to do my ownself:

Revisit any of this year’s challenges that you did not get finished with

For me, it’s my thread. From the challenge back in March. I never did get all my longarm thread gone through and sorted and re-organized. But I’m still hopeful that I will finish that before the end of the year as well. It’s still all jumbled in a very large drawer, which is hard to fish through for the spool I need:

And extras are stuffed into shelves where they don’t belong. Shelves I could be using for better purposes. But it does look pretty — like candy — doesn’t it?

How about you?

Is there one of the challenges you had trouble with? Didn’t get finished? Made some progress with, but it could still use some work?

The entire list is HERE, and you can look through them and pick one to do for this month. IF you even have time. I know it’s been crazy around here, and December is already half over, and Christmas Day is fast approaching. I’m not sure how that happened, either.

For some more details on what’s been going on with me, and why I haven’t blogged as often as I’d like, you can go read this post.

I hope you’re all having a wonderful holiday season so far. I have some more sewing to do, and I’m thick into trying to decide what type of planner to use for next year — it’s both depressing and exciting! I’m going to do a post on what all my choices were, and what I decide to do, real soon. Right now, off to do more research on that topic, with a cup of hot tea. We have snow and cold, and I don’t feel much like doing anything else!

3 responses to “December Studio Organizing Challenge”

  1. There are so many good options on the list, but I think dealing with paper clutter will be the most productive one for me. I never seem to get through all the paper. But, I will make progress.

  2. Sharon Gratz says:

    Clear off the cutting board……..again.

  3. Amanda M. says:

    Looking back through my challenges I think I need to get back to sorting the fabric in the boxes on the spare bed. This will work out great since I want to make more quilts for Project Linus. I just wish motivation could be purchased.

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