Creativity Challenge #5

Posted on February 4, 2016 by prairiemoonquilts in Creativity Challenges

Did you have fun coloring last week?

I hope so. I did. I hope you keep at it. Don’t stop coloring! I intend to do a little every week, just like the doodling and other things.  I intend to spend more time doing lots of things like this to keep myself inspired. It helps me get unstuck, and helps me come up with new ideas — does it do that for you?

I’m going to find this week’s task a bit more difficult, but I’m up for the challenge, and I hope you are, too:

Illustrate an object 4 different ways

Choose something you’d like to illustrate, and do it four times, each time doing something different with it. Notice I did not say “draw”, because you can do this any way you want to. You can use a computer, you can use paint, you can use dimensional materials, whatever you want, to illustrate your chosen object.

Furthermore, you can interpret the word “illustrate” as loosely as you want to, and create your chosen object out of other materials as well. It’s completely open and up to you what you do with this assignment!

I’m choosing something that is inherently difficult for me. I want to prove to myself that it’s not as daunting as my mind has led me to believe.

I’ve chosen to illustrate a tree.

My first illustration is with a Sharpie pen and a few colored Sharpies on paper:


This one is inspiring more ideas for the others as I work on it. I may even end up with more than four!

What object will YOU choose to illustrate? I’m so excited to see!

7 responses to “Creativity Challenge #5”

  1. Kathy F says:

    I sure can’t doodle like you. No I just can’t seem to do it.

  2. Meloney says:

    I have not been good at these. I’ll keep trying.
    I did color a little but not much. DD did some as her art. I was happy to see that, but she stole my book too. LOL
    My husband was cutting branches today and I was thinking about the tree too. Then, maybe the stars. I’m not totally sure, but those are ideas for another day.

  3. Lori says:

    Hmmm. This is going to be a bit of a challenge. Oh, wait. It’s supposed to be! đŸ˜‰

  4. Wanda says:

    I had a real challenge with coloring last week as it was the first one I have done. I broke my right wrist in December and have been in a cast, so I tried coloring with my left hand, nondominant. I did not do to bad. I have been doing some writing with my left hand over the years, but coloring was a different challenge. I plan to go back and do the previous challenges as well, but am thinking I may wait until I have my right hand back fully functional. I am thinking the tree would be a good one to do this week, but try something else.

  5. Carrie says:

    Thank you so much for sponsoring this. I am going to try to do all of them. I had a lot of fun with this week’s challenge! If I can figure out the technology, I will post them on flicker.

  6. randy says:

    okay object 4 different ways will do…

  7. Hi,
    I’ve finally got my illustration posted at my place. I wasn’t to sure about this one. Have a great day!

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