Cowboy. On Drugs.

Posted on March 24, 2015 by prairiemoonquilts in Quotes

I had to take My Cowboy to the ER last night.

They gave him several shots of high-powered pain killers.

I know from previous experience that if I’ve had to go to the ER for high-powered pain killers, my sister insists on going along, because it’s hilarious — at least for her.

My Cowboy’s a funny guy, anyway, but when they have him jacked up on pain killers, it’s so much more funny, I laugh till I’m nearly sick. I’m sure the nurses probably think we should both be examined a little further before they let us go!

We had to go get his prescriptions filled, and we were hungry. We hardly ever go to a fast-food restaurant, but we needed this to be quick, so we stopped in the local McDonald’s.

Him, being the people-watcher (and shameless eavesdropper) that he is, just couldn’t resist making unsolicited commentary on nearly everything he heard and saw while we were there.

He had me laughing so hard at certain points, I could barely eat, and I was crying. It was so funny, I can’t not share it with you, so . . .

Here’s just some of what he had to say:

“I think we just found Taylor Not-so-Swift right here in the fast-food industry.”

“Terry-cloth pants.”

“Step back, bitches. I’m gonna show you exactly how I won that award!”

“I believe he’s got leg trouble. Which one, I don’t know.”

“Evidently, goin’ to the bathroom was a life-changin’ experience.”

“I think we found the Chatty Cathy of the bunch. He just grew 5 years in 2 sentences. Even the guy with the bad hip is tryin’ to get away from him.”

“The guy with the walker didn’t even bother to unfold it. He just picked it up and took off, sayin’ ‘By the grace o’ God, gimme twenty good steps!'”

“This is Emmy material, right here.”

“This is like a whole store fulla re-rides — ok, nope — buck ‘er again.”

“Just think, it ain’t even prime time. You’da scorched the keys off yer iPad if this was a busier time of day.”

“Next time you leave town for a few days, I’m comin’ to McDonald’s.”

Thank goodness we weren’t there longer. He’s safe at home now, where he’s supposed to be resting, although the medicine they gave him “may cause insomnia.” So stay tuned, there may be more humor come out of this before it’s over!

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Enjoy! And have a great and funny day!


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  1. linda kowalski says:

    Hope he is better. realize I can’t go to sscrapbusters Friday

  2. Cindy says:

    Never a dull moment!!! Hope the pain meds are working

  3. Maxine says:

    This was the best post yet.. OMG. He’s hilarious. Then I had to go and read the other posts. I love a funny man. I am married to one. He keeps me laughing all day! Hope your cowboy is doing well… and on the road to a speedy recovery..

  4. Carol says:

    I Hopis feeling better. You sure do get a lot of good materialout of him.

  5. Kathy says:

    Are you serious. That sounds like a rerun of me on pain meds. When I had my spinal surgery many years ago. 1986. I wanted someone to go get the elevator and bring it to my room so I could watch it going up and down. And I could tell all the people getting on and off where to go. No. Really, I did that. And I was angry that they wouldn’t do that for me. And I really got mad when they kept laughing at me. So I can relate to your Cowboy.

  6. katieQ says:

    It sounds like your Cowboy has a future as a sitcom writer. I’ve always thought McDonald’s and Walmart provided prime material.

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