Brunswick Lodging and Event Center

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Sew Sweet Quilt Shop in Brunswick, MO, recently built on . . . they built a lodging and event center attached to the quilt shop . . . and it is fabulous!

Upstairs, 10 sleeping rooms, each with a private bath, can house up to 22 people overnight. And downstairs is their new classroom, plus a HUGE room for retreats and other events. In between these two rooms is a kitchen that is more convenient and well-equipped than the kitchens in most houses. The whole place is just amazing!

And I had the opportunity to spend the weekend there last weekend! Our guild has a twice-yearly retreat, and when we couldn’t get booked into our normal venue, we realized that Sew Sweet’s new venture would be open in time, so we booked our retreat with them. And we had a wonderful time.

Our committee, Jean, Janet, and Sandra, took care of food, entertainment, games, prizes, and all the other fun we had all weekend. And we sewed — a lot! And ate — a lot! And laughed — a lot!Room

We even had a mascot — Sophie.Sophie1

She pooped out early — she thought we were all staying up way too late sewing!Sophie2

The games were fun — we played Bingo, a dice game, and worked puzzles and trivia games. We also earned points in the form of Froot Loops for doing things like finishing a project, using up a bobbin, giving a tip, or having some random object on hand. And there were prizes scattered throughout the weekend, given at random times for random things. And we each had a Secret Stitcher that we exchanged gifts with all weekend. That’s a lot of fun packed into one weekend!

On Saturday, a St. Patrick’s Day parade went by on the street out front.Parade1

It was short, with lots of green . . .Parade2

The person with the most Froot Loops at the end of the retreat is crowned Queen of the Retreat. Michelle, on the left, was last retreat’s queen, and she passed her crown to Linda, who won Queen this time.Queens

While we were at the retreat, Michelle’s husband texted her and said he’d been run over by a cow, along with a picture of his poor banged-up swollen face. Michelle asked him if he wanted her to come home, and he said: “No. The vet says I’ll be just fine.” Spoken like a true farmer!

So Michelle stayed, and managed to finish setting together her Farmer’s Wife quilt. Isn’t it gorgeous? All she has left is borders. This has really inspired me to try to locate mine and get back to work on it, although I don’t know when or how I’ll have time for that.MichellesFW

If your group is looking for a good place to have a retreat, I highly recommend the Brunswick Lodging and Event Center. Even better, it’s connected to the quilt shop, so you can shop all throughout your retreat, or if you forgot to bring something, just run next door and get it there!

As usual, there were lots of funny quotes gleaned from this retreat, and as usual, I’ll leave you with a few of them now, just for laughs . . .

“I should be an artist.”

“You were 14 when you had a baby?!?!?!”

“I sew wonky when I’m tryin’ to sew straight, so sewin’ wonky on purpose is just . . . hmpfff!”

“It’s OK, I’m talented — I think I can cut another one that looks just like it.”

“He had to go to the store to get fish sticks, ’cause I don’t allow ’em in the house.”
“She’s a fish snob!”

“Shut up and iron!”

“Four minutes till game time!”
“Gird yer loins!”

“How many of those Straw-ber-itas have you had?”

“I think I’ve hit a slump.”

“Everyone knows the toucan talks with a lisp.”

“She’s under the table.”

“Are you tryin’ to get fired?”

“The Froot Loop thing has pushed Sandra over the edge.”

“Second is still losing!”

“One of us is never gonna win.”
“Well, that’s part of it. Get yer big girl panties on.”
“You know what? Everybody can’t win. It’s a life lesson.”
“If you keep talkin’, I’m gonna need new panties.”

“Thank God I’m still functioning.”

“I got four gnomes . . . I wonder if they’re the seven dwarves? But which dwarf carries an ax? Or a watering can?”

“Don’t be timing me!”

“We have an unruly member.”

“No! I love fairies. It was just too hot!”

“If I’m livin’ right, and I’m probably not, this should be Row 13.”

“I didn’t think Hell had a thermostat.”

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  1. Cindy says:

    Sounds like a fun time had by all! Sophie is sew sweet. I don’t understand why Sophie doesn’t have a little doggie quilt to take a nap with though.

  2. Bev J says:

    OMG, Shelly ! You always seem to capture the weekend just perfectly! Thanks for the recap & the laughs!!

  3. Hope says:

    The retreat and venue sound wonderful. Your guild always has so much fun!

  4. Barbara D says:

    Thanks Shelly! You puta smile on my face the whole time I read!

  5. Bobbi says:

    It sounds like you had a blast. Retreats are just the best. I’m glad you were able to find a location to hold it.


  6. Jane B says:

    will you accept long distance guest members for your retreat? I wanna come to the next one. đŸ˜€

  7. Susan says:

    That sounds so perfectly ideal. A friend of mine was planning something like that in Arizona, but she got cancer, and had to abandon her plans, sadly. I was so happy to read that SOMEONE got to do it! I predict they will soon be SO busy!

  8. Paula says:

    I love hearing about your fun times! Looks like a great time together.

  9. Marge N says:

    I’m excited can’t wait. Will be back next month.

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