August 350 Blocks Report

Posted on August 31, 2018 by prairiemoonquilts in 350 Blocks Project, Quotes

Well, summer is about to end. The school bus has starting going by the house every morning, the days are getting shorter, nights are getting a bit cooler, and we’ve started winter prep here at the ol’ ranch.

This past month, I pretty much did nothing but work on the new Block-of-the-Month quilts for Sew Sweet Quilt Shop and run the longarm, in between doing stuff outdoors. I told My Cowboy I feel like a squirrel rushing around preparing for winter!

We got all of our hay in (fingers crossed it’s enough, since there’s a shortage this year):

And Ranger got a new house!

I also did a bit of traveling. I did a trunk show and taught a workshop for a couple of guilds in the St. Louis area:

And I taught a longarm quilting class in Wichita, Kansas:

And while I don’t normally play favorites, this was the cutest student in my longarm class that day!

Because I dedicated my sewing time to the BOM, I have blocks to report! By the time I finished both quilts, I had made 68 blocks. (Be sure to check back tomorrow to see the new BOM quilts and learn more about them.)

Yesterday I went to a guild sew day where we worked making items for area nursing homes — fidget quilts, lap quilts, wheelchair quilts, pillowcases, etc. A productive day!

I also found time to squeeze in making this block for my friend and fellow guild member, Sandra, who is putting these together for a Veteran’s quilt. This block is from Pat Sloan’s “Grandma’s Kitchen Challenge” over at her I Love to Make Quilts website. It’s called Sticky Buns. Be sure and check it out if you want lots of free patterns and love to join in on Quilt-Alongs — her site is chock full of them!

So that gives me a monthly total of 69 — how did you all do?

It’s time to report in and let us all know what you’ve been up to. Leave a comment on this post, or contact me. I know it was a super busy month for me, so I’m assuming some of you felt like squirrels, too?

I have the Project page updated as far as I know, so be sure and double-check your totals to make sure I haven’t lost or missed anything.

Our block goal for September is 30 blocks (in remembrance of my Grandmother’s birthday on September 30), for a yearly total so far of 262.

The monthly prize winner for July is Katie Z., who has a total so far of 1092 blocks — she’s got a good start on round four of 350 blocks — whew! — way to go, Katie! And I think it bears mention here that she broke her hand this year, AND has SIX children, and she’s STILL cranking them out! I’m in awe.

I hope you all get comfortably settled into your fall routines, and find plenty of stitching time. September and October are my favorite months of the year, so I’m excited!

Happy stitching to us all!

Oh, before I go . . . a funny for you . . . My Cowboy was on the radio this morning! Come to find out, it wasn’t anything informational about farming/ranching — nooo, nothing like that.

The DJ issued the prompt: “Tell me a sentence you could say both during sex and at a job interview.”

My Cowboy immediately called in and quipped: “How many openings do you have?”

Yep, they put him on the air! That’s my guy!

35 responses to “August 350 Blocks Report”

  1. Wendy O says:

    August is gone! Eeep!
    Well, I DID sew! Got the quilt I had been shuffling to the side done! 20 blocks!
    Also, I have all the blocks sewn and set together for a new Halloween quilt (another 2 month project that should have taken a couple of weeks but…..all but 2 of the fabrics were directional!) so that was…..60 blocks!
    Alas, not as many as it should have been but, 80 more!

    BTW Your Cowboy is funny! Hope the hay crop is enough. Gonna be a tough winter if it is long.

  2. Randy says:

    113 whoopie I had no lap top
    In August so I did more sewing

  3. Phillis Harding says:

    Glad you got the hay in. I am waiting for cooler weather so I can paint the rooms downstairs. That probably won’t be until late October or November as it stays hot here in this Nevada desert.
    I had a productive month. I made 4 baby quilts and 2 queen sized for a total of 164 blocks. I probably won’t get many blocks made this month because now I must quilt these as three of them need to be done for Christmas.
    I hope everyone has a great month.

  4. Wendy Tuma says:

    53 for me. Woohoo. More than I thought I had done! That was quite the comeback from Cowboy. Ha! Ranger looks like he’s King of his castle. đŸ™‚ The cat looks skeptical . . .

  5. Louise says:

    Only 5 blocks for me this month. But, I spent time hand quilting, making bags, and knitting.

  6. Marilyn Holder says:

    Total for August is 12. Have planned much better for September so that interruptions will not mess me up.

  7. BettyK says:

    I have completed 66 blocks for the month of August. It is my birth month and received a very good sewing chair. My cat seems to think it is her chair. She is so funny.
    Betty K

  8. Rose Marie says:

    I can report 149 blocks. 2 of those are complete small table runners including their quilting. 107 of them are those small snowballs. Got a lot of those done at the retreat last weekend. And that inspired me to come home and finish up more blocks and cut out some more stuff. Wouldn’t want the UFO count to go down!!

  9. Mary D says:


  10. Angela says:

    I love the photo with your black cat … yes, I am a fan of black cats.
    Your husband has a fantastic sense of humor!
    Of I haven’t completed any blocks because I am still working on my applique border, ugh.
    This month I will be piecing again, yay!
    Enjoy your holiday and the crisp fall weather.

  11. Karen Edwards says:

    I made 132 blocks during August.

    I hope everyone has a great September, and I’m hoping for cooler temperatures in Greater Kansas City.

  12. KT says:

    The heat and humidity sapped my energy this month, but then I got the new issue of Quilt Sampler last week and immediately started making a fun quilt from it–cubed–so I managed to finish 50 blocks. Can’t wait to see your BOMs!

  13. Made a few blocks in this busy month. Put me down for 35. Next month is going to be a slow one, too. Look forward to seeing your BOM.

  14. Marsha Y. says:

    I got 18 blocks made this month. Finished a quilt for wedding gift, but main focus this month has been on remodeling a kitchen!

  15. randy says:

    I have it I have it. A new Mac Air book. I am sure that the number of blocks I completed in August also had something to do with the death of my other lap top.
    I am thinking perhaps I can spent less time noodling around on the internet in the future. The blocks I made were from a chisel star. A friend who has fiber myalgia brought over her cutting machine. We both cut strips for a quilt. A very simple block that was created by placement of values. l was not sold on the machine but she can’t cut for extended periods of time. Than I worked on some beach bags. They are like Chinese food. I made 4 . I made a table runner, than I found some disappearing nine patches in with the halloween fabric. Boy that was a mistake… I got my double charmed quilt out and have one seam left and the border… Busy busy. And after heat waves it is 48 out this am. Sadly the heat is coming back….

  16. Cynthia says:

    Only 11 blocks this month for me. Fingers crossed I manage a few more blocks during September.

  17. Marlene says:

    14 blocks for August. Will probably be about the average for the remaining months of this year. Already shifted into to Christmas mode which means starting and finishing each project as I go!

  18. Patricia Hotz says:

    I got 13 blocks done and I finally did those on Thursday night.

  19. Clara Chandler says:

    15 blocks measuring 6 1/2 for a new project finished. Backings made for 2 baby quilts and a 80×90 quilt, then I sent them to several longarmers so I’m now in the process of sewing binding. What would I do without these artists to complete the quilting process!
    I’ll be busy hand stitching when the quilts return.

  20. Linda Knight says:

    I managed 42 blocks this month. They were easy blocks but I promised my granddaughter a pink quilt from tons of pink scraps so I got that top made. I also made a table runner for her mother. I loaded a quilt on the frame to quilt but haven’t been able to touch it yet and probably won’t in September because we are taking a much deserved 2 week vacation to Arizona to visit kids and grand kids.

  21. I was able to make 36 blocks this month.
    School activities was a distraction for sure.
    Mostly made Pj shorts for grandson….he wears them to school.

  22. Diana says:

    Yes what did happen to August? Does Ranger like his new home? Looks pretty content. Your cowboy is quick on the draw. Love his comment!
    I managed a total of 70 for the month. Got caught up on the Kaffe mystery. That was 40. then 20 for a Kaffe quilt and 10 string blocks for another one! I am happy with the total!

  23. Barbara B says:

    I completed 86 in August, moving right along!

  24. Deanna says:

    As you have noted, school is back in session and my block count reflects that: 21. Total for the year is 298. September will probably be slow, too, while I get myself back into the rhythm.

  25. Sandy says:

    54 done for the month of August!

  26. Beverly Vendt says:

    Still camping. Didn’t get any blocks done, but I did work on the cathedral window quilt.

  27. Danice says:

    I completed 16 blocks in August. ‘Getting more done but slowly. You sure have been busy it looks like.

  28. mimisdarlins says:

    32 blocks for August…not as many as I’d hoped but it keeps me on track.

  29. Amanda M. says:

    My post from yesterday never showed up so the computer ate it. I had 52 blocks for August, including 30 Log Cabin Blocks for the Guild’s Challenge quilt. The rest were for charity quilts.

  30. Cheryl L Hannah says:

    110 this month for a YTD total of 1015.

  31. Becky says:

    115 blocks for me for August. It was hot here so I spent the days inside!

  32. Meloney says:

    I made 143 blocks this month. It was a good month for me. That’s a good thing since some months have been not so great. Yeah!

  33. Mary Durham says:

    I had a lot of grandkid time this month as well as customer quilting, so I got a whopping one block done. Next month has got to be better!

  34. Stephanie says:

    My first message about my August blocks seems to have been eaten in cyberspace.
    Quick version = 68 blocks.

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