Art and Inspiration: A Quilt Retreat

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This past weekend I got invited to join a fabulous group of art quilters at a retreat they were having. Even though I’m not a member of the group, I was allowed to join them anyway!

The retreat was held at the Brunswick Lodging and Event Center, which is attached to Sew Sweet Quilt Shop. It was very fun and inspiring.

I think I actually did more shopping than sewing — at least it felt like it. Right now, I’m working on a large quilt with lots of teeny tiny pieces, and it’s going very slowly. It takes a long time for teeny tiny pieces to come together into a large quilt! — who’da thunk?

Edie’s not a member, either, but she got to attend, too. She even wore her duck slippers, a gift from Victoria, who was too busy to attend.


And Edie’s friend, Barb, came along, too, and she and Edie worked on a very special project while they were at the retreat — a Sunbonnet Sue quilt for Barb’s granddaughter. You can read Edie’s post about their project HERE.

Here’s the quilt that started it all:


Here’s the next one:


And there will now be a third Sunbonnet Sue quilt to carry on the tradition.

You know show and tell is my favorite part, and this group did not disappoint. The stuff they are working on — it’s all fantastic!

Klonda organized the retreat, and the group does lots of group projects together. Here’s the group (minus a few members who did not attend) and their latest project:

L to R standing: Cheri, Judy, Sharon, Sharon, Candy, Cathy, Klonda. Kneeling: Joan, Jane, Nancy

L to R standing: Cheri, Judy, Sharon, Sharon, Candy, Cathy, Klonda. Kneeling: Joan, Jane, Nancy

Here’s a finished project shown by Judy from an exchange they all did earlier:


Klonda showed the Dresden Plate quilt she made using a pattern by Victoria:


And this gorgeous thing made from a class she took with Candy:


Candy teaches this class, called Modern Dresden Plates, on making the Dresden Plates in different styles and then putting them together like this. I think it’s crazy wonderful! If you’re interested in a class, or having Candy teach it for your guild or group, here’s her website: iCandy Fiber Art. Give her a holler — she’d be glad to teach you how to do this. I wanna do it myself!

Joan showed her “self-portrait” quilt from a group challenge. Joan plays the harp, in case you couldn’t tell!


Cathy had a couple of finished tops to show. I love the motion in this one:


And I love how the log cabins make circles in this one!


Cheri showed several of her art quilts. You can check out more of Cheri’s work at her web site Toads in the Garden Designs.


And Georgene showed her quilt that includes blocks made with twilling, which is a form of hand embroidery using a special stitch and a specific type of thread.


I didn’t get pictures of everyone’s show & tell, but that’s a good sprinkling of it. A very very talented group of ladies who get an awful lot done!

And of course, I collected quotes from this event. Have you ever known me not to? I’ll leave you with those so you can have a chuckle, too . . .

“That was rude . . . and totally uncalled for . . . and probably completely true.”

“I think I can probly turn out a pillow by Monday.”
“Not if you sew like you were sewin’ last night!”

“I’m gonna have ‘Troublemaker’ tattooed on my forehead.”

“You don’t sound nearly pitiful enough.”

“If you put yellow in a quilt, you’ll have a yellow quilt.”

“Obviously, someone who plays the harp has never watched Hee-Haw.”

“Jane, you have a good eye.”
“Just one?”
“Which one’s the good one, Jane?”

“I’m Candy. From Cleveland.”

“Leave my ass alone.”

“This is the grief-givin’ side of the room.”

“Excuse me. Does everyone notice I’m sewing over here?”

“She just looked at me and laughed. It’s offensive!”

“I’ve been offended the entire time I’ve been here.”

“Keep your bad ju-ju away from my girls.”

“You get to sewin’ more stuff — and do it right this time!”

“I’m not a quilter, remember?”

“I don’t want antique nuts — I live with those.”

“I’ve sewn a few things while drinkin’ wine. Boy, was that a mistake!”

“Do I need to show you my butt crack?”

“I just about had the mystery solved as to how someone runs over their finger with their sewing machine.”
“How do people do that?”
“I’ve done it — 3 times.”
“You’re a slow learner, aren’t you?”

We all sure had a good time, and I hope we do it again. Ladies, thanks for inviting me and letting me crash your group! Love, Your House Mother




5 responses to “Art and Inspiration: A Quilt Retreat”

  1. Cindy says:

    Sounds like a good time. I love Edie’s slippers!!

  2. Cathy Hansen says:

    It sounds like a fabulous weekend! Love the show and tell pictures!

  3. Victoria says:

    Still really bummed I couldn’t be there with you all, thanks for the One liners… they made me fell like I didn’t miss all the fun!! I could actually pinpoint who said what… ROFL!

  4. candy says:

    I think I know now why there was laughing coming from that side of the room – I missed some of those comments. Thanks for a great report of our weekend. It was fun and I’m so glad you came along. c

  5. Susan says:

    I always love your quote collecting. =) Thanks for sharing the photos of wonderul projects.

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