Arrow Rock Sampler: Month One

Posted on May 20, 2020 by prairiemoonquilts in Arrow Rock Sampler

Month One of the Arrow Rock Sampler Block-of-the-Month is going out today! I’m so excited for you all to get started! What you receive will depend on which option you signed up for. If you need that information again, see all the details HERE. If you haven’t signed up yet, it’s not too late — what are you waiting for? And please read all the way to the bottom of this post, because I’m all excited about a new project I want to start, and YOU can all help me out!

Each month, you get patterns for two sections of the quilt. This month, you’ll be making three different blocks for the two sections. It’s quite a variety of piecing, so it won’t get boring.

Here’s one of the sections we’ll be working on:

Here’s the other:

(Sorry for the terrible photos — after all these years, I still suck at photography!)

There are several different techniques covered in these sections, one of which is foundation paper piecing. If you’ve never tried it before, and you need help, simply Google “foundation paper piecing tutorial”, and you will unearth more help than you can shake a stick at!

I wanted to let you know that the patterns for the borders are coming out in Month Three so that you can get a head start on them, and possibly have them put together by the time you finish the last sections, so you’ll be ready to add them on as soon as the final assembly of your center portion is done. So look for that in Month Three, and be ready!

The pattern for the Arrow Rock Sampler comes in the form of a loose-leaf booklet. By the time all the packets have come out, you will have all the pages for the booklet. If you’re signed up for Option Four, I’ve got you all hooked up, but if you’re doing one of the other options, you might find THIS POST helpful once you get your patterns in hand, just to help you keep things organized.

For future reference, you can find all the posts related to the Arrow Rock Sampler HERE. I’ll be posting every month when the packets go out, to give you extra information along the way. You can also subscribe using the form at the top right, if you want; then you’ll get an email when I post, so you don’t miss out on anything.

And now, I’m excerpting a portion of one of the blocks in the form of a mini tutorial for a signature block, and I’m hoping that you’ll all help me out (even if you’re not doing the BOM — I hope you’ll still do this). While writing up these patterns, I got all excited about the idea of a signature quilt. I have several friends that have made them, and I want to do one for myself!

So here are the instructions for a tiny little signature block, and I’m hoping that you will make one and sign it and send it to me for my signature quilt!

You need a 3 1/2″ square of solid white, and two 2 1/2″ squares of a bright color (print or solid, I don’t care which).

Draw a diagonal line on the back side of each colored square, and line one up on the corner of the white square, right sides together. Sew ON the drawn line, then trim 1/4″ outside the seam. (Actually, if you sew just a hair to the outside of the drawn line, it works even better — see my example.)

Press the corner out. Repeat this with the other print square on the opposite corner of the white square. You’ll end up with a cute little block like this (3 1/2″ square):

Then, if you want to send it to me, I want you to sign it. You can put where you’re from, too, cos I think that’ll be fun to see. Here’s mine:

Then stick it in the mail to me at:

Shelly Pagliai
34374 Menefee Rd.
New Cambria, MO 63558

You can do this even if you’re not participating in the BOM program. I’d like to collect as many signature blocks as I can, so I can make a big quilt from them all! I’m so excited about this, so I hope you are excited to send me a signature block, and thanks in advance! I’ll keep you posted on the blocks I gather up and what I’m doing with them.

And if you’re signed up for the Arrow Rock Sampler, keep an eye out for your Month One packet (or email) to arrive, and you can get started. Please post progress pictures, if you wish, in our Facebook group HERE, and if you haven’t joined the group yet, you can certainly request to do so, even if you’re not doing the BOM.

Let me know if you have any questions, and happy stitching!

16 responses to “Arrow Rock Sampler: Month One”

  1. Diane Schulte says:

    What did you use to write your name?

  2. Krista Baker says:

    Shelly, your energy and creativity amazes me! I’m not brave enough to make this quilt. Wishing all of you who are making this quilt many quilting blessings!
    Krista Baker

  3. Janet M Smith says:

    Signed block is in the mail. Bet you get a lot of them from all over the map. What a good memory that will be.

  4. Paula M says:


  5. Paula M says:

    What a dip stick! I mentioned and apparently deleted: Beautiful handwriting! I can’t remember if I signed up for this, I will get back to you!

  6. Rose Marie Smith says:

    I am so excited to start this!!!! Whew!! Another work in progress. I can’t die for another 20 years.
    This one going to be wonderful.

  7. Dianne says:

    So excited to start another one…..promised myself I wouldn’t, Oh well!!!! Look forward to working with you. Please show a pic when your “new” signature quit is completed!

  8. Deanna says:

    Signed block coming your way soon. I want to do something similar for Sparkle Jane when she gets married…

  9. JoAnn Kolbe says:

    This is super exciting, especially since we didn’t have camp this year.

  10. Candice says:

    Can’t wait to get started! Of course I will send a signature block – New Jersey has got to be represented.

  11. Wendy says:

    I’ll send you a block from Minnesota 🙂

  12. Gerri Kellmann says:

    I met the “mail lady” while mowing grass near our mailbox and how excited I was to see THE PACKAGE.
    Immediately went home to reveal the contents. Can’t wait to get started on the BOM.

  13. Becky Collis says:

    I just don’t do BOM, because I always struggle with accurate piecing, but this one really spoke to me!

  14. Danice says:

    The Arrow Rock Sampler is truly beautiful, the traditional and modern versions. I am making a block for your Signature quilt also. ‘Will mail soon.

  15. Rose Marie Smith says:

    I have to report that this sampler is much easier to make than some of you would think. And if you have a bunch of unused fat quarters or leftover big strips, you won’t have any trouble choosing a sampler of fabrics. In my opinion, that is.

  16. Linda Kamp Waugh says:

    Hi Shelley!
    If you start another sampler, can I be
    On your list?
    I finished piecing one of the quilt
    Tops in your book and really like it.
    Thanks so much.
    Linda Waugh

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