Arrow Rock Sampler: Month 4

Posted on August 25, 2020 by prairiemoonquilts in Arrow Rock Sampler

I’m seriously having a really hard time keeping track of what day it is. I guess it doesn’t matter, since mine are all pretty much alike . . . until it comes to a deadline . . . and I’ve thrown off my entire August schedule because I got stuck back in the first week and kept thinking that it was still the first week, and yesterday, the school bus went by for the first time since early March, and I’m just so confused! I’m also having a really hard time believing that summer is almost over. It seems like it just started, and even tho I’m all for a nice, long fall, I really am not looking forward to winter. Maybe I’ll get lined out soon. September and October are my favorite months of the year, and I want to enjoy them!

I was late with this month’s packets because I was caught up in getting another BOM launched, which, if you read my blog, you saw HERE. And now, back to my regularly scheduled program, which I’m scrambling to catch up on!

So here we are at Month 4 already. Past the halfway point. I see that so many of you are staying caught up. I’m really hoping to see lots of finished Arrow Rock Sampler quilts at next year’s Quilt Camp!

Here are the sections we’re working on this month . . .

The traditional version:

The modern version:

This month, it’s all about Betty. Block 8 is called Betty’s Basket, and is a cute and easy little basket block to put together. There’s a lot you could do with this block all by itself!

Block 9 is called the Arrow Block, which is one reason I included it — another nod to Arrow Rock — but, coincidentally, this block is also known as Betty’s Choice, which just gives another nod to Betty.

The Betty I’m referring to is Betty Simonson, the lady who started Quilt Camp. I’m not sure how many years ago that was, but she retired from hosting camp and Paula and Larry Blevins took it over. I thought it was fitting that we honor Betty in the quilt, since she’s the one who got this all started.

Be sure to keep posting to the Facebook Group. I love seeing your progress! Month 5 will be here before you know it! I’d best get busy . . . Happy Stitching!

2 responses to “Arrow Rock Sampler: Month 4”

  1. Robin Hoover says:

    I can’t believe summer is over or soon will be. I’m like you about winter but I suppose after winter will be spring and quilt camp! Now there’s something to look forward to. Thanks again Shelly for all your work on this quilt!

  2. Kerry says:

    Ooh neat quilt!
    I agree summer suddenly appeared (apart from the weather) and now heading for autumn – which we have had earlier it seems. Over here the children go back to school at the beginning of September (this year it’s the 2nd) but break up for the holidays in mid-July. I guess it is around 6 weeks. I seem to remember my school holidays being a lot longer and going back in mid September. I forget times so much nowadays!

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