Arrow Rock Sampler: Month 3

Posted on July 20, 2020 by prairiemoonquilts in Arrow Rock Sampler

Month 3 already! This is the halfway point — are you keeping up? I’ve seen lots of pictures in the Facebook group that say a lot of you are. Month 3 packets went out this morning!

Here are the sections we’ll be working on this month.

The traditional version:

The modern version:

You’re also getting the border instructions this month. I’m sending them along early so you can get a head start on them, and hopefully have them nearly done and ready to put on by the time you get your last sections put together. Plus, you can use your scraps to cut a few pieces for borders as you cut pieces for blocks, so everything ties together nicely.

Block 6 is called “Mystery Flower Garden”, and I included this block in honor of our mystery quilt teachers: Judy Smith and Mary Durham. One of the units used in this block is called an Hourglass unit, and those of you who are in Options 3 and 4 are getting some extra information about this unit and ways to use it. However, you are all welcome, even if you’re not participating in the Block-of-the-Month, to take advantage of my free pattern that uses this unit to make an entire quilt, and it’s really fun.

You can read about my original inspiration for the quilt HERE, and find the link to the free pattern HERE.

Block 7 is called “Hearth and Home”, and I included it in honor of our Quilt Camp hosts, Larry and Paula Blevins. They take such good care of us during the Arrow Rock Quilt Camp every year.

I also heard a wonderful bit of news about Arrow Rock this past week. Dawn Heese, of Linen Closet Designs, is setting up a shop inside the Missouri Folk Art Shop and Gallery.  She will have her books, fabrics, wool, other products, and rug hooking supplies from EWE all available in her shop! I am SO excited about this! She assures me she will be open during Quilt Camp week next year, so all of us campers can shop there!

Have fun with Month 3, and keep posting in the Facebook group! If you have any questions, be sure and let me know. Happy stitching!

6 responses to “Arrow Rock Sampler: Month 3”

  1. Shirley Guier says:

    I have really enjoyed working on this one. Excited for the next blocks.

  2. PAULA says:

    Still working month 1! Two of my log cabins are short, may rip out 2 sides and make up the difference, struggling with the signature friendship block…I have two done, all the other pieces to the sections are cut and pressed…Finally, fixed the tension on my sewing machine, I hope for free time !

  3. Angie in SoCal says:

    I’m a little behind because there’s a UFO I want to finish and I’m down to the binding – yeah!

  4. Randy Menninghaus says:

    hi I lost the dimensions for the signature block… can you post them again

  5. Robin Hoover says:

    Month 3 already?? 😉 This has been fun! Crazy at times but always fun! Thanks for the free pattern! I had to hop over to read about Aunt Mary! I love your stories!

  6. Candice says:

    I loved the story of AUNT MARY’S QUILT! So touching that you were able to do that for Aunt Wanda.

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