Arrow Rock Quilt Camp 2017

Posted on March 22, 2017 by prairiemoonquilts in Travels

The Annual Arrow Rock Quilt Camp is coming up in May, and this will be my fourth year teaching there. It’s one of my favorite weeks of the year — beautiful setting, spring weather, relaxing atmosphere, great food, good friends, and lots and lots of quilting! What’s not to like?

I seem to have become the Resident Handwork Teacher at Quilt Camp, which suits me just fine. This year, I’m once again offering three different hand-stitching classes.

For those who want to learn hand quilting, or simply want to work on a small hand quilting project, even if they are already a hand quilter, I’m repeating last year’s hand-quilting class with my “Aweigh” pillow project.

We’re going back to the basics in the Needle-Turn Hand Appliqué class, and making this simple little flower block. The block can be turned into a pillow, or if the students opt to make several blocks, it makes a sweet baby quilt that I’m providing a pattern for. If they finish their block in class, and want to use it as their project in the hand quilting class, that’s an option, too!

I’m also going to teach how to do the old-fashioned Cathedral Window technique the old-fashioned way — completely by hand. I’ll be giving my students some options for what to do with their project once they get going.

I’m really excited about Quilt Camp this year!

Handwork is not the only option at Camp. There are three other teachers, all offering machine-piecing classes, and one is the annual Mystery Quilt class, taught by Judy Smith.

The Camp fills up almost as soon as enrollment opens each year, since space is limited. However, if you’re super interested in attending this year, I think Paula may just have one or two spaces left open due to cancellations, so if you hurry, you might yet snag a spot for this year.

Or, if you’re interested in coming next year, keep your eyes peeled for the announcement of enrollment in the 2018 Arrow Rock Quilt Camp. You can find out all the information about Quilt Camp by visiting their website here: Arrow Rock Quilt Camp.

2 responses to “Arrow Rock Quilt Camp 2017”

  1. Rose Marie says:

    Do you remember trying to teach me cathedral window back in those first months we knew each other. I made one and said never again.

  2. Kathy F says:

    I have made a queen cathedral quilt a few years back. I am preparing to challenge myself with a king now.
    I have everything ready.Squares are already and the rest of it is all cut to size. All I have to do is start. That is the problem.
    I did the other one all by hand. This one will have mostly machine sewing. I am trying to make it a lot easier and also make it look right. So I have a challenge ahead of me for sure.
    Wish me luck. I plan to start after the planting season is done and the summer place is clean and ready. IT will be a great summer project for me.
    I will take one of my machines to camp and leave it and the project there so when I am there that is what I will have to do. It will also allow me to have a break in between when I have to go home to do things. Again wish me luck.

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