April 350 Blocks Report

Posted on April 30, 2020 by prairiemoonquilts in 350 Blocks Project

We had a fairly typical April. Some rain, some snow, some warm, some cold, some clouds, some sun, lots of wind, a whole flock of new baby goats (and some kittens)! And the month seemed to go quite quickly, altho I know for some of you, it probably seemed interminable because of the stay-at-home orders. Us, we’re pretty much always at home anyway, so things didn’t seem a whole lot different.

This month, I’ve been working hard on the new BOM that comes out within the next couple weeks, so stay tuned for the big reveal, and information on how you can get signed up!

I also got caught up on all my guild exchange blocks. So my total for April was 41 blocks.

Here’s the exchange block I made for Tonya:

Here’s one I made for Shirley — I love this one so much I want to make a hundred more for myself! And I just might! Heaven knows I have enough fabric!

I made an exchange block for Norma, but I didn’t even count it because it was so easy it felt like cheating!

And I made a block for my bestie, Victoria, for her 50th birthday quilt she’s making:

I also made two more of these so I’d have a number I could set together easily. They’re for a Comfort quilt for guild — guild members made the rest of the blocks, and I’m going to finish them into a quilt to donate back.

Since I still have machine piecing for an hour a day on my tracker, I seriously thought I’d have more to show for it, but nope! Maybe I’ll have a bigger number next month. I’m also behind on my projects for the APQResolution challenge, but I’m still hoping to get caught up on that.

How did you do? Was April a good sewing month? I know a lot of you were busy sewing masks. I made some as well, but I’m actually lucky to still be working full time, so my mask numbers are not as high as some of you have been turning out.

It’s time to report in with your block numbers, and I’ve updated the Project page with our new goal for May, which is another 31 blocks, for a year-to-date total of 136. Some of you have already blown way past that. Seriously, once you start counting, it’s really not hard to get to 350, and then I just try to see how many I can get done within the year! Hopefully, a lot!

The March prize winner is Crystal, who is already up to 223 in just the first quarter!

So leave me a comment, or contact me to let me know your new numbers and what you’ve been working on! Happy stitching in May!

73 responses to “April 350 Blocks Report”

  1. Mickey and Minnie are so cute!

  2. Raewyn says:

    Well done on this month’s tally! I did a tally up last night and managed 34 for the month, which I was pleased with – in spite of the lockdown there are plenty of distractions down on the farm 🙂 I’ve been trying to focus on a couple of bigger projects but did get sidetracked with some cute smaller ones…!

  3. Maxine E says:

    only 8 blocks for me. I got caught up in a puzzle and I had to finish it. Going to start on another sew along and try and get caught up.

  4. denniele says:

    You have been busy! If only we could count masks…I would be much closer to the yearly total! I have 59 blocks for April.

  5. Crystal F says:

    I made 52 blocks….

  6. Randy Menninghaus says:


  7. I only got 18 actual blocks done, but 98 face masks!!!

  8. Christi Bentley says:

    I joined several quilt alongs and mystery quilts during the stay at home order, so finished 233 blocks this month. One of the tops is ready for quilting, the others are in different stages.

  9. Dianne says:

    I made 76….and finished up 3 older projects!

  10. Judy Sovereign says:

    Got 55 blocks made and another 175 masks. Working on getting a couple to flimsy stage. Things are going to start opening up here hope all goes well. Stay safe everyone .

    Judy KCMO

  11. Angie in SoCal says:

    Put me down for 37 blocks. I finished that leader and ender – that gave me blocks to count. I also made 2 crab blocks, and some for Covered in Love. Loved your blocks. So colorful.

  12. Cindy-liveacolorfullife says:

    April was an awful sewing month for me! I mostly did masks, which drained my desire to sew anything else. I’m hoping May gives me renewed energy to sew.

  13. Rose Marie Smith says:

    I made 20 blocks for 3 projects. I also made 32 masks. 3 of the blocks were for a long shelved UFO and those 3 carp finished the small project and I quilted it and it is now hanging on my wall. Something finished!! woo-hoo.

  14. KT says:

    I’m still working on the Laundry Basket mystery quilt, and got 67 blocks finished this month. I also finished a wall hanging, and I am still working full time, so I feel I did l pretty well. The weather was not great, so not much yard work got done–which means I’ll be busy in the garden come May. Love the mickey block!

  15. Kerry says:

    35 more kisses completed and sewn to some of the 16 patches. It’s beginning to cover the bed!

    Love the shoofly blocks – they look like they are doing star jumps and saying “yippeeeeeeeee!”Hmm, I think I may have been in solitary confinement with my husband too long!

  16. Marsha Parkhill says:

    I made 60 blocks which is high for me but not surprising since I’m now home every day.

  17. Louise says:

    Being confined to my house has been great for sewing. I made 213 blocks this month plus 26 masks. But, even better, I have been pulling old projects out of the various places they have been hiding. I have five quilts basted and two more flimsies ready to baste. Five of the seven quilts will be donated to the cancer center where I have been treated for two different types of cancer in the last 22 months.

  18. Ginabeth says:

    This month I had 108
    Only because I was working on a gift quilt which had 53 sawtooth stars.

    Thanks for doing this,

  19. Marcia in TX says:

    Sewed some masks, quilted, and sewed blocks to flimsies, and only one new block.

  20. Wendy says:

    62 for me, plus a few masks.

  21. Ginny says:

    Month as been busy although almost totally home.
    141 blocks finished, should have been more but that is a high number for me. Some of the blocks are in a quilt that is only waiting for binding and then mail to a granddaughter. 104 houses for the Village quilt that many of us are making and did it with fabric that needed to be used and gone. Outside doing mowing and gardening. Today is beautiful.

  22. Karen E. says:

    I love those bright blocks you’ve made this month!

    I made 221 during April—most of them 3” 16-patch blocks.

    Happy May to all!

  23. Sharon Gratz says:

    My block goal this month was to make more than I did last month and I doubled it. I figure I might eventually catch up if I can do that. 34 blocks for April. I also played with some blocks from years ago and made a couple of tops. I feel like I’m floundering this year…..it might be because the blocks I made last year are still just blocks. 🙂 Stay safe everyone!

  24. Dortha says:

    I made 22 blocks. I also made some masks, scrub hats, and quilted a quilt for Project Linus.

  25. Donna says:

    I agree that Shirley’s block challenge is addictive. I forced myself to stop with two, but I plan to do some for myself later. As I make masks, I’ve been trying get in the habit of cutting the scraps into precut squares from 1 1/4″ to whatever the scrap with make.

  26. 35 this month. Not where I’d like to be at this point, but hopefully I’ll get more in May. Love the blocks you’re making…the Micky Mouse prints are adorable!

  27. Barb Roberts says:

    I’m at 56 for this month, mostly mini blocks. I guess I’m on a mini kick!!

  28. Stephanie says:

    I had a very stitchy month while at home on lockdown.
    Total of 125 blocks across 4 projects.
    Aussies haven’t been encouraged into the mask making/wearing, but I did one for each member of the family just in case the government changes their mind.

  29. Cheryl says:

    I did 195 blocks this month, some face masks and some cross stitching. I’ve got 4 quilt tops ready to be quilted.

  30. Fran says:

    Made some masks and made 117 blocks.

  31. Mary D. says:

    I have been skittering around from project to project, being tempted by many shiny new things. I’ve made 150 blocks, mostly from these new projects and just a few from an in-progress leader/ender UFO. I’ve had fun, but now am scrambling to get customer quilting done that I’ve been ignoring. Then I have at least four new projects in mind!

  32. PAULA M says:

    Sick with allergies, this month, happy to of had one whole week of no kids…managed to get 45 snow ball blocks, 4 mini SAL blocks…outside sewing -4 masks, and 4 more cut ready to be sewn- still having tension issues…frustrating!

    49 total

  33. Amanda M. says:

    I made 54 blocks this month but the thing I am proudest of is I got a baby quilt completed and delivered a month before the baby gets here. Earlier this year I had high hopes but that was a joke. I hope that I can get more sewing done in May but it’s my hell month. Pretty blocks!

  34. Beverly V. says:

    Zero for me again this month. Made face masks. Cut pieces out of scraps into various sizes and shapes. After cutting out face masks, the rest of material cut into pieces until it finally became to small and then into trash. I did not allow myself to put back into scrap bags.

    I am working on a baby quilt, but won’t count until I finish it this month.

    Also spent time out in yard in the gardens. Need to get some planting done. I was suppose to paint today, but to windy. Need to paint outdoor furniture, railings, hitch, trailer tongue area and some poles.

  35. Betty K says:

    Completed 34 blocks for month of April. It has been a super bad month for allergies here in Texas so not as much sewing. Also, had to take my sewing machine in for repair. My older machine just seems so foreign to me, ha!!!

  36. My total for the month was 266! I near fell off my chair when I added them up!

  37. Aileen Kline says:

    Making masks this month. I manage to make 12 blocks.

  38. I had a good month, 70 blocks was added to my total. I hope May will be just as good.

  39. Sherry V says:

    I haven’t been sewing much….been in a bit of a funk lately.

    I did get quite a bit of cutting done so maybe May will be a better month for me.

    Your blocks are great.

  40. Joan says:

    272 blocks made as leader-enders while making face masks. And blocks were made from the scraps left-over from mask making! Predominantly 16-patch, 4-patch and Ohio Star blocks. Also this month, I have been tackling my scrap box of one and a half inch squares cut saved for way too long! Need to do this another month, as only about half of them have been used… Enjoy your posts.

  41. Marlene Clausen says:

    81 for April. Found and started cutting and piecing blocks for a Christmas quilt I began and set aside in 2008. Also, started a BOW this month that posts 3 blocks a week. Made several bags and zipper pouches, masks, binding on two UFO’s that I quilted (yeah, love turning a top into a quilt), and four faux fur pillows to spec as requested by my grandson.

  42. Shirley B says:

    I made 62 blocks on April.

  43. Angela says:

    It sounds like you’ve had a very busy month!
    I completed 78 blocks in April and also worked on some needleturn appliqué on a vintage Pansy quilt kit.
    April was a very dreary and rainy month here … I’m ready for some sunshine!

  44. Judy Smith says:

    I made 30 blocks this month. Mostly, I quilted tops laying around. Four tops quilted and bound so had a good month in that respect.

  45. Sally H says:

    72 blocks for the month, one lap-sized scrap quilt top finished with them. Lots of gardening going on so not as much time for sewing.

  46. Joy Dabney says:

    43 made for April. Hope I can keep this up.

  47. Danice says:

    I got 4 blocks made. Sewing face masks and have made 13 so far. ‘Love your block with Mickey and Minnie.

  48. Angela Neese says:

    Only 12 for me – but a couple hundred masks, so I don’t mind that low number! Every day I go feed the bottle calf, come back to the house and sew for a couple hours, take the masks to the post office, then off to mow or the garden or help vaccinate calves or….

  49. sharonG says:


    50 blocks this month– I also made a bunch of facemask for family and donation. And I managed to start and keep a sourdough starter alive

  50. Julie M. says:

    I’m lucky to be working from home but since there isn’t anything else to do I’ve been working on using up some of my fabric stash for new fun fabric! I was able to get 93 blocks done. Stay safe everyone.

  51. Sorry, I am still getting the hang of this. My total is at 99 through the end of April (Deana J).

    I posted about it here:

  52. Donita M says:

    Not a productive month block wise, only 4 blocks. But I did make 24 face masks, for my daughter for work and friends. Been busy watching the grandkids and helping with homework. Schoolwork will be ending in a few weeks so hopefully I can start sewing on blocks again. Stay safe and well everyone!

  53. Look at those points match! I look forward to hearing about the BOM. I had a terrible April, hardly worth updating. 1 block! April block

  54. Paula Mu says:

    I made 222 blocks this month. I had 86 with Bonnie Hunters Unity mystery and 27 with the Temecula Stay at Home Sampler. I had 6 with the Kindness Project quilt and the rest with a bunch of small projects. I did empty 2 – 800 yard spools of thread this month, so I did sew a lot. I want to see the kittens… I love kittens.

  55. christopher thomas says:

    Wish I could say that I did more than 32 blocks this last month but that is my total, I have been working on face masks and as of the end of the month I have made 1522 face masks

    Have another 500 plus cut out and ready to sew together, thought I was ahead on the masks but there is still a need and as long as there is a need I will keep on making them till I run out of fabric

    stay safe and quilt on

  56. Elle says:

    Hm, appears my post vanished so writing a shorter one.

    I completed 217 blocks. I have 7 completed flimsies in my to-be-quilted pile.

  57. Pam Desilets says:

    I all I made120 blocks this. I have to thank Shirley for email it encouraged me to get to work. I spent four days cleaning my sewing room. Get rid of many books and piles of stuff. I also made 100 masks, finished 2 quilts ( quilting n binding). Thank you for all the great words.

  58. Deanna says:

    April brought 48 bocks, for a total of 220. And 62 masks. Not necessarily what I wanted to sew, but I am glad I had the materials (even ELASTIC) and the time to serve and share.

  59. Pam Martin says:

    94 blocks in between working from home and mask making.

  60. Barbara B says:

    I completed 152 blocks and 21 masks.

  61. Debbi says:

    No blocks for me😢. Thought I would have some as I sewed quite a bit. Have lots of units made for blocks but none of the blocks together yet. Try again next month, sigh! I’m not really worried about it…I love having some accountability for this however.

  62. Janet D says:

    I count 16 for April. Considering it was the month that we though would never end I expected to have more. Oh well, happy May!!

  63. Peggy says:

    Another zero blocks made for me this month. Been busy helping my houseguest and with her two dogs. Been picking up lots of sticks in order to mow. So much mud everywhere! Meant to rest yesterday after 2 long days of yardwork, but spent all afternoon searching for escaped dogs. Scary times hearing gunshots and watching in horror as they crossed the busy highway a couple of times. I must have covered miles of rough terrain by the way I feel today. Could not even finish one mask either this month!

  64. Marsha Y. says:

    Only 22 blocks this month. I spent most of the month making masks for family and friends. Plus I got side tracked cleaning and organizing my sewing area. I am not done yet, but have found several items I thought I had lost!!! Love all of your blocks and projects!

  65. Debi Neddo Franklin says:

    I’m slacking in my reporting! Sorry about that. Sheesh! Not like I’m going anywhere! Anyway, 106 blocks for April. Thanks for all you do!

  66. Clara says:

    19 blocks for April.
    It has been a busy month for work so my count is down. 2 blocks for the LQS BOM, 16 blocks for a baby quilt that will be at the quilter’s next week and a sample block for a new project.
    I love Spring and all the flowers in my garden; however, the weeds are gaining ground since we have had a lot of rain. Thanks, Shelly for your blog.

  67. I had 58 blocks, 21 face masks.

  68. Debra Freese says:

    59 blocks for April. Mostly 3” positivity (plus) blocks made from the scrap bin.

  69. Phillis Harding says:

    Too much isolation here; I finished 9 queen size tops this month and had 827 blocks total. I spend the first 3 hours of the day on chores, then 4-5 hrs working on quilts. Have to stay positive. Husband spends his day in the workshop with his hobbies. We take long walks in the evening and visit with each other in the evenings.
    I need to concentrate on some serious quilting this month.

  70. Marilyn Holder says:

    Total for April is 56. Blocks made for a good friend who is moving later this year and I wanted to make this quilt and give her before she left. Just need to set them together and quilt. Took time out from sewing masks to make these blocks and, after quilting, back to masks.

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