A Veritable Sewing Marathon

Posted on September 15, 2015 by prairiemoonquilts in Guild Stuff, Quotes

I attended my guild’s fall retreat last weekend. As always, it was so much fun. We always say we don’t know how it can be any more fun than it was the last time, but it always is!

I worked on six different projects, none of which I can show you just yet, but as a group, we had nearly 30 finished quilt tops among us — that’s a lot of quilts! That’s a lot of sewing!

I’ll show you some highlights.

Melissa finished this sweet baby quilt top from a Julie Herman/Jaybird Quilts design called Tiny Dancer. Julie sells this pattern in a mini version, too.


Melissa also finished this “Almost Irish” quilt top from a Rachel Griffith pattern, which you can find HERE.


Barbara D. finished putting together one of her older Block-of-the-Month projects, which turned out very lovely:


Barbara L. completed this Disappearing Pinwheel quilt top, from a Missouri Star Quilt Company tutorial, which you can find HERE. I love her fabric choices for this one!


And Sandra finished this Block-of-the-Month quilt, where each block has a little panel in it. So cute!


Norma finished this gorgeous star quilt top that uses layer cakes. I don’t remember the name of the pattern she used. She added an extra border to make it larger.


Becky made this darling little baby quilt top from some purple fabric with a charm pack of “From Bump to Baby”, a fabric line by Gina Martin for Moda.


Our committee — Linda, Michelle, Carol, and Barb — made sure we all had a really good time.


They lined up several games for us to play, one of which was “Let’s Make a Deal”.

Norma, Norma, come on down! Would you like what’s behind Box #1, Box #2, or Box #3?


Chants from the crowd — One! One! Three! Two! Five! Two! Three! One! Two! Eight! — and Norma chooses a box, and wins a prize.


We all got a turn, and I even won a prize! I got this packet of 2 1/2″ strips, which I promptly tore into in order to play Strip Poker, another fun game they arranged for us to play.


Saturday at the shop was Saturday Sampler Club Day, so we all went up front for a few minutes to check out the new stuff the shop has in, and those doing the Block-of-the-Month got to pick up their first month’s block (you can read all about that HERE).

Before we even left the retreat, seven of the gals already had their Block 1 completed! Here’s Jeanie, with her finished block:


On Sunday, the Retreat Royalty was crowned. By popular vote, Sandra (center) was our Queen, and here she is surrounded by her court, the first and second runners-up, Norma (left) and Wanda. Such style!


There was no shortage of food, or laughter, and I know you’ve been waiting, and kept reading, just to see if I collected any good quotes! You know I did! I’ll leave you with them now — enjoy!

“She was abusing me under the table.”

“Thank God you’re here. I can’t read directions.”

“Agh! I don’t wanna hear about your Jungle Boogie!”

“I think I’m gonna start sewing now.”

“If you wanna be Queen, you gotta get yourself out there!”

“I’m gonna be productive, if it kills me.”

“Why is there math in here?”

“Just don’t wet your pants.”

“Just ask me. I’m an expert.”

“You’re tellin’ me more than I need to know.”

“My steroids have kicked in!”
“Um, you might wanna get off that chair before you fall on your head.”

“I keep telling my husband, ‘I can’t un-see that — go away!'”
“Doesn’t he have a Naked Room?”

“You’re a joy to watch.”

“I’m so glad not to be the whiner.”

“Thank God I took a shower.”

“The commercials are too loud for me.”
“Well, then, close your ears!”

“You don’t take lunch out to the field?! What kind of farm wife are you?!”
“An efficient one.”

“She’s havin’ another stroke!”
“How would you know? I think she’s swimming, she just doesn’t know she’s not in a pool.”

“Just because I’m leaving, doesn’t mean you can use my table.”
“I’m gonna take my dirty Kleenex and rub ’em all over your table while you’re gone.”

“I was fine until you said cervix.”

“I have all sorts of good ideas for ways to be ornery.”

“Don’t touch my table.”

“I don’t think we’re doin’ it right, but it’s working.”

“She is the Queen of Useless Information.”

“I do everything that feels good.”

“Who are you, and do you wanna join our guild?”

“This is a whole new low.”

“Have you been smokin’ crack this morning?”
“I went to church.”

“I have standards.”
“I have standards, too — they’re just a little bit looser than yours.”

6 responses to “A Veritable Sewing Marathon”

  1. Bev says:

    this is why I hate to miss one of our retreats!!! You guys are SUCH fun!

  2. Sandra Famuliner says:

    Always a good time, thanks for the quotes

  3. LOL – those were good! Reminded me of our retreat. Loved the quilt show. Thanks!

  4. Sounds like you gals were having way too much fun. Keep sending out your messages. You make my day.

  5. Susan says:

    You always have such a great time! I love the finishes. How convenient to be behind the shop. Sounds like there was a little table contention, though! =)

  6. randy says:

    lol I just spent 5 hours long arms then drove 32 miles to a birthday party… home

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