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Posted on November 23, 2012 by prairiemoonquilts in People, Quotes

Well, I’ve been in Nebraska now for 9 days.

I’m still not completely unpacked. I still haven’t located my camera, my skillets, my diary, the new toothbrush I bought to bring along, or the basket with my most crucial sewing supplies in it.

I can’t use the internet and the printer at the same time . . . yet.

There are still 3 pieces of furniture out in the yard that I haven’t moved inside. Good thing the weather’s been so nice since I got here!

It took four days to find the one missing piece of my longarm so I could put it back together. But today I finally got to quilt a quilt. And it felt good.

Surely in a few more days, those missing things will turn up, and I’ll finally start to feel settled in.

So stay tuned. I’m planning a give-away, and then I’m planning to host the “Great Quilt Magazine Sale” here on my blog. This move taught me that I have way too much stuff, so I’m going to liquidate some of it!

This move also taught me three other important things:

1) Pack all the coffeemaking supplies together, so that it doesn’t take you 5 days just to locate all the various necessities for making a cup of coffee, and you have to do without until you find them.

2) Take out the trash at the old house before you leave, or the movers will put it on the truck along with all your other belongings, and you will bring it to another state with you, only to have to get rid of it when you get there. By the same token, guard your purse with your life, or they’ll pack it, too, and then you’ll have to go back through everything to find it just so you can have your truck keys and gas money to actually make said trip.

3) Don’t say: “I’ll just pack this right here, so it’ll be safe and I can find it when I get there,” unless you’re sure you can actually remember which box you packed it in after arriving.

And since I haven’t located my camera yet, I don’t have any pictures for you, so instead I’ll leave you with a couple of funny stories to give you a laugh for the day . . .

Story #1

The Sunday morning before I left I went to breakfast with my family one last time.

My dad told a story on our hometown doctor from when we were growing up. His name was Doc Sharp, and his office was in the sale barn building.

Doc Sharp made house calls. One day, Jim, who lived out in the country, came rushing into town to get Doc and take him back to the scene where a neighbor of his was in the process of having a heart attack. Doc grabbed his little black bag and got in the truck, and Jim sped away like a maniac.

Doc said: “Jim, slow down!”

Jim said: “But Doc, he’s havin’ a heart attack!”

Doc calmly replied: “Jim. There’s a lotta folks walkin’ around out there right now because the doctor didn’t get there in time.”

Story #2

My sister and I were discussing her cat, Gracie.

Gracie is just a tad portly. When she lays in the floor, she resembles a watermelon with a head. But you still just gotta love her.

Katy said that a normal litter box just won’t do for Gracie; because of the precarious positions Gracie insists on using while doing her business, she kept flipping the box over!

Katy continues: “Besides, it’s just not large enough for her. It’s like tryin’ to get a mountain lion to shit in a teacup!”

Gracie’s custom litter box is now a big flat plastic tub. Royalty deserves no less!

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  1. Hang in there. It will all come together… eventually. You arrived safe and sound and that’s the best news!
    Love the story of Gracie the Cat… too funny!

  2. Betsy Albertson says:

    So happy to hear you made it safely to Nebraska. I have not had a move that went smoothly yet, in time, you will find all that is missing right now. Until you find that camera, we will wait patiently for pics. đŸ™‚ I just loved seeing the pics of Gracie, just something about those “plump” animals I just love!

  3. Oh, my God. You crack me up! I am glad to hear you are all moved! I have been thinking about you every day, but I have been too d*** busy to email you! I’m so sorry! For some reason I thought you weren’t moving until AFTER Thanksgiving. Anyway, glad you are getting settled. Hop you are enjoying your new digs!

    Big hugs. Wish I was there to help you again!

  4. Cindy says:

    I hope you find all your missing items. We had some items that seemingly didn’t make the move with us (18 years ago). However, the movers had to put our stuff in storage for a couple of months and it might have gone missing due to that extra step. Glad you found the piece to the longarm!

  5. Bari says:

    Oh my gosh! I was rolling on the floor! I could just picture the cat….LOL

    I have been wondering about how you are doing! Glad you are there and on the road to getting settled in! Glad you have internet also!

    Take care of yourself and hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

  6. Jane B says:

    Hee hee great stories! Glad you are “sort of” back up and running. You’ll get everything figured out soon. The one time we had movers come they packed my dirty cereal bowl and coffee mug that were in the sink from my quick breakfast before they arrived. They also packed up some firewood that we had stacked next to the fireplace!

  7. Deanna says:

    Ah, the joys of moving the trash! It will get a little better with each box unpacked.

  8. Ranch Wife says:

    LOL – never a dull moment! Have you chosen a name for your book because you Do know you need to write one, don’t you? Glad to hear you have been relocated in Cornhusker country and I’m betting your cowboy is double glad!! Hope you’re getting settled and finding time to explore your new surroundings – looking forward to the new adventures!

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