A Day Off

Posted on June 2, 2013 by prairiemoonquilts in Animals

I’ve been working pretty much non-stop lately, and decided now that Market is over, and our local quilt show ended yesterday, that I would take today off.

It’s Sunday, it’s very cool out, but not storming . . . seemed like a good day to take it easy, and not do anything too taxing.

So I went with My Cowboy early this morning to feed the cattle.

Cattle are funny.

They’re horribly curious creatures, so they watch your every move, especially when there might be some food forthcoming. They expect that there will be, so they provide the supervision to make sure you don’t forget.

These mamas with little babies are asking “What’s taking so long? You’ve been here for 10 minutes already! How long does it take to fill a bucket, for pity’s sake?”cowpairs

The show heifer has her own pen. She’s quite indignant that it’s so muddy out because of all the rain we’ve had, and wants to make sure that she at least gets her special breakfast, and “don’t mess with me until that bucket’s full!”Showheifer

Once the feed bunks are filled, the calves dig in. Everyone’s all lined up and eating . . .digginin

. . . but wait! Someone’s missing . . .

“Hey! A little help over here. I want some breakfast, too, but I seem to have been attacked and trapped by this vicious bale ring. Can you help a guy out, please?”Stuck

“Leave some for me! How humiliating — I even have mud on my nose. What a day!”freeatlast

With everyone fed and happy . . . and freed from tricky bale rings . . . we came back home, and I took a nap.

This afternoon, our wonderful neighbors came and mowed our yard for us, and I’ve been sketching new quilt patterns ever since . . . it’s been a nice day off.

Tomorrow? Right back at it. And for those of you waiting, I’ll have the 350 Blocks Project post up, so check back for last month’s winners, and to post your next totals . . . see you then!

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  1. Sandy Weber says:

    Been quilting and setting together blocks this month! Nothing to report, Shelly.

  2. stephanie L. says:

    lol, i really enjoyed that, thanks for sharing. Hope you enjoyed your day off, you deserved it.!!

  3. Susan says:

    What great pictures! We saw so many cows doing strange things as we traveled the ranch states of the west. They often be lined up in straight lines walking back toward the feeding troughs at the end of the day. It always made me laugh. They way outdid my second graders! Remember that song, “Cows With Guns?” We would make up conversations they were having in their little bunches under trees and up against rock piles. =) You are a great cow narrator.

  4. Cassandra says:

    Sounds like a great day off! Have fun with your new quilt patterns!!

  5. Cindy says:

    Awwww, they’re so cute!

  6. Ranch Wife says:

    Glad to see you pop up on my blog list. I’ve been sans Internet and thinking of you and hoping y’all hadn’t washed away. Look at all that green and mud! I’m envious, although we did get some rain Sunday night. Yay! Days off are good for the soul, especially when they include a nap!

  7. Hope things are slowing down for you now, Shelly!

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