A Day in the Life

Posted on April 4, 2017 by prairiemoonquilts in Prairie Moon Ranch

So far today, I’ve:

• Helped with morning chores.

• Ate breakfast and made coffee (necessary before going any further).

• Helped sort and unload cattle (in ankle-deep mud).

• Spent time in the goat pen. You see, I have all these darling little babies to play with, and I really feel like just moving into their hut with them!



• Caught up on paperwork and balanced my checkbook.

• Made a trip into town to the bank.

• Put supper in the crockpot.

• Ordered a replacement laser light for my longarm. Mine went kaput yesterday, and I desperately needed it, so as an emergency measure, My Cowboy handed me the roll of electrical tape and the laser light we use for a cat toy, and I made do!

• Spent way too much time looking for a mislocated quilt top of my sister’s, and still not finding it.

Here it is nearly 2:00 pm, and I’m just now getting around to thinking about doing some quilting. But first, I might otta do something about this — this is the current state of my cutting table — yes, the same cutting table I vowed to keep clear back at the beginning of the year.

I’d say a few things need to be put away before I keep going!

How’s your Tuesday going?

12 responses to “A Day in the Life”

  1. Your day sounds fun.. in an eventful kind of way… Your little kids are adorable! My day… started with watching two man-sized, tail-feathers pumped, wild turkeys strut with their 35 hens through our renter’s rye grass… Honestly, it could only go downhill from there…lol

  2. Barb says:

    Awesome laser light fix. Nothing duct tape (in his case, electrical tape), bailing twine, or number 9 wire can’t fix. The cats are going to be mad if they find out you took their toy, however…

    Katy’s quilt is probably under the pile on your cutting table, since you haven’t had time to look there.

    As for me, I squeezed out 20 minutes of sewing this morning and joined/pressed blocks to make 1 row of a mini quilt I’m working on and sewed and trimmed 6 half-square triangles. It’s more than I had before!

    Love on those baby goats! They are precious.

  3. Angela Short says:

    Very cute baby goats!

  4. Wendy says:

    I really dislike not being able to find things, so I’m feeling for you as you wonder where that quilt is hiding. I misplaced a quilting book awhile back, still haven’t found it (afraid it went to recycling!!). Your day looks like so much work, but fun, especially in this lovely spring weather. I finished the commission quilt top today (happy dance), so to celebrate I cleaned out my trusty little machine. Tomorrow the fun quilting begins!!

  5. Kathy F says:

    Oh, I want one. I’ve been trying to let my daughter let me get a couple. But alas she does have a point. I would spoil them while she would do all the work. Hey what’s a grandma supposed to do with kids. Pun intended.
    I had a busy day as well. I finally connected with our retired Dr. I presented him with a really nice moose quilt. He loved it. He has a Lake house up near Rangley Lakes area where he will be hanging it on a wall.
    Also did some sort of cleaning in my work room getting ready to re arrange the 2 rooms. Besides making breakfast paying bills and taking a shower etc.
    Came home took a quick nap as we lost our power for a couple hours. Finally made dinner and now I am finally sitting down and relaxing for the rest of the night. Not too bad for an older woman. Almost 75.

  6. Swooze says:

    Cataract surgery today so out of commission for awhile.

  7. Rose Marie says:

    You wouldn’t want to hear a day in the life of a church secretary. However, I can report that a small group has now had verification from a woman who is in her 80’s and never been baptized that she is ready!! I had to hug her and tell her how much that will mean to all of us. It was a good day!!

  8. Tonia says:

    Sounds like we all had busy Tuesdays ! I ended up with meetings all day long and now I have a unexpected overnight company . Life is surely good !

  9. Judy S. says:

    Not much quilting going on here. I’m helping to organize a Rughooking event here in Arrow Rock for this weekend, so busy with all of those details. Hope to get back to it next week.

  10. Darlene says:

    Wow one busy girl! Your baby goats are beautiful! I sure hope you locate your quilt top. I know you will get that cutting table cleared off again…..what is it about a flat surface that we just can’t help ourselves hahaha.

  11. Kate says:

    Well…it is Friday so guess my Tuesday was busy! Grateful that my life-long friend is feeling better now that she is out of hospital and in short-term rehab. I actually got up early (4:30 is early for this city girl,) and cleared the top of my cutting table so I can actually cut a piece of fabric that I mean to cut, instead of the hidden one underneath!

  12. Meloney says:

    Well, I’ve not been on the computer much. I’ve been sewing, but not finishing. If I would just stop and quilt 4 quilts, then it would be more finishing.

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