365 Days of Hand Stitching in 2019

Posted on January 3, 2019 by prairiemoonquilts in Handstitching

Last year I attempted to do 365 Days of Hand Stitching. You can read about it HERE.

If you click the button in the sidebar, you can visit the posts where I talk about some of the handwork projects I worked on throughout the year, if you’re interested in seeing any of them.

So last year, I managed to do hand stitching on 166 out of 365 days (that’s 45%, if you’re interested in statistics). In those 166 days, I made or completed 38 projects, so I’m pretty proud of that — but . . . I think I can do better!

So . . . I’m attempting it again for 2019, and I hope to do a LOT better this year than I did last year. It’s fun just trying, so if I can at least beat last year’s 45%, I’ll be happy.

I’ll once again be checking in periodically to show you some of the hand stitching projects I’m working on, and here’s a little sampling of some of the things I have going . . .

A pair of fingerless mitts for my sister:

A shawl for my sister:

I’m still working on my Granny Stripe Afghan:

My embroidery doodle is still in progress (even after my cat spilled coffee all over it, but that’s a story for another day):

I still have a long way to go on my Yo-Yo Quilt:

And I have lots of appliqué projects and other embroidery projects I’m working on, so I’ll show you those as we go along. If you want brief updates more often, please follow me on Instagram, where I show more in-progress shots as I’m working along.

This year, I’m also starting a Temperature Scarf, which I’ll tell you about once my yarn arrives and I can get started. I’ll also still be knitting scarves for St. Anthony’s “Social Knitwork”, and I’m planning several new embroidery projects already this year, so I will have plenty to fill up the 365 days with!

Do you enjoy hand stitching? What will you be working on this year? Are you up for a challenge such as this? Let me know what you’re working on and planning to challenge yourself with for 2019!

19 responses to “365 Days of Hand Stitching in 2019”

  1. You have so many pretty projects going – I wish you well on all your stitching this year. Your embroidery doodle is quite intriguing.

  2. Darlene says:

    Count me in😀 I didn’t realize knitting & crocheting were included I thought it was hand quilting/sewing! My fingerless mitt looks similar to your cuff I do have the right one complete.
    I love love love your doodle embroidery so beautiful created by a very talented lady.
    Have a great day today.

  3. Karen says:

    Yes, you can count me in, too. I have many cross stitching and knitting projects to finish up. I joined in last year and got a few things done, but then let it slide, and honestly, I then forgot about it. So to help me remember, can I use your blue badge on my blog sidebar and link it to this post?

  4. Ok, I’ll join this one too! My friend Karen who just commented keeps reminding me of challenges you offer. I always have something I can pick up and work on, and this is a good motivator. I’ll see you on IG!
    Oh, and I’d like to hear more about your coffee stained doodle embroidery. Is the cat still with us? 😉

  5. Janet M Smith says:

    Perhaps you should consider a yo-yo table topper.

  6. Wendy says:

    I’m working my way through some embroidery blocks. I started off well, but then I got distracted. I need to pick it up again on these chilly evenings!

  7. Mary D. says:

    You go, girl. Love all your projects.

  8. Rose Marie Smith says:

    I haven’t commented here before but I am almost through with the hand quilted Circle Game quilt. I am on border #2. The center is all quilted. I hope to have it at the quilt show in June. (of course not many will like it because it is so gaudy)

  9. Debbi says:

    Your embroidery doodle is amazing! Yes! I’m in the handstitching challenge! I’ve got multiple hand quilting projects and if I can add in the knitting and embroidery, win-win! Now how to keep track?

  10. Angie in SoCal says:

    All good and your embroidery doodle is fabulous. Thanks for sharing. I think I’ll be making baby washcloths to give to new moms.

  11. Elizabeth Otto says:

    This years goal is to make a quilt for each of my grown up kids(4), finish stitching fish city and then start on mermaids (Mirabilia)( have a customer asking for them to turn into a quilt.

  12. Elizabeth Otto says:

    Forgot to mention I hand sew everything.

  13. Crystal says:

    If crochet counts, I want to play too, I make baby blankets for a local NICU.

  14. Marlene Clausen says:

    Count me in! I do a lot of hand stitching; so, it will be fun to hear about what everyone is working on.

  15. Laura says:

    Count me in. I love hand sewing.
    I need to finish my great-granddaughters quilt, (hand quilting & binding).
    A large lap quilt I started 10 years ago that needs binding prepped & put on.
    I also love, love, love EPP. I have several projects in early stages of sewing. Several more I’d like to start.
    I’m excited to join you all to get these things finished.
    I have followed you for some time on Instagram and truly enjoy seeing your projects.

  16. Krista B says:

    I’m in. Working on some embroidered quilt blocks my Mom started before she died in 2002. I have lots of projects planned for 2019! Love the encouragement.

  17. Such a neat idea! Looking forward to see the progress =)

  18. I’ll join this one too. I generally do some kind of handwork every day, embroidery or appliqué. I also have some wool appliqué to do

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