2019 Final Countdown Task Two

Posted on December 30, 2019 by prairiemoonquilts in Challenges

Yikes! I cleaned out a file drawer, started on another one, went through a pile of magazines, gathered all the paperwork I need to send to my accountant, sorted through a box of old patterns and passed the ones I didn’t want on to a friend, and found a place for the ones I want to keep — and let me just say: I. Have. So. Much. Further. To go. Uff!

I LOVE all the comments you’ve been leaving. So many of you already have a system, and that’s the point I’m trying to get to. Soon, I hope! I will keep chipping away at this over the next week, but it’s also time for Task Two.

For Task Two, we will:

Organize Projects and UFOs

I hesitated about this one, because I don’t mean tear your entire studio apart and rearrange/reconfigure all your project storage (unless that’s what you really want to do — then by all means have at it!).

I recently helped a dear friend move, and there is NOTHING that makes you take stock of all your own stuff like helping a friend move! Haha! (And she isn’t even a quilter. See related story at the end.) I came home after two days, and just sat in my chair looking around at all the crap, and realized something has to change, and way faster than it’s been changing. I’m starting with the studio.

What I do mean with this task is to take stock of what projects you have going on, and if you’re stuck on a project because of something, then take care of that something and get it to where you can work on it again.

For example:

On my cutting table alone (refer to yesterday’s photo), I have this embarrassing number of projects in progress (29– ahem — again, don’t judge!), and the pieces and parts of them are obviously scattered everywhere and commingling with each other.

On the table beside my sewing machine, I have 5 more; there’s one on my ironing board, 11 on my design wall, and 58 tops in my to-be-quilted pile, which is scattered all over, and does not count the large collection of vintage quilt tops that I have purchased over the years and want to get quilted.

And I have LOTS of projects in their proper bins that are already organized and just waiting to be worked on. I’m never gonna live long enough to get all this done, am I?

OK, after that confession, I’d like to go hide somewhere.

So if you, too, have a “few” projects all going at once, ask yourself these questions:

Are all the pieces and parts of this project here and ready to go? Or do I need to find something/buy something/cut something/learn something in order to finish it?

Do I even want to finish it? Or would I rather have bamboo shoots driven under my fingernails rather than look at it one more time? Can I/Should I downsize it/make it simpler just to get it finished?

And as I said before, I don’t want you to tear your entire studio apart (unless you want to), I just mean for you to gather up and take stock of the ones that are bothering you, or not currently organized properly (as in strung all over your sewing room in bits and pieces).

Gather up just those projects, add what you need, or make a note to get it as soon as you can, and put it all together — pizza box, basket, bin, however you store your projects. (And speaking of that, I’ve heard that Michael’s stores have THESE for only $5 each, and they stack really great and can hold an entire project! Or wouldn’t you love to have THIS? Only $15!) Or get rid of them, if that’s what you deem necessary.

Me, personally, I have these great rolling carts with drawers (Amazon) . . .

. . . and this nice cabinet:

And I also added shelves to one of my closets, where I’m now able to stack the projects that are already organized in their little bins. My goal is to have fewer bins so that I can fit them all in the storage areas I have without any overflow. It’s also my goal to have all my fabric fit in the designated bins with the lids CLOSED, but that’s a task for some other time — uff!

I need to clean my drawers and cabinet out and reorganize all the projects into them properly (instead of just pitching and stashing like I do throughout the year) and get all the parts and pieces of all my projects back together. It has to be done in order to work on them, so it’ll help start my year off right, if I have the projects all organized a little bit better. We can concentrate on the older ones later on. For now, just worry about the ones that are out and unorganized and bothering you.

And if you don’t work like this, and you are already all organized with every single project — again, my hat is off to you. I don’t know how you keep it all straight. In some ways, I’m doing better than I was a year ago, and in some ways, it might actually be worse — Eek!

I have one stack of quilts on my table, and all they need is borders. The pile had five quilts in it, and it’s now down to three, but still — just the borders? I need to decide what I want to do, shop my stash for border fabrics, and put it all together, so that it can be easily done the next time I have some sewing time for myself. And that’s just one example . . .

How about you? What projects are bothering you, if any? Look at each one, and decide:

What needs to be done with it to make it easier for me to finish?
Am I missing any parts and pieces?
Need to decide on borders?
Need to prepare a backing and binding?
Do I just need to donate it and get rid of it?
Take it all apart and put the fabric back in my stash and forget it?
Do I need to look up a tutorial or video to learn something to finish it?
Can I downsize it to make it quicker/easier to finish?

Let me know if you have any problems of this sort, and what you are going to do about it. The suggestions in yesterday’s comments were wonderful idea starters, so I hope we can continue that! If you haven’t already, go back and read those comments — there are lots of good ideas and suggestions.

To be eligible for the prizes, just leave a comment on this post, and I’ll be back tomorrow with the final task. Good luck to us all!

And I’ll leave you with one funny from when we moved in here seven years ago:

We moved here from Nebraska. All our stuff was loaded into a 53′ trailer hauled by a semi, and the farm stuff was loaded into two livestock trailers, including our 3 horses, five head of cattle, and all our dogs and cats. And my own pickup was loaded full. The truck driver we hired had hired several college students to help us who were on break for the holidays and wanted to earn a little extra money.

We loaded it all up in Nebraska, drove it all down here to Missouri (8 hours away), and unloaded it on a bitter cold day with lots of snow and ice on the ground. And My Cowboy couldn’t help with one single thing because he had just had heart surgery, and has his arm in a sling! So he stood on the porch and opened and closed the door with his good arm for all of us as we worked.

About 2/3 of the way through unloading the 53′ trailer, after packing in several bins of fabric, multiple stacks of quilts, and so many little project boxes, one of the boys stopped beside My Cowboy on the porch, rolled his eyes, and said: “I am NEVER. Getting married.”

We all burst out laughing, as My Cowboy told him: “It’s OK. Just don’t marry a quilter!”

62 responses to “2019 Final Countdown Task Two”

  1. Patricia Cash says:

    This is something I have started on because I will be going on a quilt retreat in 2 weeks. I have 2 UFO , I just knew every thing I needed was there, but no, Ugh. And I have several to go through. I really want to finish some quilts at the retreat. Hoping this assignment does that for me. Thank you!

  2. Randy Menninghaus says:

    Okay. good choice, I have been letting too many PCUFO’s hang out. I am off to gloat over my Marden’s clearance fabric that I bought today with a gift card from my honey and then shall shovel the ufo’s about.

    • Randy Menninghaus says:

      I have 4 quilt tops just waiting to be long armed ( red Irish chain, chisel star, twisted DNA white, blue irish star baby quilt

      I have 2 quilts done except for borders and bindings irish star, art quilt

      I have 3 left nearly done ( more than 75%) pale blue scrappy, black susannah, chicken throw quilt,

      I have blocks made for the Gaelic knot ( on design wall), backing for the 45%diamond quilt,

      As twinkles in my eye, in the bag not started.. I have 4 large panels…three to make twins for my traditional rallies, and one is probably for a Quilt of Valor

  3. Sally Inouye says:

    I can relate to your story so well. I too have quite a few quilt tops that need quilting. I hang them on hangars and store them in a closet. But I couldn’t ever decide which one to quilt first. So I came up with a system of putting 40 little pieces of paper with a number from 1to 40 in a bag and pulling out a number. That would be THE quilt top to quilt next. It’s worked pretty well so far sometimes getting the older tops finally done.

  4. Funny moving story. I cut my arm while loading and couldn’t help. My husband’s new assistant coach offered to help. As they kept unloading stuff into my sewing room, he commented “Don’t you wish your wife had taken up a different hobby like tennis?”
    I have a pretty good handle on UFO storage-just need to complete. The last 2 years I have set a goal to finish one a month. I have done that! I keep a list
    of UFOS, new projects, charity projects(also a goal of at least 12 a year) and things I would like to learn. I highlight the projects when I complete them. At the end of the year I delete the completed projects, move any projects over to the UFO list, and add new things to learn or carry over any I did not accomplish. This has been very helpful!

  5. Wendy says:

    Hahaha — I’m laughing about the story. I once told my mother I was never going to marry a lawyer. Yeah. Right. Haha! I don’t know that I’ll get this task done today, since we’re still doing family things, but I will get it done. I need to. I have some quilt tops I just don’t love, but have some trauma about what to do with them. Is it okay to toss a mini quilt top? 😀

    • Sharon Gratz says:

      Wendy, Never!!!!!! You don’t have to love them to donate to a shelter. They just want warmth. Or, find someone who will finish it and donate . 🙂

  6. Sharon Gratz says:

    I kind of got started doing this a few months ago when I wanted to know what I had (where it was) going on, it’s size, what needed to be done to it, and put any fabric I had to complete it with the project in a clear bag so I could see what it was. I certainly didn’t get done so will continue. Thanks for another winner (reminder), Shelly. 🙂

  7. Judy W. says:

    Great choice — I was going to do that anyway, but not by Jan. 4th!! I already know I have 3 quilts to sandwich, one to add borders on, one to finish the remaining blocks, etc., etc.

    Today I’ve been working in the kitchen on the 17 lb. box (yes, truly!!) of collected/torn out recipes -and a few cooking magazines. I’ve already reduced the mass by 6 pounds, but I guess I’d better head to the studio to start Task 2.

  8. Marianne says:

    My ufos are together in bins or ziplocks. The ufo closet has two stacked bookcases facing each other with snapware and art bins neatly labeled and stacked. Ahem, the ufos in ziplocks I never had. I have a new wheeled cart that was not intended for ufos..until now! I need to gather the new ufo ziplocks from hither and yon and get them all in the cart. I like scrappy quilts so each project does not have all the pieces cut. I cut as I sew what’s in there up. I like to be able to throw more of one color in the mix etc before the blocks are done

  9. Paula says:

    My husband is on a road trip, in the past he has come home to new furniture…. this time our walk in closet got a make over. Took me 3 hours to empty it, another day to put back together. In the process I moved out fabric in a dresser down stairs…all sitting on my cutting table now. They aren’t UFO’s yet, but I will have to deal with…to have access to my UFO’s. A purge needs to happen!

  10. Ginny says:

    My dilemma is just getting down to cutting. Some projects have decisions to make about what color goes where and most of the time that really slows be down way too much. Most UFO’s are already together and ready to go but the go is so often gone. I do have some fabric for scrapy quilts that needs work but it is on hold until I finish a quilt that uses the material before Scrapy can be started. What really needs organizing is christmas decorations that need to come down and put away BBBut that is not my quilting and sewing room And Harold just put a 4 day trip to NC in the schedule for the week of Jan 6. Just can’t take quilting with me. So Knitting and Reading here we go. Hope to get some organized before the 4th and then pack to leave Monday

  11. KARREN PATTON says:

    For the first time in forever I don’t have any UFOs from this year. Now about all the UFOs from years past. At least they are in containers with the fabric needed to complete them. My goal for 2020 is to complete at least half of them. Wish me luck!

  12. Deanna says:

    Shelly, you have helped me so much in the past that this task is getting easier. Here is my report: https://wordpress.com/post/weddingdressblue.wordpress.com/13909

  13. Becky Collis says:

    You’re probably not going to believe this, but I don’t have UFOs. I have some kind of crazy mental illness that prevents me from starting a new project until the one I’m working on is done. It drives some of my friends nuts trying to figure out what is wrong with me. Now that doesn’t mean that I don’t have an ever growing stack of my own quilts and vintage quilts that need to be quilted- someday. I think I’ve found all of the patterns that I had scattered about, it’s an impressive number, but I’m not sure what to do with them as far as storage. I’ll work on that.

  14. Sally says:

    Another good task. We moved a little over a year ago, and at least half of my fabric stash was in tubs in the garage. In the process of moving it inside, everything has been moved more than once. I have a clipboard with a list of UFO’s (and where they are) that needs to be updated again. We did finally get the 2nd car in the garage!

  15. My husband put a new set of shelves up, so I can tidy things up. I filled them and still have all my project boxes sitting on a table. Another set of shelves will be needed. Since the project boxes are out, I did a quick count. 2 quilts need binding, 5 need quilting and 17 are still being pieced. I think there is more than I had last year. I am going the wrong way.
    It’s amazing how similar men are, that are married to quilters.

  16. Judi G says:

    The house in general is a little overwhelming right now. Dad passed this year and we are trying to incorporate all his stuff and my father-in-law decided to downsize this year. But none of it is sewing stuff:) So I will manage that area! Lists and a game of hide n seek. Will do.

  17. Angie in SoCal says:

    I like your shelves, but honestly, there isn’t any more space in my studio unless I exclude myself. Still working on the magazines. Hope to do 15 minutes a day on #2 .

  18. Suz says:

    Such a good task. I haven’t dared list ALL THE WIPS since the big WIP list of 201…7 or was that 6? Will need to check the blog.

    • Suz says:

      You know… that wip list was from 2014! Yikes. I had actually already made a list just in the last couple of weeks of relatively current projects I hoped to work on again soon, so it was easy enough to add on the surprisingly few extra. There are quite a few good free downloads around if anyone needs some assistance with this aspect. Last year I bought some new cubby shelving and filed away complete project requirements… so at least I know everything is together but I had managed to spread around quilt tops awaiting quilting or borders so I have corralled them back onto a shelf with their respective backing. I can actually see clear space! Must be the New Year 😂😂

  19. Christopher Thomas says:

    I am going to work on this one tomorrow….then i will have tomorrows to do as well….

    but i have a ton of fabric that i have washed and i want to get it put on the shelves so that i can find what i want and need when i want and need it….

    i do have a few quilts to hang in the closet that are done and ready to be quilted….

    so i will let you all know how it goes tomorrow and what all i get done..

    thanks for all the great ideals

  20. Elle says:

    I have my projects organized. 5 satchel style bins for the long-term projects. 2 tops that are fully cut in a handled bag. Those are my projects for this coming week when we’re on vacation in the mountains. I have 1 current project on my sewing/cutting table. I have a bin that is my Happy Blocks project. In it go 2.5″ strips and 5″ blocks. I always have a dozen or so ready for a quick success.

    I don’t have a ton of UFOs-I prefer to be below 20 and this year I aim to, gasp, finish them ALL!

  21. Gabrielle aka Grand Mommu says:

    I’m new to all this, wish I could figure out how to find yesterday’s challenge; however, ever since I purchased and assembled a 10′ long arm frame for quilting, I’ve been re-arranging and re-organizing my sewing room (the master bedroom of my house). I had properly folded and labeled (with size & yardage) all my “big” pieces of fabric and put them in a 4-drawer filing cabinet. Then I emptied all the 16 qt clear storage boxes and put them in drawers under the long arm frame. But I found that I missed seeing the fabric that I had purchased which I had 1st organized by project, and then if not for a specific project, by size & color.
    So, another “reorg” to bring back the wire shelving I was using and then “displaying” in clear plastic zip-top bags, the next projects and the clear plastic bins for un-designated fabric.
    I’m still re-arranging and organizing but I did do an assessment of all the pieced quilt tops; sizes, what backing, and what thread to use (and order if necessary); and I actually put my first “sandwich” on the long arm and started quilting it yesterday. First Q on the long arm – and amazingly – it’s a pattern using starters and enders – Calico Rose.
    What I wanted to be sure to let others know – is don’t hide your inspiration fabric away in drawers if you can avoid it.
    I’ve also put tension closet / shower bars in places so I can hang quilt tops or fabric. I bought 6 more trouser pinchy hangers today to hang the remaining 5 quilt tops that are patiently waiting the long arm.

  22. Edith Csokmay says:

    UFOs and WIPs are never a bad idea. This one is on going for me. I get empty xerox paper boxes from Honey Do’s work. I put everything in the box and it stays there until the quilt is sandwiched and binding made or the project is completed. The boxes are lidded and labelled, keeping the togetger, organized and stackable. Once it’s done, i put everything away in its proper place. Like just about everyone else, I’ll never get everything done. I don’t even count how many projects i have going. I just keep pklugging away and hope i get more done than i start. Thanks for this one.

  23. Barbara W. says:

    No UFOs currently! I am in the process of going through all my small scraps and getting them cut into strips for future projects, that way the cutting will be out of the way.
    I collect picnic baskets and use them to store like items or projects all together in one place. I do a lot of work with repurposed denim and as I cut the various pieces I will use (waistbands, pockets, etc.) they all go to one place. Still have a stack of denim jeans to cut up but I am working on it.
    Hoping to start 2020 with projects that I already have all the makings for.

  24. Becky Cogan says:

    The other day I started a list of things I want to do which includes UFO’s and wanna be’s. I had 17 on the list without thinking very hard. Some are just a pattern or thought. One is even one of your patterns. I need to work on cutting a couple of projects out so I can then put the fabrics in containers instead of in a big flat box. It will feel good eventually to mark them off the list.

  25. Judy Smith says:

    Great pick! I actually do this at the end of every year anyway, so it was already on the list. Our guild does a UFO challenge so I need that list ready to go soon. Most of my UFOs are still in fabric bundle form, no cutting done yet, but there are lots of those bundles.

  26. Mary Durham says:

    I have the project and UFO storage pretty much under control. I have certain shelves, cabinets, and baskets that house just UFOs. They are in plastic bags and containers with the patterns included. My guild and a group online both do a UFO challenge, so that has helped me keep better track of them. I just really need to get to sewing on them!

  27. Donna says:

    I have all of my Shelly Pagliai/Prairie Moon BOM projects that I have in the “set them together” stage in totes with labels. They are stacked where I can feel guilty everyday.

  28. Michele says:

    Oooh, LOVE this challenge. I have some of the UFOs in project boxes, but they’re not labeled. I can label what are actual projects, and move other stuff if needed – because I have a few UFOs that are just folded and in a bag.

  29. Dortha says:

    I have several quilt tops that need quilting. I don’t want to put the time into finishing them, don’t care for them much anymore. I will give them to someone that will finish them for chemo patients.

  30. Stephanie says:

    Yay, I already have this one done. I spent the last week or so finding, organizing and listing them ready for the New Year (ahem, there are 90 on my list).
    I worked some on yesterday’s task but didn’t finish it, so today I will do a bit more on that one instead.

  31. Pam C says:

    I like this task suggestion too. I worked on yesterday’s task all afternoon and more time on it today. Still not finished. I sort and move, find something I haven’t seen for a long time, then use time to look it over and it sends me in a new rabbit trail. I started on one area and ended up clear across the room in another area.
    So tomorrow I will continue to clear and purge on!
    Thanks for all the encouragement !

  32. Sandi says:

    When we moved my mom to assisted living, we had to clean out her apartment. When we were done with that, I decided that I didn’t want to leave all my stuff for our kids so started cleaning out the kitchen. I did get rid of some stuff to our kids and Salvation Army. I didn’t want to do my craft/sewing room or my books.

    Most of my UFO’s are in project boxes already (mostly just blocks finished from class and directions or book). They are all something that I want to finish and are stacked in a corner in my room. Some day I hope to have them all empty, lol. I also have fabric and patterns in bags in my closet of projects that I want to make some day but I really want to get my UFO’s finished. I also have some UFO’s in embroidery. If I ever get everything finished, I’ll have a lot of empty project boxes.

  33. I just got home last night after a month of travelling, farm sitting, visiting family and taking DH to Las Vegas. Before I left home I printed my UFO list from January 1, 2019 and left it on my sewing table. I had time today to review it and realized my UFOs are almost all still not done (7 of them). This was a year for squirrels sidetracking me with drop everything and do it now projects! The good news is I did not any new UFOs to the list, but since I had shoulder surgery Sept.3, my need to be quilted and bound quilts is filling 2 shelves in my fabric storage. I’ve been at keeping everything organized; everything for each project is in a bin or pizza box, labelled and stacked on a shelf in my storage room in order to make me see them. 2020 will be my year to finish my UFOs and get everything quilted and bindings done 😉. Now to get caught up with the challenge. Thank you for the gentle nudge to get ready for a new year!

  34. Peggy Long says:

    I made a list of the QAL’s I’m interested in doing (one already started and three more starting in 2020. Now I need to locate fabrics for them. I also have UFO’s…4 quilts of blocks not sewn together as I need to QAYG. One throw’s top and back are all pieced and together, but needs to be sandwiched, quilted and bound. Then , there is one unfinished Xmas gift I gave up on, but need to get back to. These quilts are all laid out on top of each other on my queen size bed! I have taken photos of each layout, but can’t afford the plastic storage boxes I would like to organize the blocks and material into. What would be the next best way so I can know what they are without digging through deep boxes or totes? (I really don’t think a pizza box will hold a queen size quilt)

  35. Pam Desilets says:

    I took inventory and I gave 55 ufos in different stages
    I did finish 12 from the year before, I keep adding to the list. I was able to put books and paper clutter away. Still have a few new projects to go though like you said put all parts together.
    Working on the tomorrow. Waiting for the next task.

  36. Meloney Funk says:

    WEll, I did this last week when I had a bit of time to myself. I posted https://melsquiltingblog.blogspot.com/2019/12/2019-final-countdown.html
    the way my UFO cabinet looks. I can’t get another thing in there. 🙁

  37. Paula Hedges says:

    I have a number of UFO’s just waiting to be quilted and then the binding on. I haven’t been through the stack lately, but I do try to cut and press the binding and put the backing fabric pieced with the top. Some ongoing projects I have won’t take but an hour or two to complete, or at least be ready for the quilting pile. Why haven’t I at least gotten them to that status? Funny how this task was on my own “to do” list before 2020. Any guesses what I will be doing tomorrow? And yes, I have a few in progress on the sewing table and or at a machine to be worked on. If my energy kept up with my desire, everything would be done, my stash would be much less, and I might actually need to go to the fabric store.

  38. Cindy-liveacolorfullife says:

    I have been making a list of quilts to finish. Most are stacks of blocks that just need to be sewn together. I had some smaller quilt tops that I finally realized I would never finish, even though I still really liked them. I donated them to our church quilting group who will finish them and donate them for auction. There is one project that makes me want to stick the bamboo shoots under my nails. I have tried so many configurations and it is just not working. It’s not even something I could donate. So I have stuffed it back in a drawer. I MIGHT try one.more.time in 2020, and if it still doesn’t work, into the trash it goes.

  39. Helen Storer says:

    Do we learn 5 years ago I moved my mother from the farm to a villa, moved my aunt form a villa to a bed sit and moved my uncles mother form a large house to a villa. At the time I swore I would get better at letting go of stuff but seem to accumulate more each year. Heading to my sewing room now to do a little bit of tidying lol

  40. Christi Bentley says:

    Our guild has a UFO challenge each year, so I make a list of UFO’s to turn in for that. Then I make a more detailed version of the list (spreadsheet) for myself to post in the sewing room. Every project is listed with size (if known), then a box to check when it’s pieced, has batting, backing, binding cut/made, is quilted, bound, labeled, and shown at guild. I have 17 things on it this year, but there are only a handful of projects carried over from last year, so the system seems to work. I add lines at the bottom for new starts which makes the list easier to compile from year to year.

  41. KT says:

    I’m ahead of the game on this one–I had to clean everything up for Christmas, so all my ongoing projects were organized and put away. I have already gotten 4 of them back out to work on, but all the fabrics are organized, and 2 of them are almost to top stage–just need to decide on borders and sew the last seams.

  42. Joan says:

    This post was so funny–I can relate. Have an unmarried son, still home–maybe it’s because I’m a quilter! Started cutting a new project yesterday in the hope of getting more scraps into a project bin and reduce the scrap pile. The best comments I’ve read are about quilting to donate. We are a generous lot–and especially you spurring us on with these great ideas. Thank You and Happy New Year.

  43. Rose Marie Smith says:

    I have been working for the last 2 years on the UFO boxes and bins and bags. I have 5 quilt tops now from those that are waiting for assignment to quilters. I have three quilts that I plan to quilt myself and they are hanging on hangers out in the quilting closet so that I can’t forget what needs to be next (#1?#2?#3? see how the brain struggles). Another is the quilt guild challenge which was a beautiful perfect way to use up an old UFO.
    And to brag I only started one completely new quilt in the last year. I fell in love with Jason Yenter and now have a quilt from one of his books started. Luckily it is easy. Here I come, 2020!!

  44. Cindy Wienstroer says:

    I have 3 quilts ready to quilt but haven’t force myself to do them. Some tops are hanging on door that need borders etc and lots of bags with ideas with fabric in both drawers & boxes. Need to reassess them. Can’t do them all. I earlier sewed batting together so i can finish some smaller projects but now suffering a cold😕. Will force self to see & evaluate! Thanks for the nudge (or kick in rear!).

  45. Dee Augustin says:

    A cute story regarding my dear late husband. Whose whole life revolved around God, family and cattle. When I moved my fabric stash from the basement, to the main floor, in the late ’90s; due to health issues he was unable to help carry, so he “supervised” the move. As sons-in-law, grandsons, and even a nephew helped my DH said “Mercy, this must be worth a$100.00!”
    Blessings to all in the new year.

  46. Sharon Sauser says:

    All projects now in individual bags or project boxes and in the order I want to do them. Nothing is stopping me from doing them except TIME. Almost all are donation quilts, so I need to quilt starting new things, and start finishing UFO’s. Happy New Year to you and your menagerie. (Just looked up the definition for menagerie – A collection of live animals for study or display. Who knew?)

  47. Wendy Owens says:

    I have a HUGE investment in plastic “sweater boxes”. They have locking lids and, the thin ones can easily hold a to be queen quilt. The thicker ones can hold uncut fabric (more fabric) and the pattern for a large queen/king quilt.

    The stack of the first variety numbered above 30 a ew years ago! Currently there are 8!!!
    How? I buckled down and, with friend’s help made it No New until Two Old were done. I am happy with this method. Nothing was causing them to stall except New Patters & Fabric!!!!! Eye Candy

    Former boxes are filled with wanna makes.

  48. Emma says:

    My projects are mostly piled on top of my hubby’s Lego bins (that stay put away because the littles aren’t quite old enough for them yet). I have two tops waiting to get quilted (there were three until December 23rd) up there. I have my leader/ender blocks in a giant stack on my desk so I can see how they’re growing. And I have the blocks I’m making for the top-in-progress. All other projects/orphan blocks are put away so I don’t have to think about them or see them! That’s how it works, right??

  49. Paula in NE Ohio says:

    I have lots of UFOs, but most are organized. I do have many on my design wall to get organized. I find the Iris brand 12″ by 12″ paper boxes from Michaels work really well to hold projects.

  50. Judy W. says:

    I had already decided before this challenge that I would try to complete one UFO after each “new” project completed this year. I thought I had about 4 or 5 UFOs, but when I made a thorough check (including that BIG bin under the table), I found out that I have 11! They are in all stages of completion: un-joined blocks, needing a few more blocks, needing borders, needing to be sandwiched & quilted, needing a bit more quilting. Nothing is waiting to be bound, though. Once I get that far I always finish it up.

    I now have all the UFOs in one place, and I put a list on the closet door so I’d have them “in my face” daily.
    I think I’ll prioritize them into the order in which I’ll finish them, too.

    Thanks for this task, Shelly. It’s one I really needed!

  51. Maryellen says:

    Most of my UFOs are in a bin or zipper bag, but there’s one that has piece’s in multiple locations, because I got stuck on the math, and couldn’t finish before the deadline. I have a few others that need a row or two, or sashing designed. I do plan to destash some of them, and some fabric. I will start with the destash, and then work on finishing something. Thanks for the fun, and the funny story.

  52. Amanda M. says:

    I am a bit ashamed of myself for the large amount of UFO’s that I carried over from last year to this year. I was stunned to realize that I have 34 UFO’s…. that’s not even including the panels I just bought for baby quilts. I have 4 friends expecting in 2020 so I went the easy route. I hope next year I can get more UFO’s done.

  53. Tonia says:

    This afternoon I switched from paper organization to ufo’s and “Bucket list not even started”..Goodness ladies is this what someone referred to as “Twinkles?” I now know where they are……mostly. I have two things on my list that are slowing down finishing–1. Yes, this year I am learning to needle turn–and I have the freezer paper drawn on and the fabrics chosen for the second block of last year’s Hospital Sketches. That was so interesting to follow. and 2. finally learn to NICELY quilt on my home sewing machine. So I am enjoying ending New Years Day with a sense of accomplishment and a feeling that next year may find me with fewer ufo’s, organized papers, new skills and only Twinkles on the Table……Who am I kidding? HAHAHAHA

  54. Susan W. says:

    Last year I made serious progress in using my fabric stash. I made 15 twin size-ish quilt tops that were donated to a quilt guild to be finished for their community service committee. I was able to move fabric out of big totes under the sewing table onto the closet shelves. Yay! Floor space!
    The next problem to tackle was my stitching kits/patterns and yarn stash. The yarn stash was in a huge tote box that was not convenient to get to or to even look through. The cross stitch patterns and kits were in a dresser which wasn’t convenient to look through either. I purchased three office folder crates to put the stitching items in, which freed up the dresser drawers for the yarn. Brilliant! (And I used a Christmas gift card for the crates! Score!)
    The cross stitch projects have languished over the years because they haven’t been properly ‘kitted’ – pattern,fabric, floss, beads, etc. Getting that done is my big goal for the year.

  55. Debbi says:

    I worked today finishing up putting away the Christmas fabrics and projects. Cut the scraps into a leader ended project. All my projects are kept in labeled boxes and sometimes ziplocks. Everything is kept together until the project is complete. I often sew away from home and this allows me to take the project of the day with me. I have a spreadsheet listing my projects but it still needs updating with the new projects I started. Only have a few finishes for the year so aim to do better in 2020!

  56. Anne says:

    My WIP’s are all draped over a rocking chair. Except for 2 – I gifted the tops and asked for them back. Those are still waiting for attention in their gift boxes. I definitely need to organize scraps as I never really developed a system for them and I think I can sue some of them in quilts this year. My biggest issue is patterns I have purchased and never downloaded – I scroll through my email and forgot I even have them. Time to make a list of those as well…and add them to the project make list!

  57. Karen says:

    Since I really hadn’t worked much on my UFO’s this past year, I had them stored in various places. So I decided to corral them all and put them in some roller bins under my cutting table. I have even labeled the drawers, so hopefully I won’t forget about them this year! I’m in the process now of making a detailed list of them all and what has to be done on them. Another good task to do!

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