2017 Final Countdown, Task Three

Posted on December 31, 2017 by prairiemoonquilts in Challenges, Studio Organizing Challenge

Now that we’ve dealt with the paper pile, and our work surface is all clean and clear, let’s do something a bit more fun for our last task of The Final Countdown, shall we?

I’m a chronic list maker, so our final task is going to be:

Make a list of projects

Here are the basic “rules” for our list:

  • • Put only 12 projects on the list, preferably quilting related.
  • • These projects can be 12 things you want to make in the coming year, 12 things you’ve already started that you need to finish in the coming year, your 12 oldest UFOs you’d like to finish or get rid of in the coming year, 12 new quilting techniques you’d like to try in the coming year, or a combination of all of these things — whatever projects you can think of to put on your list.
  • • Post the list where you can see it every day to remind you of these projects.

Come 2018, I’d like to encourage you to work on these projects and see if we can check off at least one project every month. I’ll be doing this along with you. Here’s my list, posted at my desk, where I can see it every time I’m at my computer:

And if you want a form like this to list your projects on, I made it available as a free printable that you can download HERE, so go get it, print one off, and fill it in!

For some extra accountability, you can post your list in the comments, email your list to me, or post it on your own blog and provide a link to it, and then as we go through the year, and you finish something, you can let me know. I might just come up with some prizes or rewards and turn it into a game! Would prizes and goodies throughout the year provide some extra incentive for you to work on your project list?

Do you even have 12 projects that you can put on a list?

Put on your thinking caps, and fill out your lists. This should be the easiest and most fun task of The Final Countdown!

And don’t forget — you have until January 8th to keep working on The Final Countdown tasks and leave your comment on each post. I’ll let you know on the 8th who the winners are, so keep on organizing!

Thanks for playing along with The Final Countdown this year, and . . .

Happy New Year!

16 responses to “2017 Final Countdown, Task Three”

  1. Susan Nixon says:

    Oh, yeah, I have twelve projects. LOL I’ve made a list of 7, with repeats of two that will take a lot of work to complete – border appliquéd vine, for instance. I like that your list has both old and new things on it.

  2. Virginia Smith says:

    Here I go as soon as I make seedless Blackberry jam to to to TX with us when we leave early Wednesday morning. It is in process now.

  3. randy says:

    Yes I have twelve easily. I also set getting my tops finished this year. Our weather continues to be grueling. Today’s forecast is a high of 2 and a low of -16. This has been going on for longer than a week. Good thing my sewing room is directly above the wood stove. Happy 2018 to every one….

  4. Virginia Smith says:

    It was a real hit to realize how many projects that I have after making the list of 12. Some on the list are only pattern and fabric most are partially done. The list of ones that I have pattern and fabric for in addition to the 12 is far too many and mind blowing knowing that I see a quilt and how I would like to do it is immediately in my mind. OH MY!

  5. Rose Marie says:

    I made a quick list in my horribly messy projects book. (at least one more year of blank pages in this mess….next time I will do a neater version… a goal for 2019? …if I live that long!)
    I have 13 projects easily. Does this list mean I want to finish the project or just work on it?? I’ll make an electronic list later.

  6. Sherry V. says:

    Oh if I only had 12 projects! LOL

    After making lists of things I want to get done over the years I know that I can not/do not work that way.

    I do get things done… but it seems that the “have to” designation makes the project something that I do not have the desire to work on.

    So, instead I think this year I will try to make as my main goal to work for 15 – 30 minutes a day on something to move my projects.

    I do have some “left over” projects from 2017 that will be my staring point…but I will work more on what I feel like working on than an arbitrary list.

    Maybe this technique will work out better for me.

  7. Grammi (aka Tonia) says:

    I have enjoyed the comments! Do I have 12–oh my goodness yes! Yesterday I worked on my “Great Ideas Notebook” and find that there are more than enough to keep me going. My first thing today is to finish the last top of 2017…then I feel like I am starting 2018 clean….because finishing an in progress ufo is definitely a clean start! And in looking through last years Idea notebook, I think I found a better idea for a ufo! It is good that we have each found our own “what works best.” That being said, I am a list maker, and I will continue to knock off projects, and add new ones. I am trying to leave room on the list for that great new idea that comes along that I just can’t resist!!! And seasonal potholders for gifting, and table toppers, and placemats, oh and that really cute bag pattern! Woe is me….is there no end?

  8. Shirley Guier says:

    I created my To Do list for 2018 several days ago. That helps me to organize what I have to work on. I have 36 items in different categories. Old UFO’s, art quilts, ones to quilt, To do, and ones to think about. With on one day, an item in the to think about column was moved to the to do column. So, I took my list and pulled 12 items, some I know will get done easily and a few Old It is. Thanks!

  9. Barb Bevell says:

    DONE! The list, that is…

    Do I have 12 items? Why the answer to that is a resounding YES! Lol!

    But each year I make progress. Some are finished completely, some move along a little more. And more get added to the list!!

    Love this challenge, Shelly!

  10. katie z. says:

    I have my list made! It’s a mix of odd collections of fabrics that need to be used together and projects that require more detail orientation than I usually put into organizing my quilts while cutting.


  11. Karen says:

    Thank you for the printable form. I printed if off and will keep it posted by my desk to remind me. I haven’t sewn much in the past year and so closed my blog down, but this challenge just might get me to re-open it again and start sewing. I’d love to finish these quilts and move onto other things.
    Here are my 12 UFO’s in various stages of completion:
    Mod Sampler Dresden plate quilt
    Pink log cabin Thread Head quilt
    Trip around the world Race car quilt
    Happy and scrappy Granny blocks quilt
    Jean strip quilt 9-patch in stars quilt
    Tumbler quilt finish any mini quilt
    Here’s hoping that 2018 is a productive year for us all!

  12. http://swooze.blogspot.com/2018/01/1q-fal-and-prairie-moon-2017-final.html

    There’s my list! I needed a focused list and you made that happen. Thank you!!

  13. Darlene says:

    Thank you Shelly for the encouragement to finish something and the challenge to try something new. I am going to print the list and give it a try for 2018.

  14. Thelma says:

    Thank you for the list template, I love lists! Still working on my 12 for 2018.

  15. Virginia smith says:

    List done before i left for TX

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