2013 Final Countdown Task Two

Posted on December 30, 2013 by prairiemoonquilts in Challenges

How did you do yesterday?

Seems like lots of you found something to work on! I hope you made good progress.

Because . . . it’s time for Task Two . . . which is:

Organize something.

Anything. Something that needs it. If you’re anything like me, you have lots of choices. I have this lovely bag of scraps that was given to me by my friend, Rose Marie:Scraps

Or thread . . . leftovers from a month or two of stitching, laying on the table beside my sewing chair:Thread

Or magazines. I always have a pile of those somewhere.

Or just a mess of clutter. This, for example, is my cutting table! Can you believe it? I can’t even DO any cutting here at the moment, for all this mess, most of which I have no good explanation for even being ON my cutting table in the first place — coupons for the feed store, superglue, chapstick, pocket change, a candy cane, 2 calculators, a coaster, and the checkbook? Any guesses I’ll be saying “I can’t find the checkbook anywhere” in a couple days?Table

With this much of a mess, I may pick two things to organize. Do you have something that needs to be put in its place properly before the new year begins? If so, you have your task before you — hop to it, then get back here and tell us about it.

And hurry, because the next task will be here before you can say “organized”! See you tomorrow!

22 responses to “2013 Final Countdown Task Two”

  1. Barbara Dearing says:

    I did finish putting together the t-shirt quilt. It’s ready for the borders now. I can do that tomorrow. I will have to organize tomorrow too as I’m leaving in a few minutes to make a visit!

  2. Kathy says:

    well seeing as we had a major Nor’easter storm last night We will spend the day organizing our driveway. And our walkways. So I guess I will be busy most of the day with that. I guess you could say I am kind of organizing. That is if I want to get out of our driveway.

  3. Kathy Mills says:

    Aggghhhhh!!!! My whole house needs organizing. My plan was to fix that when Hubby goes back to work on Thursday. I’m going to move out of the living room & into the master bedroom. Shelves are going up in the window seats. Losing a sewing room when we moved – well, I’m still trying out places to claim as my space. DH has been very patient, except when I want to watch another NCIS marathon & I’m smack in front of the big TV. By being in the master, I’ll have the smaller TV & a door to close. Having the hubby around might make him nervous as to what I’m doing or have him up in arms as I broke my back this summer & he doesn’t like me lifting things. How do I put a picture here?

  4. Pam in KC says:

    Surprisingly, the sewing room is in pretty good shape. I must have cleaned recently. having said that, there are still a few piles of fabric sitting around that I haven’t put away from a quilt I just finished cutting. Then there’s my desk. Who knows what I’ll come up with for this task.

  5. Carol Smith says:

    I am attacking my sewing room as soon as I post this comment!
    I didn’t get the binding completed last night (dang sore arm!) but I am still working on it too!

  6. Cindy says:

    I’m working on my big table in the basement that I sew on. I’m 3/4 of the way done. Of course, I left the worse part for last. One horrible stack of papers. You know I really ought to just throw them away and be done with it!

  7. Susan Bell says:

    Finished cutting all smashing pieces yesterday and will have to organize my sewing table again to sew. Living in an RV for winter makes one stay neat all the time. But no snow here just chilly for TX.

  8. Susanne says:

    While looking for blue fabrics for January’s Rainbow Challenge, I organized my stash (somewhat) as I put it back.

  9. Karen says:

    I got the second task done and blogged about it here: http://fortheloveofneedleandthread.blogspot.ca/2013/12/2013-final-countdown-second-task.html
    I’m soooo going to sleep well tonight! I’m beat, but it feels great to have this done now.

  10. jmniffer says:

    I have my fabrics pretty well organized. Today I focused on getting all the notions gathered by kind. Rulers are finally in one place with their directions in one file, threads in one drawer and bobbins actually put away in one spot. Yay!

  11. Carol Smith says:

    Ta Done!

  12. Vicki says:

    Not by choice but the fridge did get organized today. Someone spilled something sticky on the top shelf and it, because of gravity, made it’s way down to the bottom one SO it was been washed down from top to bottom, reorganized and purged of several things also

  13. Sue says:

    I organized my mess from making Christmas gifts. I had piles of material and patterns all over my sewing room. Now I have put all the patterns away (although I do need to get another box for patterns as is it crammed full). The material is in the proper bin. My room is ready for 2014!

  14. Cathy Poyner says:

    I went through my magazines. Recycled, Share, and Keep. I had them going back to 2011. Now I have room for more from 2014.

    • Cathy Poyner says:

      Today, I organized a three drawer Rubbermaid cabinet and the little drawers by my sewing machine. The drawers are now thread/lint free!

  15. Deanna says:

    I attacked my “fabric in the shape of” box. It contains potential refashions, “donated” bags of sewing notions, fabric that needed putting away….you get the idea. Pictures and a post coming soon, but the box is now in much better shape. Thanks for the challenge.

  16. Rose Marie says:

    I love it when I get mentioned on the blog. Makes me feel so important………..not important to the whole world but just to my BFF.

    I am organizing like crazy…….but it is hard to prove. In looking for something that I intend to present at a guild program, I went through the drawers next to my sewing machine and rearranged the contents. In doing so, I found a little Jan Patek kit that I don’t really remember buying. It is so cute though, I am not surprised I bought it. I cut the whole thing out including the fused stars for the center block and have it almost pieced. Love the quiet after the holidays. Organizing can mean pulling out the one odd thing and finishing it so that it no longer lives with labels, and baggies, and odd blocks, and notebooks, etc. What was it doing in that drawer anyway!!

  17. Kitty says:

    Still behind schedule, but I accidentally did Task # 2 today while looking for my Hera marker. I eventually found it on the floor behind my sewing machine, but not before I cleaned off one side of my desk. I don’t think I’ve seen it in months!

  18. Barb Bevell says:

    Well, this one was right up my alley! I LOVE to organize. I’d already tackled the entire sewing room before Christmas, so that was in good shape. I decided the pile of quilt magazines in the living room was my goal, so I went through those. What fun!

    Check #2 off the list…

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