2013 Final Countdown Task Three

Posted on December 31, 2013 by prairiemoonquilts in Challenges, Studio Organizing Challenge

Well, this is it. The last day of 2013.

And the last task of The Final Countdown.

And it is:

Make a list of 12 projects.

Now, this list can have any twelve projects you want on it. Well, I’m at least expecting quilting or sewing projects, but what I mean is . . .

It can be a list of UFOs you’d like to finish up.

Or it can be a list of new projects you’d like to start in 2014.

It could be something like sewing a button back on your coat.

Or it could be hand quilting a king-sized quilt.

Or it can be a combination of any of the above.

Furthermore, I’m not going to make you do anything with the list, but I DO expect you to do something with it. Exactly what you do with the list is up to you.

To give you one idea, here’s what I plan to do with mine:2014List

I’ve listed mine in order from easiest/quickest to finish to hardest/most time-consuming to finish. I’m hoping to finish one each month, so that by the end of the year, the list is done (and then I can make an all new one!)

If you don’t have, and never plan to have, 12 things going all at once, you can make your list whatever size you want, but I’m just going to assume that most of you will make at least 12 things this year, and 12 means one per month, so that’s why I chose twelve.

I showed you my list . . .

Now show me yours!

And then get crackin’ on those projects, now that your space is all organized, and you have momentum from having finished one thing already. Let’s all have a fabulously productive 2014!

Be sure to leave your comments on the posts, and check back on January 5th, and I’ll announce the prize winners.

23 responses to “2013 Final Countdown Task Three”

  1. Pam in KC says:

    The List. I’ve been compiling, throwing out and recompiling my lists for the last few weeks. Now that Frog is in the wash, perhaps I can come up with The List.

  2. Carol Smith says:

    1.Finish Mystery Quilt (New Years 2014 MQ!!!)
    2. Patrick’s Quilt
    3. Jack’s Quilt
    4. Kimberly’s quilt
    5. Landon’s quilt
    6. Hunter’s Star
    7. Christmas Quilt
    8. Quilt Rodney’s quilt
    9. Quilt and bind table runner
    10. Puddle jumper
    11. Carpenter’s Star
    12. Quilt jelly roll race!

    My 2014 List!!!!

  3. Susan says:

    350 Blocks post – 72 blocks.

    Your tasks were not onerous, but this is the only one I’ve had time to do yet, because it was done last week. =) Goals done two ways. There are actually 15,
    but a couple are going to be more than one.

  4. Karen says:

    Here’s my list on my blog:
    I’d sooooo love to get these UFO’s done and out of my sewing room! Thanks for a great start to the New Year, Shelly! All the best to you and your family.

  5. Cindy says:

    As it turns out I seem to have quite a few more than 12. I may not get them all completed, but I do want to at least work on everything on the list. Actually there is probably only a few that may not get totally done. A couple of them I would really like to hand quilt.

    1. Country Threads 2013 Sampler (need to finish top, sandwich, quilt, bind)
    2. Painted Quilt Row of the month 2013 (needs wool applique, sandwiched, quilted, and binding)
    3. Dresden Plate (needs to be sandwiched, quilted and binding)
    4. Cherry Star quilt (needs sandwiched, quilted and binding)
    5, 1930s Patches BOM (borders, sandwiched, quilted, binding)
    6. Scrap Jar (this one still needs blocks made)
    7. 2013 First Ladies Civil War quilt (still needs applique blocks made etc.)
    8. My version of Dear Jane (sashing, borders, sandwiched, quilted, binding)
    9. Patches Red and White bom from 2013 (sashings, borders, sandwiched, quilted, binding).
    10. Scrappy Trip Around the World (still needs blocks made)
    11. Aunt Mary’s Hour Glass quilt (sandwiched, quilting, binding)
    12. Homespun Turning Twenty (sandwiched, quilting, binding)
    13. (I added a no. 13 just in case I didn’t want to work on one of the above) Bee in My Bonnet Barn Quilt (sandwiched, quilting, binding)

  6. Vicki says:

    We are going to be having a great grand son in March plus a good friend is having a daughter also in March
    I almost feel like I’m cheating but it’s not the case
    Each mother will get 4 receiving blankets about 45 x 45 inches square plus 7 bibs one for each day of the week plus 7 burp over the shoulder pads and the same for face cloth sized for the babies bath’s and some changing pads to put on the couch or where ever when changing their diapers not fancy but practical.

  7. Kathy says:

    Well my list consists of a lot of different things, not just quilting. As we have recently moved into our daughter’s house there is a lot to do. So here goes. Whether or not I win is not the most important thing. Getting them done is.
    #1 Establish my sewing room. ( finding all my quilt boxes and organizing them)setting up the room.

    #2 Finishing all the lap robes for the cancer center.

    #3 Final unpacking. What stays here and what goes to camp, what gets put in a yard sale.

    #4 Start working on the unfinished queen size quilt I started 7 years ago. All hand sewn.

    #5 open camp up and repair any winter damage. Continue to work on hand queen quilt.

    #6 Finish queen quilt before hot weather hits.

    #7 Take a small vacation. Not far just a weekend retreat from all the daily stress.

    #8 Family reunion at our camp. Entails a lot of work. It is our 7th one.

    #9 Enjoy 52 anniversary on 22nd, and finish wedding ring embroidered queen quilt.

    #10 Have party for hubby’s 75 birthday. And plan out and do 6 baby quilts for hospital.

    # 11 Do 6 lap robes for Dempsey Cancer Center. Celebrate 72 birthday.

    #12 Get ready for Christmas. And finish queen flower quilt. Phew!

    I have copied my list on here. I’m not very good understanding the pc and putting things on here. So I hope this is acceptable. I’m not sure I can get this all done, but I am determined to give it my best. good luck to all.

  8. Barbara Dearing says:

    I sat in my sewing room and looked around for 12 things to finish. Yep, there is at least that….
    1. First BOM
    2. Bind Michael Miller
    3. Bind Alice’s quilt
    4. Ferris Wheel
    5. Black stars
    6. Pineapple bag
    7. Fun and Done Christmas quilt
    8. Quilt donation quilt
    9. Star quilt kit
    10. T-shirt quilt
    11. Sami’s quilt
    12. Twilight quilt
    And for good measure…
    13. Last years BOM

  9. jmniffer says:

    1 Finish Scrappy Mini Bow Tie Quilt
    2 Finish king sized Maple Leaf quilt for my bed
    3 Finish Film at Five quilt
    4 FMQ Orange Peel motif on a throw sized quilt
    5 Machine applique a larger project
    6 Make two seasonal table runners
    7 Use Easy Angle and/or Companion rulers
    8 Make quilt for nieces wedding
    9 Make quilt for a nieces college graduation
    10 Try hand quilting
    11 Finish cross stitched mini stocking ornaments
    12 Get finished cross stitched projects framed and on the wall.

    I’ve never listed my projects for the upcoming year before. I hope I get most, if not all, accomplished in 2014!

    Happy New Year

  10. Sue says:

    Here is my list for 2014 – I do not have a lot of unfinished project. I have a lot of project I purchased everything for and have not started – so my goal is to make all the projects I have bought.

    1. Longarm quilt 3 quilts for my aunt.
    2. Put 2 quilts together from 2013 bom – blocks are done just need to make top and quilt.
    3. Finish bom Year to Crow About
    4. Make Activity quilt
    5. Make 2 Melly & Me quilts
    6. Make 3 Quiet books
    7. Make paper dolls & bag
    8. Make sewing bag for myself 🙂
    9. Paper piece 4th of July banner
    10. Saggy Baggy Elephant quilt
    11. Snowman table runner
    12. Scrappy Quilt – to use up some of my 4 bins of scraps.

  11. Cathy Poyner says:

    Actually, I have about 30 UFOs. I will start with the closest to finished.

    1. Lone Star
    2. Farm Baby Quilt
    3. Hazel’s Diary
    4. Pineapple Table Runner
    5. Twister
    6. Scrappy Flying Geese Stars
    7. 9-patch Star Guild Challenge 2014
    8. Hope Chest Mystery Quilt
    9. Bees and Butterflies
    10. New Kit purchased December 31, 2013
    11. Log Cabin Star (Brown and Burgundy)
    12. Easy Street

    • Cathy Poyner says:

      I want to substitute T-shirt quilt for Easy Street.

    • Cathy Poyner says:

      # 3 Hazel’s Diary is now quilted and the binding is on. Tonight at sewing group, I plan to tack the binding down. Then I’ll post a picture. It only took me 2 years to get it quilted.

    • Cathy Poyner says:

      Here is the progress that I have made on the 2014 UFO Challenge:
      1. Lone Star – done
      2. Farm Baby Quilt – binding needs tacking down
      3. Hazel’s Diary – needs a hanging sleeve
      4. Pineapple Table Runner – needs quilting
      5. Twister – done
      6. Scrappy Flying Geese Stars – need to work on this one
      7. 9-patch Star Guild Challenge 2014 – at quilter binding made
      8. Hope Chest Mystery Quilt – 18 of 36 blocks made
      9. Bees and Butterflies – need to put blocks together
      10. Around the Hen House – working on 36 patches
      11. Log Cabin Star (Brown and Burgundy) – sewing blocks together
      12. T-shirt quilt for Bethany – need to finish tacking down binding

  12. Diane Jarvis says:

    I have my list made. I have plenty of projects but it was hard to think of them!

  13. Kathy Mills says:

    There is no particular order for this list as I never know what project will grab my attention on a certain day, but the goal is to finish all of these before I start collecting Social Security in March of 2015!!!

    2014 Projects
    1. Hang Applique Workshop Samples in main bathroom
    2. Celtic Solstice – finish piecing;
    buy backing & batting;
    layer & pin baste;
    bind (PIGS)
    3. Sam’s Quilt – design;
    pull fabrics;
    buy backing & batting;
    layer & pin baste;
    ship to Milwaukee
    4. OMG! – finish piecing;
    buy backing & batting;
    layer & pin baste;
    bind (PIGS)
    5. Spring Bouquet – sew down fused applique;
    buy backing & batting;
    layer & pin baste;
    bind (PIGS)
    6. Blue Ridge Beauty – Enders & Leaders Project –
    pull fabrics & cut;
    set aside & use as enders & leaders for other projects.
    7. Dear Jane – Jane’s Journey –
    finish hand quilting;
    bind when it is finished
    8. Farmer’s Wife Sampler – finish piecing;
    buy backing & batting;
    layer & pin baste;
    bind (PIGS)
    9. Sylvia’s Bridal Sampler – finish piecing;
    buy backing & batting;
    layer & pin baste;
    bind (PIGS)
    10. My Whimsical Quilt Garden – Pull fabrics; cut out background squares, trace pieces & fuse to fabrics; cut out & bag up by block;
    11. Hexies – Ongoing – piece all the flowers that are cut & marked (PIGS)
    12. Spring Quilt for Jeri – design; pull fabrics & cut out; piece/applique; buy backing & batting; layer & pin baste; quilt; give to Jeri at church
    13. Hang quilts in newly organized Living Room – buy rods & install; hang quilts. ☺

  14. Deanna says:

    Ah, so many ambitious lists! We quilters love to get things done, but isn’t it nice to have something real to show for our time here on Earth?!

    Here is my list:

    2014 Top Twelve-ish List

    1. Academy Square

    2. Joe’s quilt

    3. Memory quilts–all 17 of them

    4. Starring Baby

    5. Growing Up Odd

    6. Oh My Stars (only needs borders…)

    7. BOM scraps into a lap quilt

    8. YCC Quilt

    9. Mixed Blessings

    10. Other baby star quilt (needs a better name)

    11. Storm at Sea

    12. Bill’s quilt

    I also have two skills I want to learn (thus, the twelve-ish) along the way: a good ladder stitch, that invisible stitch when closing edges, and cutting bias binding, because mine turns out a mess.

    And a link, if you want to read more: http://weddingdressblue.wordpress.com/2014/01/02/wrapping-it-up-for-2013/

  15. Rose Marie says:

    I have an old journal that carries a bunch of lists from year to year. The lists are of programs that I am responsible for at guild, lists of tops that are finished and their size and the materials still missing for completion (backing, batting, a designated quilter). Lists of applique and piecing projects that are in progress or “resting”.
    And there are lists of the quilts that I have shown in the two local quilt shows that I submit works to. Those lists were needed when I had to keep track of which quilt had been shown in June and could move right on to the show in September, which have never been shown in either, and which now can retire because they have been in both shows. And a select few must be shown in a particular challenge before it can be shown anywhere else. And I keep the block challenge data in that book.
    So you see I am organized. I have 10 piecing and applique projects on one list and 10 projects on the to-be-quilted list.

  16. Sandy Weber says:

    Task 1: I worked on the HFQG challenge and assembled 160 double 4 patch units with the intention of cutting and turning the into triple 4 patch units at the QTUW. Then I couldn’t find the fabric and realized I must have moved it.:(
    Instead I will work on my new rag quilt that I want finished before I move. I went to Missouri Star and bought backing fabric for a 30’s wedding quilt, and finally found a border for my civil war Sandy block exchange.

    Task 2: I have already cleaned out/organized for my move. This is an ongoing process.

    Task 3: My 2014 Quilting To-Do List

    1. Quilt 4 baby quilts for Project Linus, plus a tree skirt for Michelle
    2. Finish rag quilt (UFO)
    3. Quilt Michelle’s 30’s quilt (UFO)
    4. Civil War Sandy block exchange (UFO)
    5. Triple 4 patch (UFO)
    6. Midwinter Reds guild change 9 patch/star (NEW)
    7. Tula Pink Valentine quilt (NEW)
    8. Tula Pink Wind-Swept(“raccoon” fabric) :)(NEW)
    9. Tula Pink Kiss-Kiss (NEW)
    10. Double wedding ring (UFO)
    11. Generals’ Wives (UFO)
    12. Floor to Ceiling Christmas Tree (NEW)
    13. Christmas table runners for gifts (NEW)
    14. Mystery quilt with Edyta’s Hope Chest fabrics (new)

    I discovered that I have 6 of my own UFO’s, 19 kitted and ready to start projects, and 9 other patterns and/or fabrics that I would like to turn into projects. Not as bad as I thought!

  17. Barb Bevell says:

    Well, I’m like Rose Marie–I have a couple of journals with all kinds of information. They contain notes, designs, sketches, fabric swatches, tiny samples, photos of inspiration, and more.

    I also keep several photo albums of what I’ve finished, plus what I have yet to do. The “Finished” albums contain photos and descriptions of each completed quilt. The “UFO” album has photos of the kits to be made or the projects in various stages. I’ve computerized my actual “To Do” list to correspond with the UFO album. I know I have MORE than 12 unfinished projects …(this is where Shelly would say, “I’m shocked!”) lol! Most of the “12” I’m listing just need to be quilted and bound. Maybe I’ll get a lot of them done this year.

    So, here are my top 12:
    1. “Flying Geese Run Amuck”, (from a class on flying geese and borders by Shelly and Rose Marie in 2013), (UFO) – to quilt
    2. “Lollip” quilt, (Edyta Sitar class at Paducah), (UFO) – set blocks, etc.
    3. Challenge quilt (UFO) – finish additional quilting
    4. “Hazel’s Diary” (Shelly’s quilt along in 2010), (UFO) – finish 5 blocks, set blocks, etc.
    5. The Quilt Show 2014 BOM (by Janet Stone), (NEW)
    6. Small cat wall hanging (UFO) – to quilt
    7. “Castaway I” (UFO) – to quilt
    8. “Castaway II” (UFO) – to quilt
    9. “Spinsanity” (UFO) – to quilt
    10. “Angles and Squares” (from a class by Shelly and Rose Marie in 2000!)(UFO) – set blocks, etc.
    11. “Finger Paints” (UFO) – to quilt
    12. Doll quilt “Drunkard’s Path” (UFO) – to quilt

    That’s it for me. I’m excited to watch everyone’s progress this year. Good luck!

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