2012 Final Countdown Task Two

Posted on December 30, 2012 by prairiemoonquilts in Challenges

How are you doing so far?

Did you find a UFO to work on?

My choices were plenty. I’ll show you what I worked on once all the tasks are posted, just to keep you in suspense.

But now on to Task Two:

Clean up a pile.

I’m a professional pile maker. I evidently have trouble cleaning up after one job ends before starting the next, and the piles just continue to grow and get out of hand.

The pile I’m choosing to work on this time, is a pile of scrap fabric that I need to sort and put away. I do this one almost every year, and there’s always one of these piles to deal with. You’d think I could come up with a system to not have this same pile every year!

How about you? Do you have a pile of something that needs to be dealt with?

Remember, you have until January 5th to deal with it and leave your comment in order to be eligible to win a prize . . . good luck!

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  1. Deanna says:

    So, this is what you do: Take that pile, put it in a box, and mail it to ME! I love scraps. (Postage paid, of course).

    Really, though, since I can’t necessarily help in that way, I will go through one of my piles: the “Fabric in the shape of.” Damaged clothes and good intentions all shoved in a large box. Needs attention.

  2. Pam in KC says:

    Clean up a pile. Now that is going to be a challenge. There are no piles in my sewing area today. There is a basket of scraps on the shelf behind the big ironing board leaning up against the shelf hidden behind the quilt. But at the moment it’s next to impossible to get to. Even if I did, I couldn’t get to my stash on the other shelves because there are quilt tops attached to those shelves. What can I say — it’s a mini quilt show in my area.


    Perhaps my “pile” will be to take the show down and return my room to it’s regular setup.

  3. Linda says:

    Well, I do have that big blue tub that receives all the scraps from every project that crosses my sewing table. It could use some organization so that I can find the color scrap I need to put in that little spot. So that will be my project.

  4. Rose Marie says:

    Well, after yesterday’s miserable attempt to quilt with BAD thread, the quilt is in a heap on the floor. I really cleaned up a lot – almost all the piles before Thanksgiving because I had family come for a stay. I’m going upstairs and find a pile – magazines? the community service bin that is overflowing? I can’t do anything else about the pile of unquilted tops. Okay, okay. I’ll find something.

  5. Susan says:

    My piles have piles, especially in my quilting room! I have too much in too small of a space! And I am trying to deal with my pile of batting scraps by piecing them together to make the batting large enough for a quilting project. Did get one pieced together and it is on my frame right now getting quilted into a quilt. But there is still more to go. As a longarm quilter, there are always scraps to be put together. My goal for the next year is to piece them together as I cut them off quilts.

  6. Sandra Famuliner says:

    I keep a pile of leftover fabric from a quilt until I get the quilt back from the quilter and then I stick it in a tub. Should I sort those in color plies? I do need to get more organized, just piles of leftover fabric from certain quilts.

    PS glad you are back in MO but not under circumstances

  7. Jocelyn says:

    Okay! This is something I worked on. I have cleaned up the bookshelf in my sewing area that was overflowing with fabric. I separated the Civil War fabrics and organized the shelf. Wow does it look so much better! Thanks for the prompt and the incentive.

  8. Rose Marie says:

    I did it! went through 3 piles of books and magazines and put things away that I won’t need to refer to soon. I sorted the rest into a bag of stuff to throw way, a bag of stuff to take to my next program committee meeting, and a much smaller pile of books and magazines that is my “almost a project” pile on my desk. And I know I wouldn’t have tackled this without the challenge. What’s on for tomorrow?

  9. Susanne says:

    Funny you should mention it… my UFO project yesterday was to sort them into 2 piles! Finished tops/ backs versus those needing binding. My little Hazel Ilene quilt is still in the second group.
    I told my mom about today’s job of cleaning a pile. She reminded me that I’d done just that yesterday. There are still some boxes at her house in my old room. We had fun going through one- found letters from my sister, my favorite uncle and my ex-husband. Some lacy, country blue and peach decorations from the 80s went straight in the trash. After we laughed at them of course.

  10. jmniffer says:

    Sorry, I’m one of ‘those people’ that have to clean up after every sewing session…irritating at times by it works for me.

  11. kay says:

    Yes Shelly , when i put the christmas tree up i piled everything from the family room in my sewing room and shut the door now i cannot find half of my cat quilt that i need to blanket stitch the cats on have the first half done.

  12. Diane Jarvis says:

    I went through a pile on a shelf in my sewing room and threw a bunch of stuff away plus seperated out a pile to donate to Gail’s thrift shop for the Lutheran High School in Jefferson City. I thought a very productive day.

  13. Billie says:

    right now i have control of the piles. many hours of sorting and several trips to the thrift store and i’m in control. i feel like it’s a constant battle, found batting scraps yesterday that need attention…

  14. Melissa says:

    We didn’t have a pile in the sewing room, so Mom and I tackled the kids’ toys, sorting them into keep, toss, and donate piles. The “keep” items went into a toy box and the “donate” items will be picked up by a charity later this week. By emptying the shelf-and-bin system to go to the kids’ room at their home, we were able to move a wooden kitchen into its former space.

  15. Shar F. says:

    WoW! It’s amazing what encouragement can do! Thank you! I cleaned up 4 piles around my quilt table. They have been growing for the last month. Now the right homes have been found.

  16. Cindy says:

    I cleaned off the mountain off of the end of the table I work on in the basement. Had been wanting to do that for awhile. Looks much better. While at it, I decided to go ahead and clean off the cutting table also. Which unburried another UFO. It is a UFO someone else started and gave up on. I’m going to take it upstairs to handquilt it while watching the news of a night until it is completed. Thanks for the motivation. Maybe we need to do this twice a year instead of annually. đŸ™‚

  17. kay says:

    Yea Shelly im on my way. Have one empty tub that had fleece in it and have it trimmed and hammed and ready for someone who needs snuggles. I worked on my paper piecing last night, and have uncovered the binding fabric and am cutting out binding. This has given me the boost i needed along with the snow storm.

  18. Donna says:

    My first get-it-finished task after Christmas has been to iron a laundry basket full of scraps leftover from my mom’s 1950s sewing projects. It’s been a treat to go down memory lane as I’ve laundered, ironed, and sorted three large plastic storage containers of fabric. I’ll use some of the scraps in my Magic Squares quilt that I am hand piecing using scraps both vintage and modern fabric.

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