100 Days

Posted on September 23, 2019 by prairiemoonquilts in Challenges

Here we are again . . . September 23 . . . That magical day when there are only 100 days left in the year.

Time for me to make another list of “100 Things To Do in the Next 100 Days”.

I usually do three of these lists every year, but this year, I only did two. I had so many leftover projects on my first list, I just decided to keep chipping away at it until today, when I will make my final list of “100 Things . . . ” to finish out the year.

You can read about some of my other attempts at this; for last year, HERE, and for 2013 HERE, and for 2017, I did a “50 Things . . . ” list HERE.

I keep all my lists in this book, which is slowly filling up with my lists over the years!

It’s like a little game I play with myself, to stay motivated, and to see if I can beat my old records. I’ve never yet made it all the way to 100, but this keeps me trying!

Here’s a few of the things on my list this year:

  • • Make 20 more pillowcases for the guild’s charity stash
  • • Donate 2 more quilts to the guild’s Comfort quilt stash
  • • Finish my Morning Glory quilt
  • • Finish 4 more scrap quilt tops (I’ll list these each separately, once I decide which ones)
  • • Quilt at least 2 of my own quilts

So what are YOU going to do with the last 100 days of 2019?

6 responses to “100 Days”

  1. Shasta says:

    I did notice that there were 100 days, but hadn’t thought of making a 100 days list. That is a good idea. I definitely want to finish binding my old UFO and get my sewing room cleaned and organized. I’d also like to get other UFOs also finished but I will have to wait and see if I can find the time to do that.

  2. Paula Mullet says:

    This is a great idea. I will share the idea at my guild tonight and start working on my list. I expect many of the items on the list will involve cleaning and decluttering. Thanks for all you do for us!

  3. Tonia says:

    Sounds like fun! I like the idea of keeping the lists from year to year. I have kept my annual plans and sometimes I am amazed at what is accomplished. Your list is challenging–20 pillow cases sounds impressive. A long time ago in BlueBirds or Camp Fire Girls we vowed to “Finish what I have begun” I think my fall list will include a lot of that sort of thing. I echo the thanks for your encouraging challenges!

  4. Pamela Chinn says:

    Wow, I love this motivational idea! Think I will make my list today and just see where this adventure leads me.
    I am feeling confident I can list 100 things that need done with no problem! Should be very interesting to compare it to the next list made!
    Thanks for the idea! Wishing everyone great progress!

  5. I love this idea!! I am a compulsive list maker. Off to make my list.

  6. Wendy Tuma says:

    I’m liking the idea of having that book made into a new book with blank pages. How fun is that? I had no idea there were 100 days left. Ha. Maybe a list would be good 🙂

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