The 350 Blocks Project, 2021

Posted on January 15, 2021 by prairiemoonquilts in 350 Blocks Project


The TENTH ANNUAL VERSION! Can you believe it? Seriously, where does the time go? I’ve been tracking my block making for 9 years, and I had to go back and look to see how many I’ve made in that time. Any guesses as to what my 9-year total is? I’ll tell you at the bottom.

Once again, I’m not changing the rules at all for this year. Why mess with a good thing? It’s simple, and it works.

If you’ve done this before, you know what to expect, but I’m once again hoping we get some new folks joining in this year. Anyone is welcome to join (at any time), and here is how it works:

  • • The blocks you count are your blocks, from projects of your own choosing, and they belong to you. You don’t have to send anything in. All you have to do is report to me how many blocks you made each month.
  • • As for counting, you’re on the honor system — A quilt block counts as one block.
  • • If you’re not quite sure how to count something, such as a complicated border, just divide it into sections that seem like blocks, and count them that way. For instance — four complicated borders? I’d count those as either 4 or 8 blocks, depending on how large and how complicated.
  • • What if your quilt is a modern quilt that seems like one large block? If it’s really simple, just count it as one large block, but if it’s a bit more involved, break it up into sections and count each section as a block.
  • • Your count can only include completed blocks made in 2021 (not block units), so you can go back to January 1st, and count any blocks you’ve made so far, but not back any further than that, and not the individual units that make up a completed block (units don’t count until they’re in a completed block, in other words).

There is one caveat to that last rule above: If you’ve been holding off counting all the blocks for a quilt until you have them all done (as I sometimes do to avoid accidentally counting them twice), then you can count those once you have them all finished. I don’t want them to fall into some weird gap and not ever be eligible for counting! But I don’t want you picking up some long-forgotten UFO and counting blocks from it that you made over 10 years ago — I wanna keep it fair.

Here are the general rules:

* Let me know you’re playing along

Simply comment on this post, or contact me to let me know you’re in. I delete all of the previous year’s info to start fresh, so if you are playing along again this year, please let me know again, and I’ll add you to the list. (It keeps me from getting confused — there’s a lot to keep track of.) I won’t automatically assume you want in, and this way, if you’re done playing along and want out, you can get out, no questions asked!

The web page for the 350 Blocks Project is HERE, where I list all the information regarding the project and how it’s progressing. If you’re participating, I’ll put your name (and a link to your blog if you have one) on the project page. You can jump in any time.

If you only want to do some of the months, that’s fine. You’ll be eligible for the prize that month. Can’t start till later? No problem, you can still do the months you’re able to. Just do what you can.

Our block goal for the month is posted on the Project page. Again this year, like last year, I’m making it like a block-a-day challenge, so 28 blocks in February, 30 in September, etc. It’s just a random goal to work toward, if you need one, but you can make as many or as few blocks each month as you want to.

* Report in every month

I’ll put up a monthly blog post about the project, either on the last day of the month, or the first day of the next month, where I’ll show you the blocks I get done (if any). When you see one of those posts, you need to leave a comment on it, telling us all about your own progress, and either link back to your own blog post, or at least let me know how many blocks you’ve done. You can also email me directly with your current number of blocks, or use the contact page to let me know. You basically have most of the month to report in, because I announce each month’s prize winner during the report for the month after (for example, I announce the January prize winner at the end of February). But . . .  be sure to leave a comment to be eligible for the prize, because . . . if you don’t let me know you’re playing along, I won’t know to include you in the drawings!

I’ll post your number of completed blocks next to your name on the project page, so you can see how you’re doing compared to everyone else. (I usually update the page about 10 days after the monthly report, and then again at the end of the month.) This is NOT a race, however, and everyone who reports in is eligible for the prizes. I repeat, it’s not a contest, it’s just for fun! And prizes!

Monthly prizes

At the end of each month, I’ll have a prize drawing for those who have made progress that month. I’ll draw one random winner from everyone who reports in that month. What this means is: You MUST report in each month in order to be eligible for that month’s prize drawing, even if your total is ZERO, which happens to the best of us.

If you’d like to be reminded when the report goes up, you can subscribe to all the latest News From the Ranch by filling out the form at the top of the sidebar, and you’ll automatically get an email when there’s anything new!

* Grand Prizes

At the end of the year, there will be some Grand Prizes. If you actually meet the goal of 350 blocks, you’re eligible for the big Grand Prize, and if you don’t quite make it, you’re still eligible to win some prizes just for participating. Everyone who has reported in at least six times during the Project is eligible for the final prize drawings. This rule is in place simply to be more fair to those who report in regularly. I don’t feel it’s fair to award a prize to someone who reports in one time in January then never reports in again, over someone who reports in regularly.

So are you ready?

If you’re up for the challenge, let me know you’d like to participate, and you can steal this button for your blog if you like (NOT mandatory). Just link back to: <> if you want to.

The main Project page can be found HERE, where you can see current information, a list of participants and their numbers, and links to past statistics and winners posts.

Last year, I created this free printable for us to use. I used it myself last year, and it worked better than any other method I’ve tried, so I’ll be doing this again. I just tape the list to my studio chalkboard, add my tallies there, and change it every month.

Here’s an example of how I used mine:

So if you’d like to use this tracker, too, simply click here to download it: 350BlockTracker

**My 9-year total of blocks is 5308. I hope to add a lot more to that this coming year! How long have you been tracking? Do you know what your total is from over the years?

76 responses to “The 350 Blocks Project, 2021”

  1. Sally H says:

    I’m in – this is a fun way to recognize productivity.

  2. Louise says:

    I’m in again. I love setting goals and then meeting or exceeding them.

  3. Nancy Sinise says:

    Holy Smolies, that’s a LOT of blocks!

  4. Cathy Wight says:

    Count me in. Keeps me motivated and fun to see my (and others) progress.

  5. I’m in. My blog is

  6. Mary D. says:

    Please count me in on the fun. I don’t have a very good start – zero for the year so far – but I’ve been making a lot of units, so I guess it’ll eventually pay off.

  7. Pam Desilets says:

    I’m in again
    I love reading the the comments!

  8. denniele says:

    Great total! I am in! Thanks for doing this!

  9. Kerry says:

    Well I found it an interesting exercise last year – even if I did lose count in the end. I also have spare 16 patch blocks left over! Good for a future play around – or maybe I’ll make cushions to go with the quilt.

    Count me in! I like a bit of fun, but I think this month may be a big fat zero! LOL


  10. Count me in! This really helps keep me on track as well as shows me that yes, I am getting something done. Thank you for keeping this up!

  11. Amanda M. says:

    I’m in! I have lost some of the previous years papers where I kept track so I have no idea of how many blocks I’ve created. Thank you for hosting this as I know it helps my motivation!

  12. Jill says:

    I’m in. I have never done this type of thing before so it might keep me on track.

  13. Ceil Podzimek says:

    Count me in, Shelly. I have 8 blocks so far already this month. I’ve been seeing this block project for a long time and thought it was time I participated.

  14. Kathy says:

    Count me in. This is the motivation I need to get busy.

  15. Kathi B says:

    Please count me in again. I will hopefully do a better job of keeping track this year. It really helps me to stay motivated and get things done!

  16. Cindy Wienstroer says:

    I am going to try to keep up. Thanks for the help in keeping track. So count me in.

  17. martha mumaw says:

    Count me in, 70 blocks so far. Martha

  18. Diana S says:

    I am in. It’s lots of fun to see how the numbers accumulate month to month!

  19. Susan S says:

    I would like to join please. It has been fun in the past

  20. Angela says:

    Please add my name to your 2021 list of participants!
    I love having a monthly and yearly goal to work towards. 😊

  21. Debra Freese says:

    I’m in for 2021!
    2020 was my first year and it was a great exercise. I enjoy reading the comments and your blog. We need this kind of quilting community. Thanks Shelly.

  22. Wendy says:

    Please count me in again. Thanks for doing this, Shelly! I think this is my third year, and I have no idea how many I’ve made in those three years – I haven’t thought to keep track!! 😛

  23. Julie M. says:

    I’m in again this year. The monthly goals challenge me to keep digging in those scraps. I’m amazed at the total at the end of the year.

  24. christopher thomas says:

    Count me in……I have a lot of fun with doing this…..sorry to say that I have taken the day off from doing anything except for laundry…..but tomorrow and Sunday I will be at the sewing machine….what better way to spend a nice cold snow day…..happy quilting everyone

  25. Paula M Morgan says:

    I am “In” …. I started officially sewing today… I did an online class on Saturday, which triggered my willingness to stop sorting and begin sewing! ( now that I have some cleared off work areas!!)

  26. Coralie Wallace says:

    I would like to join in this year. A little motivation is a good thing.

  27. Tonia says:

    I’m in! Looking forward to marking progress.

  28. Stephanie says:

    Yep – that sure was a lot of blocks Shelly. Well done!
    Count me in again.

  29. Hi Shelly. Count me in again please. I like seeing how everyone is doing with their numbers/accountability. 😉

  30. Karen E. says:

    I’m in! I found you were doing this block count sometime in 2017, and my grand total of blocks through 2020 is 6844. I am pretty surprised about it, since I really had no clue how many blocks I’d been making each year before that. Thank you so much for all the work you do to keep our counts and the different challenges along the way. Happy 2021!

  31. Susan Salo says:

    OK, I tried a sample for the past 15 days and it looks do-able! So I am in. No blog so I’ll just send you numbers.

  32. Sandi Scarlett says:

    I’m going to give it a try. Would be nice to know how many blocks I do in a month. I just have to remember to count them.

  33. Susan Nixon says:

    Yep I’m in again. I thought I’d done all the years, but I guess I didn’t do 2012, because I have this as my ninth year. Thanks so much for helping me stay on track!

  34. Angie in SoCal says:

    Just a repeat. I’m in

  35. Peggy says:

    I’m in, but not likely any for the month of January…will really try for February.

  36. Maxine E says:

    I’m in! I am going to really up my game this year. Of course, I am off to a bad start. I did pull out a WIP that I started last year. I forgot where I left off and I am now trying to figure out where I am. It’s all on my table and sorted. I think I will be able to start tomorrow. And get some blocks done for January.

  37. Crystal F. says:

    I’m back in the game…I lost my husband last year and things just seemed to stand still. Looking for some motivation….

  38. Dianne says:

    Yes, another year. I actually liked the little “push” it gave me sometimes! Thank You!

  39. Clara Chandler says:

    I’m joining this year, Shelly. Although my sewing room organization is still “in the works”, I can find a project or two to make the blocks for a quilt. Gosh! You have an impressive number of blocks made.

  40. Karrin Hurd says:

    I’m in for another year, thanks!

  41. Beverly says:

    Count me in. Hopefully I can do a better job this year, however planning on traveling more. Some of the trips were canceled last year. I like the motivation and my other quilting get together has been canceled since last March, so I need to be motivated to get projects done and enjoy quilting again.

  42. Joan says:

    I discovered this challenge in 2019. I made a total of 2,760 blocks by the end of 2020. It’s a good way to keep track of what I have accomplished over the months. Your posts help me with goal setting and organization. This has led to rediscovering projects that have been fun to work on, like a couple of Valentine quilts that I’m focusing on right now. A challenge also is getting all of these blocks into finished quilts!

  43. KT says:

    Count me in again! I love keeping track of my blocks! Thanks for hosting this once again!

  44. Darlene Yiznitsky says:

    Shelly, Count me in again for the block challenge fun. I challenged myself no sewing until the cutting table was cleaned off …..this is not fun haven’t sewed in 2 weeks but I am on the home stretch. Hoping to sew today or tomorrow with plenty of cutting space!

  45. Shirley Guier says:

    I’m in. Hope I can keep track of them better this year. That part is always a struggle for me.

  46. Karen says:

    Congrats on that total block count. That’s amazing!
    Please count me in this year. I do enjoy reading what other’s are working on and it’s great inspiration. Thanks for doing it again.

  47. Wanda says:

    I want to participate in 350 blocks this year. Thank you for doing this.

  48. Marlene Clausen says:

    Looking forward to another year of counting.

  49. Suelynn Williams says:

    I’m going for it! Count me in. The tracker is working great for me. Thank you.

  50. Beth says:

    I used the tracker last year and LOVED it but always forgot to post. This year I will multi-task and do both!

  51. Blair says:

    This year I’ve promised myself to complete this.
    I think it will be great way to distract me from this darn pandemic!

  52. Elaine walker says:

    Please add me in. I need to keep some kind of goals and results. I enjoy all you posts.
    Elaine Walker

  53. Pam M says:

    Count me in. It keeps me motivated.

  54. Marsha Y. says:

    Count me in. You help keep me inspired to challenge myself. I am off to better start in 2021, so I am hoping to finally finish several quilts that just needed extra blocks!! Thanks for all you do to brighten our lives with your blog!

  55. mimisdarlins says:

    Count me in for 2021! This has been such fun and a great motivator. Sometimes I just want to stitch some blocks to add to my total, and before I know it I’ve made enough to complete a quilt top 🙂

  56. Carissa says:

    Thank you for hosting this! I have a lot of things that I’d like to accomplish this year, so I’ll join in.

  57. Sharon Gratz says:

    Hi Shelly, Count me in again. This will be my third year. Making lists is one of my fav things to do. lol 831 blocks in 2 years. Not as many as most in this group but I met the challenge. 🙂

  58. sharonG says:

    sharon G from pa
    please count me in again for this year. I have enjoyed keeping count of my blocks. thank you

  59. Count me in again. I love counting my blocks. It reminds me I have had progress when things are not going the right way.

  60. Barb Roberts says:

    I’m in again. I was really surprised at how many blocks I made this year. I’m sure part of that is due to Covid but still it’s good to keep track.

  61. Pam Avara says:

    I’m in and off to a great start – 35 blocks and it’s only the 16th!

  62. Rose Marie Smith says:

    I’m in again this year. May not do nearly as many blocks as in the past. Why? Can’t get things quilted. Quilters over booked and had to spend big dollars on something else this year. But no complaints!! I printed out your lovely monthly block form and will put together a lot of old scraps into blocks that can be shared somewhere for community service. My hands love to stay busy.

  63. Raewyn says:

    Yaay! I’d love to join in again, thank you! It’s a fun way to help keep track of my sewing.

  64. Becky Cogan says:

    I’d like to participate in the block challenge. I love reading your stories.

  65. Marsha P. says:

    I’m in again. I love counting up the blocks and seeing progress throughout the year.

  66. Sheila Oxley says:

    I’m in! I’ve been waiting to see if you were doing it again, I’m so happy you are!

  67. Paula H says:

    Why not? I already blew my “I won’t do any sew-alongs, mystery quilts, or block of the month group in 2021.” So, please add me to the list. Thanks a bunch.

  68. Christine Thomas says:

    Please count me in. Right now the target seems hugely ambitious for me but I so much need something to help me get out of lockdown inertia.

  69. Judy Sovereign says:


  70. Judy Sovereign says:

    Am in again this year. Hope to get some sewing done soon.

  71. Deanna says:

    Of course I’m in. Wouldn’t miss it. And January is off to a strong start (thanks to Covid quarantine). Not what I wanted, but might as well make the best of it.

  72. Kris says:

    Count me in too! These small steps will add up fast! I’ve already finished 28 blocks in my Ladders of Success project. Thank you Prairie Moon!

  73. Cindi Herrera says:

    I’m trying again this year. I love anything that helps keep me quilting.

  74. Julie in GA says:

    It has been a couple years since I participated in this, but I’m ready to join in again. It’s time to get back to keeping track of my numbers!

  75. Danice says:

    Count me in, too. Eleven blocks for January 2021.

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