Studio Organizing, Week 49

Posted on December 5, 2016 by prairiemoonquilts in Studio Organizing Challenge

I didn’t post a task last week because I was gone Monday taking Ivy (my longarm machine) to Iowa for her spa treatment.

But since I’ve been without her for 8 days and counting now, I did several 30-minute sessions of putting things away. I have the new room just about ready for Ivy to move into, and they’re supposed to bring her back sometime this week. I’m so anxious, I have no fingernails left.

Once again this week, I’m posting a task that I need to do, in the hopes that you also need to do this same task. We’re going to:

Clean out a drawer

We haven’t done this one in awhile, and I’ve been trying to make room for the things I want to put away, so I need to do this.

I’ve already cleaned out two drawers. One drawer had all my longarm thread that wouldn’t fit on my pegboard, but in my new room, I have a bigger pegboard, so now it all fits and it frees up that drawer!


Another drawer had some art supplies that I moved to live with my other art supplies, so that frees up another drawer! Progress!

I love the light in this room, and I have curtains to put up yet, but I’ll still probably end up throwing a sheet over this rack of thread to keep the light off of it. I use it up pretty fast, and all the spare thread is kept in the dark, but it doesn’t take much time for it to fade if it’s going to, so better safe than sorry, right? See my stuffed beagle collection up on the top shelf? Those are all from My Cowboy. The one on the right end sings and dances (to The Love Machine, no less)!

So now I’m off to pick a drawer that needs cleaning out to make room for some more stuff I want to put away. How about you?

3 responses to “Studio Organizing, Week 49”

  1. Wendy says:

    I have managed to clear out close to 10 plastic bins (of various sizes) as I organize my quilt room. I’m so proud of that I even bragged about it this week on my blog! Not sure if I’ll show a picture of the bins, though, because the background is another organization task for another day! LOL. I’m still crushing on your red floor in your new room. Can’t wait to see Ivy in her new digs!

  2. Cindy says:

    Love the new peg board! Just wish I had a sewing room.

  3. Meloney says:

    Well, I cleaned out my craft closet this week. I was looking for something and it just snowballed into a full clean.
    I have a couple of things that need to find a different home, some given away, but it much better.
    I want to go through a drawer that goes along with the crafting stuff this week.

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