Rocket and Dodger

Posted on August 20, 2013 by prairiemoonquilts in Animals

My Cowboy and I babysat this past weekend.

The kind of babysitting that involved mixing up bottles. bottles

Big bottles. For big babies.

My sister and her husband had to go out of town for the weekend, so we babysat my sister’s two bottle calves, Rocket and Dodger.

They rode up to our farm with her in the cab of their farm truck! Like little dogs!RnD1

Aren’t they adorable? Rocket, the red one, is a boy, and Dodger is a girl.

They’re smaller than Molly, our labrador — MUCH smaller.

Katy put them on leashes and they walked out to the livestock trailer, where they would stay for the weekend.Dodger1


Rocket thought the 20-foot trek from the truck to the trailer was just excruciatingly long. He had to have a rest halfway there.Rocket3


Purrl is wondering what new creatures she’s now going to have to contend with here on the ranch.Rocket2

She’s making sure they’re good and caged. We don’t need things like that running loose around here!Purrl

Molly was infatuated.Rocket7

She could not, for the life of her, figure out what these strange dogs were, or why they needed to suck on bottles!Rocket5

She sniffed them all over, every time they ate, just trying to figure it out.Dodger2

Rocket and Dodger didn’t mind her, they just didn’t want Molly to get any of the milk!Rocket6

They’re good eaters, and they like to play. We could hear them thumping around the trailer, frisking it up.RnD2

They rode back to Katy’s Sunday evening in the back of my truck. Dodger stood up there like a dog, taking it all in. She obviously loves an adventure. Rocket is a bit more laid back, but once he gets steadier on his feet, he’ll give her a run for her money!

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  1. Cindy says:

    Oh, they are sooooo adorable!!!! Wish we had been up there last weekend. How old are they?

  2. Hope says:

    Love this story!

  3. Mary says:

    Oh, I’ve done this before! So much fun to bottle feed calves, and you tell the story as though you really enjoyed the entire weekend. I’d say almost as much as Purl and Molly!

  4. Barb says:

    Thanks for sharing, Shelly. Love the leashes. And Purrl’s response–I had to laugh at the picture where she puffed up and tried to look bigger than the calf!

  5. Cassandra says:

    Awwwwww. They are so cute!!

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