Moving the Pecan

Posted on August 12, 2013 by prairiemoonquilts in Travels

I’ve always had a soft spot for The World’s Largest Pecan in Brunswick, MO. It’s a standing joke with my oldest daughter, because she used to get bored when we’d take the back roads, so one time when we went past it, I told her: “If you didn’t come this way and pay attention, you’d have missed out on getting to see The World’s Largest Pecan!” I’m sure it was the highlight of her day.largestpecan

I took some pictures of it on one of our Sunday drives.  You can read more about the pecan in my Sunday Drive post HERE.

Well, the land the pecan was sitting on was recently purchased and a new house is being built there. The city of Brunswick wanted the pecan to be in town where everyone could see it and it would have a safe forever home. So . . .

The pecan was moved into town!

Coincidentally, I happened to be there the day they moved it! It worked out great for me, since I’m so smitten with the pecan and all . . .

They had it on a truck, strapped to some beams. It weighs 12,000 pounds. This was no simple task!MovingPecan1

They had to use a crane to lift it off the truck and put it into its new position of honor.MovingPecan2

The building it’s sitting next to is the Brunswick City Hall and the Public Library. MovingPecan3

Moving it slowly toward a good landing place.MovingPecan4

Guiding it into position.MovingPecan5

The perfect place for the pecan to live out eternity!MovingPecan6

This pecan is no longer the world’s largest. Someone somewhere else had to go and make one just a few pounds heavier to steal its record, but I don’t care. THIS pecan is the one that will always have my heart!

If you’re ever in the Brunswick area, I urge you to pay the pecan a visit.

In fact, Brunswick has a Pecan Festival every October, and this year’s festival is October 5th. It’s a really good time, and you WILL have fun there.

Our guild is having a quilt show in conjunction with the festival, too, so you can even see some quilts while you’re there!

Or have a caramel pecan apple . . .

Or watch the parade . . .

Or shop through the awesome vendors . . .

Or shop at the quilt shop . . .

I’ll be doing all those things my ownself — come and join me!

I think you should attend. The pecan wants to see you there.



9 responses to “Moving the Pecan”

  1. That is too stinking funny!! I bet that would make a BIG pie! LOL

  2. Genny Wright says:

    It always makes me sad to go by where the Pecan used to be.

  3. Love that story, thanks

  4. V says:

    to funny!!!! That’s like out “BIG DUCK” out here… so odd!

  5. Susan says:

    That sounds like such fun. What an icon. Do they repaint it from time to time?

  6. This is a riot. Too funny. I love the pecan. Glad it has a safe, new home.

  7. Dora Scheer says:

    Sounds like so much fun. Glad the lovely pecan has a great new home.

  8. Edna Levell(Straub) says:

    I grew up in Brunswick and Triplett, Missouri. I grew up with that Pecan. I am related to all the Straub’s in that area as well as the Spencers. I remember as a little girl picking up Pecans for spending money. Brunswick is the Pecan Capital of the world. I am so glad it has a new home. There is a town called Sumner which is close to Brunswick. It has Maxi the Goose. I am not sure if it is still there or not. Sumner is the Goose Capital of the world.

  9. Barb says:

    This is cool–I was JUST THERE on Sunday and saw it in its new home. I had no idea it had just been moved. I made Wayne stop so I could take a picture. He just shook his head…

    This ranks right up there with the Big Ball of Twine. Any other cool “Big Things” in the US that I need to see?

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