Lynx Fur Ewe

Posted on April 5, 2017 by prairiemoonquilts in Inspiration

I kinda probly need to stay off the computer, and I’d get more work done, but there are just so many cute projects out there!

Clever and pretty ways to use up scraps, which I’m on a mission to do.

Free patterns that look like they’d be fun to make.

And quilt-alongs I can barely resist joining in on!

Here’s a few I thought I’d share with you this week, in case you’d like to be tempted right along with me.

I’ve been seeing these little Polaroid quilt blocks for awhile now, and they’re so cute! Melissa, at Polka Dot Chair, offered up this No-Math Tutorial for making them. No math — can it get any easier?

I made just one, because I had to try it, but they might turn out to be like potato chips . . . uff!

Amy Ellis, over at Amy’s Creative Side, recently offered up two new free patterns! One is for a mini quilt, which you can find HERE. The other is for a modern quilt, which you can find HERE.

Heather at The Sewing Loft has a Sugar Bloom Quilt-Along in the works right now, and the quilt is so fresh and happy I might just have to jump in on this one. I’m sure it’s fast, because it uses jelly rolls, and I’m thinking that since my bin of 2 1/2″ strips is overflowing so badly that I can’t get the lid on it, this might be just the thing to use some of them up.

And if you haven’t already heard by now, Moda has a new Block-of-the-Week quilt-along going on, called Moda Blockheads. I decided that I’m gonna try to participate in this one, because it will help me use up even more scraps. I have Block One finished:

I have Block Two cut out and ready to sew, and they’re already up to Block Five. Block Four is appliqué, but they’re offering alternate pieced blocks for those that don’t like appliqué. Although I LOVE appliqué, I still think I’m going to do the alternate blocks for an all-pieced quilt.

If you want in on this one, it starts HERE. Follow the links in that post to all the hostesses, and you’ll be able to catch right up!

And check out the information on this new quilt-along starting on Sarah Maxwell’s blog, called Dandy Drive. It starts Friday, and you can get all the information HERE.

That’s enough for now — I need to get back to work before I hear My Cowboy yell up the stairs, “I don’t hear that machine runnin’!” This is how it goes around here:

My Cowboy: Aren’t you sposed ta be workin’?
Me: Yeh. But what movie are you watchin’?
Him: I think it’s called “Silence of the Longarm.”

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  1. randy says:

    you are such a temptress. I am finishing a little valentine’s quilt that you point the way to … Wonky x’s in purples. I have had a run of requests ( paying requests) for baby quilts so it is for a “Modern” baby. I may stock pile a bit. The weather is pouring rain for today so you will know where it am…

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