Let’s Talk Partial Seams Today

Posted on March 9, 2019 by prairiemoonquilts in Summertime Sampler

It’s the second Saturday of the month, and as promised, I’m posting something that I hope will be helpful to you as you work your way through the Summertime Sampler Block-of-the-Month quilt.

The Summertime Sampler quilts have one (and only one) partial seam in them. It’s in Section 1, in the same location in both quilts:

In the booklet, I explain how to do this partial seam with lots of diagrams on pages 58-59, but I thought I’d supplement that with some actual photos, in case that helps make it any clearer.

I’m making a third version of the quilt for myself, and I’m using scraps, and I’m switching up the positions of the blocks and mixing the two versions together, so don’t get nervous if your quilt doesn’t look like the one I’m showing you here — I’m just using it as my example for the partial seam explanation.

The partial seam runs up the side of Block 2. The first thing you need to do is sew the Plain Filler section to the bottom left edge of Block 2, as shown here. You sew the seam as usual, but when you get close to the top edge of the filler section, stop a couple inches before you get there. I always backstitch here, too, just to keep it from working its way apart while I’m adding the other stuff on.

Keep following the steps in order from the booklet, and once you have the next few steps done, which are all straight seams, your appliqué or pieced section will be at the top, ready to be joined to Block 2.

And then all that’s left is sewing the final portion of that seam! Just match the two pieces up, right sides together, and beginning where you stopped the seam before, stitch it up to complete the seam. It may feel a bit awkward, but it’s really super easy.

I hope you aren’t afraid of the partial seam, and I hope this helps explain it a little more so that you don’t have trouble with it. It’s the only one in the entire quilt, so once you’re done with that, the rest is all smooth sailing!

Happy Stitching!

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  1. Darlene says:

    Thank you for sharing can’t wait to see your complete quilt😀
    Have a wonderful day today.

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