January 350 Blocks Report

Posted on January 31, 2019 by prairiemoonquilts in 350 Blocks Project

Wow! That was fast! Do I say that every January?

We only had to make 14 blocks this month, and all I managed was 3. I thought I had more time!

I’m trying to get caught up on all my Bee and Guild Exchange blocks. After these three, I only have one left to make, so my plan is working!

Here’s a Scrappy Churn Dash I made for Shirley:

A star block that will go into a Quilt of Valor that Holly is making:

And the last block for my Sew Sisters Bee — this one is for Amanda Jean at Crazy Mom Quilts. I think you can still get this pattern from her site or from Craftsy maybe. It’s foundation paper pieced.

So, really, I wanna hear how you all have gotten your year started! Did you make lots of blocks? Our weather has kept me in a lot, but my numbers don’t reflect that, for whatever reason. Maybe you’ve done better than me.

I’ve got the Project Page all ready to go. If you’ve told me you’re joining in, but you don’t find yourself on the list, please let me know. I don’t want to accidentally leave anyone out.

Our block goal for February is 24. That’s not even one a day, so surely we can do that, right? And if you need to play catch-up, like me, our year-to-date total so far is still only 38. No hill for a stepper! But remember, it’s not a race or a contest, so you are completely free to work at your own pace. I know some blocks are more involved than others (it’s why I’m tempted to make a bunch of 9-patches this month — haha!)

So it’s time for you to report in your January totals. You can leave a comment on this post (if Captcha will let you — uff!), or contact me to let me know.

Happy Stitching!

79 responses to “January 350 Blocks Report”

  1. Pam M says:

    I stayed in the first 3 weekends in January. I completed one large quilt top and 3 lap size quilts, complete with backings. 151 blocks total. I’m headed to a retreat this weekend. Looking forward to seeing everyone.

  2. denniele says:

    35 blocks for me! Could be that you were extra busy with the farm due to this crazy weather! I love the cold but this is too cold!

  3. Put me down for 26 from a baby quilt, string blocks, an applique block, and other scrap blocks. Stay warm!

  4. Sandy says:

    53 blocks for January! Hopefully I can keep it rolling in February!

  5. Diane Jarvis says:

    Big fat zero, nada. Not that I have been slacking but I am hand piecing 6 large basket blocks for a OLD UFO. And all 6 are about half done! So I have a lot of catching up to do!!!

  6. Karrin Hurd says:

    92 for January, 6 of which were hand appliqué. I finished 2 quilt tops to flimsies.

  7. Wendy says:

    53 for me. More than I thought, so I’m good with that!

  8. Christi Bentley says:

    I finished 38………..some blocks for a QOV quilt for guild, my Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt blocks and pieced borders, some blocks for my main UFO project for this year, and some chicken blocks, and a few blocks for Bonnie’s leader/ender project this year.

  9. Cathy Wight says:

    I count 56 blocks. Some for my ‘Happily Ever After’ some Delectable Mountains and some Flower Boxes

  10. Angela says:

    I only completed four little 6” appliqued blocks this month. I was going to share a photo of them but I can’t see how to attach it via my phone. 🤨
    I received the box filled with goodies, for the prize I won from last years 350 blocks. Thank you!


    P.S. The Missouri Star gift certificate was not in the package; will it arrive via email? 😊

  11. Paula Mullet says:

    I have 55 blocks this month. I busted a lot of stash piecing 40 blocks for a Bonnie Hunter “Many Trips Around the World.” Some valentine projects helped, too. Thanks for doing this.

  12. Randy Menninghaus says:

    55…. I churn them out in the last two days of each month. I just got a quilt out with one block left and squeezed it in.
    Lots of red irish chain blocks… some bear paws… some 9 patches for a border…

  13. Wanda Marvel says:

    3 blocks 🙁

  14. Crystal says:

    48 for me….

    Crystal in Cedar City

  15. Meloney says:

    I made 200 equivalent blocks. I don’t count any until the quilt or project is done. So, sometimes my numbers jump really fast and others not so much. But, it is a fun statistic to count.

  16. I manage 30 blocks for January. Let’s hope I can keep going for February. Though February is not looking good for machine sewing, already. What’s a girl to do? I better prepare some hand work just in case.

  17. Cathy S says:

    I did 20 to finish a UFO that I actually started back in 2015. This year I am going to try and complete as many UFO’s as possible. — Cathy S

  18. Becky says:

    226 HSTs. Yes, those are blocks!

  19. Louise says:

    I made 161 blocks this month. About half of them were 9 – patches. 😊 The rest of them were simple applique blocks.

  20. Julie M says:

    I did 79 blocks this month. Finished up the Bonnie Hunter Mystery quilt. A couple of snow days really helped. February might be dicey I’m on a mission trip for two weeks. But it is not a race just something to challenge me to keep working on that monster stash

  21. I made 30 blocks in January. Got a late start, so I’m good with that 🙂

  22. Rose Marie says:

    Whew! You can tell I haven’t been out much this month. I have done a total of 346 blocks. I may not piece anything else for quite a while~!!!

  23. Mary D. says:

    My total for the month is 63. I made two tabletoppers and a wallhanging, and several blocks for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge from soscrappy.

  24. Maxine E says:

    28 blocks for me! I had a busy non sewing month! But got back from vacation last week and all I did was sew after recuperating for a day. Why is it that we are so tired after being on vacation?!

  25. Tonia says:

    It looks like we have a lot of things going on this month.. And a lot of projects in the works. 23 blocks for me! I love the colors in the star QOV.

  26. Paula Mullet says:

    A bunch of blocks using Bonnie Hunter’s “Many Trips Around the World” and several Valentine’s projects enabled me to make 55 blocks this month. The cold weather has kept me inside, too, so that helped.

  27. Joanne says:

    71 done this month, thanks mostly to quiltville mystery, rainbow scrap and covered in love TX . Made it all into a blog post.

  28. Bonnie Epperson says:

    3 blocks for me. I have been busy with January’s challenge of cleaning the top of my table for my backup sewing machine.

  29. Karen says:

    You can put me down for 14. I’m so happy to have made the month’s goal! I think this challenge is really going to help push me to get them done.
    And I love your blocks, especially that last one.

  30. Cheryl says:

    Started out January reorganizing and didn’t realize I had so many UFOs. So since I’ve been in a lot, I got busy making blocks, finished up five UFOs and started n finished two new projects. Hope I can get that many more UFOs done in February. January block count 502.

  31. Karen Edwards says:

    I made 65 blocks this month. 42 of those are pineapple blocks with 39 pieces that will finish at 6”. I’m tempted to count each one as two, but I won’t.

    I love your bright blocks, Shelly!

  32. Karen Edwards says:

    I made 65 blocks this month. 42 of those are pineapple blocks with 39 pieces that will finish at 6”. I’m tempted to count each one as two, but I won’t.

    I love your bright blocks, Shelly!

    Karen E.

  33. Linda Knight says:

    113 blocks for me. Some were large 4 patch blocks and some were Delectable Mountain blocks. Both are for quilts for grandchildren getting married soon.

  34. Elaine Walker says:

    My total is 36. One flimsy complete, some rainbow scrap challenge blocks and just a few birdie blocks.

  35. Scarlett says:

    16 blocks for me. 14 on a lap quilt for my mother-in-law to give her sister and 2 BOM blocks.

  36. Marcia in TX says:

    I did 23 jewel box blocks and many more units for more blocks, but only finished the 23. Will try to be more sewing productive in Feb.
    Marcia in TX

  37. Marilyn Holder says:

    January total blocks, 90! Yay for me…great start and motivation for next month. I put all my strips in a pile and began sew and flip on a cotton foundation. Two quilts for charity and I have some strips left over which I gave to two friends who will continue the sewing. Another yay for clearing out my strips and on to another project.

  38. Delana says:

    January’s total is 57.

  39. Tia says:

    Please add 47 blocks for me! Soon I’ll be sewing all day long, so I hope my numbers are higher. Plus, I’ve cut all the pieces for another 44…. so hopefully I can finish those in February!

  40. Michele says:

    37 blocks for me this month! I hit my personal goal, to average a block a day.

  41. Shirley Guier says:

    I did good this month. It’s hard to count the blocks 8n a herringbone but it’s a queen size so I’m going with 56 (7 across and 8 down). 18 on cat quilt. 15 in baseball quilt. I know I had a few others in there but we will go with 89 this month. I still have to do better keeping track. Memory is not a good way for me.

  42. sharon G1 says:

    Sharon G1

    32 blocks this month

  43. Carolyn Schomaker says:

    Completed 19 blocks. Had five New York beauty blocks started and have misplaced them. Had to start over.

  44. Cold weather is sew weather for me, so please record 34 blocks this month for me.

  45. Pam Desilets says:

    I was able to complete37blocks and longarm 7 quilts

  46. Danice says:

    I made 23 blocks in January. Off to a good start. I love that block you made for Sew Sisters Bee.

  47. Sherry V. says:

    Whooo Hoooo! I had a great January when it comes to block making. I got 41 blocks done.

    30 of them went into a charity quilt that I am now binding; 1 was for the Stash Bee swap, 4 were crumb blocks and the last one was for the block swap at guild.

    It is so nice to be able to register a double digit outcome after so many months of minimal or no blocks.

    Thank you for the push to get things done, I really appreciate it.

  48. Marlene Clausen says:

    32 blocks for January. Am ready to get back to quilting, finishing UFO’s and, hopefully, not starting any new ones. I do pretty good at “cleaning up” my UFO inventory (there are just SO many!) each year; but, not great at finishing new tops. That is this year’s goal. Finish every top I make and every project I start. That is where the 32 blocks came from. They were cut out and in a bag. I pieced them. This month the plan is to make the top and quilt it.

  49. Betty K says:

    I finished 73 blocks for the month of January. I finished a couple of cat mats, a boy doll quilt, working on a girl doll quilt, some Covered in Love blocks, plus working on a BOM and BOW. I also do some scrap blocks here and there. I didn’t do much sewing from Sept to Dec last year (because of health) and am glad to be back.

  50. Amanda M. says:

    I amazed myself by completing 150 blocks for 5 different projects this month. I have battled loss of motivation this month since Mother Nature has thrown rain, sleet, snow and below zero temperatures at us. It took a lot of sewing time to keep all of the critters tended to so I’m hoping February is a nicer month with more production.

  51. Diana S says:

    I managed to sew 37 blocks in January. A little surprising since we had a sick dog but once she started getting better I managed some time at the machine! 18 for a top, 15 for 3 table runners and 4 for my Kaffe BOM. Good start for the year for me!

  52. Clara Chandler says:

    My effort for January–22 blocks. I’m trying to finish a BOM from 2018 before I begin sewing a 2019 BOM and so far, I’m on target.

    Bundle up and stay safe in the cold snap!

  53. Debbi says:

    Big fat zero for me.

    I did make 8 throw pillow covers but guess they really aren’t blocks. All other quilt related activity has been organizing and cutting. Maybe I can catch up in February?

  54. Paula says:

    20 HST blocks for me. plus 3 slow stitch blocks.

  55. Sharon Gratz says:

    38 blocks for me!

  56. Beverly Vendt says:

    I made it. I made 14 blocks this month. Finished a project, made an embroidery block for someone else’s quilt project and started a new quilt. Looked at my UFO and trying to figuring out how to do it and hopefully will be able to work on it in February and finish the new quilt started in January.

  57. Phillis Harding says:

    I had a very productive month this month. I finished 376 blocks and actually got 4 quilts pieced and layered ready for quilting. February may not be as productive since I will probably spend the first 2 weeks quilting these and it is a short month. Hopefully I can do some embroidery on The Three Witches since I have the blocks marked and colored. I just love your pattern!

  58. Christopher Thomas says:

    Well since i work nights this year. I came up with a plan that I cut my blocks out during the week and on the weekends I sew, sew and sew. So my block count for the month of January is 466. Hope to do that or more for Feb. Happy Quilting everyone

  59. Marsha Y. says:

    I have a total of 41 blocks done. I would have had more, but did a lot of ripping because of points not matching up. will be resewing those blocks in February.

  60. Suelynn Williams says:

    17 for me in January.

  61. Joan says:

    57 blocks made and one quilt finished. Thanks for the prompting to get things on the way to being done!

  62. Susan S. says:

    I sewed a LOT in January. 4 pot holders, 28 Kaffe blocks, 25 buggy barn blocks, a shuffle top that had over 70 blocks but they are so simple that I am only counting them as 10, a 1″ checkerboard sashing and border for a quilt, and sashing and cornerstones for a very very old UFO. That adds up to 102 blocks for January. I also finished 3 tops but they were started in November so I didn’t count those. I am very pleased with how this year started!

  63. Mary Walsh says:

    13 blocks for me. Feels good to get something accomplished. On to February!!!!

  64. Ginny Smith says:

    33 blocks for Jan. Hope that is just a small beginning for the year. Hicup this week as main machine needs a minor part but still needs to go to the shop for a few days.

  65. Julie Craven says:

    I made 41 blocks this month. I left for vacation on 22 January, and I won’t be back home until March 5. I don’t know how February is going to Pan out. I might just have to put down zero. I hope everyone had a great January

  66. Kari says:

    Hi Shelly,
    I am away from my sewing room for a month…however I did get 6 blocks done before I left so I would have some little bit to report!

  67. KT says:

    I got 36 blocks made. Focusing on finishing up some UFOs, but a girl’s gotta have fun, too! So I alternate between should do’s (finishing UFOs) and want to do’s–working on the Bonnie Hunter mystery blocks and other fun blocks.

  68. Raewyn says:

    There’s always next month! And I do like the blocks that you made. I noted 33 blocks on my blog but am unable to share them – secret sewing – not a bad tally I thought 🙂

  69. Joy Dabney says:

    43 blocks for me.

  70. Deanna says:

    33 for me. Not bad all things considered.

  71. Janet D says:

    36 blocks in January. I was on a roll getting a baby quilt done before the child gets any older.

  72. Shirley Brown says:

    My January total was 3 blocks. I hope to have more next month.

  73. Darlene says:

    My total is 14 blocks. Wow did the month go by so fast! I have been keeping trackof my handstitching w/ a calendar I had 20 days out of 31! I am happy about that and have a hat,mittens and baby sweater for soon to arrive grandson. Thank you for the inspiration Shelly!

  74. Teresa P Dodson says:

    I did 48 blocks. Not as many as I could but I have been very focused on quilting rather than piecing. Still happy with the result!

  75. Susan N. says:

    I love your blocks. So nicely scrappy! I made my post and then forgot to tell you or give you the link! 33 Blocks for me in January. Thank you for running this each year.

  76. Wendy O says:

    I did do a lot of sewing! 34 blocks! lol. Bu y do I get extra points because they are 5 1/2 inch blocks? One was 16 HSTs! And That UFO is put up, not done!
    New month, New UFO! I will get something done…..eventually.

  77. Barbara B says:

    January was a productive month with 137 blocks

  78. Patricia Hotz says:

    I did 30 blocks that I know for sure (church quilt) did more but I can’t find my calendar where I wrote the numbers down, so I’ll just go with 30.

  79. Susan Guffey says:

    21. We will sure appreciate spring when it comes!

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