Creativity Challenge #11

Posted on March 17, 2016 by prairiemoonquilts in Creativity Challenges

How did you do with the poetry challenge?

I’m not ready to show you mine just yet, but I will when it gets far enough along to look like something.

As usual, I’m trying to overthink it, but I finally just forced myself to start. This is one of the things I’m trying to get past — overthinking how to do everything, making it harder than it should be — that’s one of my goals with these challenges. Just to let the hangups be gone, and DO something. That’s also why I made them weekly instead of monthly, so I wouldn’t procrastinate. Not sure it’s working in every instance, but I have done more than I normally would have, so any steps in the right direction are good.

I keep trying to put myself into my younger shoes, back in the days when I drew nearly every day, with no hangups, no worries about how it looked, or whether it was “perfect” — I turned out so much more artwork in those days! I’m trying to get back to that.

I’m gearing up to challenge myself to make some art, in some form or another, every day, and quilts won’t count. I’ll let you know if/when I start that.

Meanwhile, we’re ready for our 11th Creativity Challenge!

Since I’m gone the next two Thursdays and a lot in between, I’m taking it a bit easy on us for the next couple weeks. This will not only give us time to do the challenges, but a bit more catching up time. There’s only 3 or 4 of the previous challenges that I’m considering finished. Now that I’ve started, I want to keep them going!

So this week, we’re going to:

Add more doodling to the beginning doodle, or add color to it

You have kept all your previous challenge pieces, haven’t you?

I want us to go back to our very beginning doodle from the very first challenge, and either add some more doodling to it, or if you haven’t already, add some color to it.

If you are finished with your beginning one, then make another one, and keep going. Doodling is good for your brain, remember?

Once you’ve done that, if you have any more spare time, you can use it to catch up on some of the other challenges, if you, like me, don’t consider them all to be finished just yet.

I have three doodles from the first challenge, and this one I’m just keeping to black and white:


This one I want to add on to, and add some color:


And this one I just need to keep adding to (for now):


So that’s what I’ll be working on. How about you?

4 responses to “Creativity Challenge #11”

  1. Kathy Fraser says:

    That’s not doodling. That’s ART girl. IT is beautiful. My doodling is hen scratching on a piece of paper while I wait on hold. An artist I am not. My brother and my son were, but not me. I can do trees. Now that I’m good at, but not your doodling. Nope, just trees and grass and maybe a bush or two, but not doodling. 😉

  2. Wendy says:

    Challenge #10 is still in my head. I know what I want to do, just don’t know how I want to do it. And I want it to be perfect (overthinking here too). Glad to have a little more time to think about it, as well as get caught up on past challenges!

  3. Rose Marie says:

    I can’t doodle and I can’t write poetry. I am creative though – just in a completely different way than you are. Here is what Roberta Horton says about creativity.
    1. Always present yourself with multiple choices.
    2. Try something that you haven’t done before.
    3. Allow a bigger block of time to work when you’re in the creating stage of your quilt.
    4. if you get blocked, do something unrelated to the quilt.
    5. Learn to talk to yourself – and then to listen.
    6. Keep a plain paper notebook, or even the back of an envelope handy. (write down ideas from the middle of the night)
    7. You may need develop a new working-sleeping pattern.
    8. Think and talk in a positive fashion.
    9. Encourage and honor your creativity.
    I do all of these things……..and I do make quilts unlike others do. Like Vincent Van Gogh, some people may be fighting over my quilts after I’m gone.

  4. Hi,
    Added some words to my list, worked on my doodle some more. I’ve added some color and I’m calling it done. I’ll post a picture soon. Have a great day!

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