• Rose Marie’s “Abloom” Quilt

    Posted on May 2, 2017 by in Longarm Quilting

    I recently quilted a quilt for my friend, Rose Marie. She made this “Abloom” quilt from a pattern in Amy Ellis’s book “Modern Heritage Quilts“. Since the quilt is chock full of negative space, Rose Marie asked me if I would quilt it and fill up all that negative space with lots of modern quilting. […]

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  • April 350 Blocks Report

    Posted on April 30, 2017 by in 350 Blocks Project

    I do NOT want to face the fact that April is already over! My month was spent tending to my goats and their babies, especially little Ranger, after he lost his momma and his twin sister: And standing at the longarm — I quilted more quilts this month than I have so far all year! […]

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  • Quilters, The Musical

    Posted on April 15, 2017 by in Studio News, What's New

    It’s coming to Maples Repertory Theater this fall! Quilters, The Musical. And along with the musical, the theater is hosting all sorts of other quilting events throughout the musical’s 17-day run, including a quilt show at their event center. Check this out! The first weekend of the musical, Jenny Doan of Missouri Star Quilt Company […]

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  • Update on the Twins

    Posted on April 12, 2017 by in Animals, Prairie Moon Ranch

    Some would say, “It’s just a goat!” But My Cowboy and I both firmly believe that if you own livestock, or animals of any kind, then you have an important responsibility to take care of them the best that you can, no matter what — no matter the weather, no matter the problem, no matter […]

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  • Pepper

    Posted on April 10, 2017 by in Animals, Prairie Moon Ranch

    Two years ago, on April 11, 2015, I went to a goat sale to buy a friend for my goat, Jasper, because, as it is said: “An only goat is a lonely goat”, and I didn’t want Jasper to be lonely. Would you want to disappoint this sweet face? I came home with two friends […]

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  • The 100 Day Project

    Posted on April 7, 2017 by in Challenges

    Over on Instagram, @elleluna and @lindsayjeanthomson are hosting #The100DayProject. I love the idea of 100 days for doing something, and I’ve written about how I use 100-day segments for accomplishing things before (click HERE to read about it). So I’ve decided to join in on this Instagram challenge, too. You pick something that you plan […]

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  • Lynx Fur Ewe

    Posted on April 5, 2017 by in Inspiration

    I kinda probly need to stay off the computer, and I’d get more work done, but there are just so many cute projects out there! Clever and pretty ways to use up scraps, which I’m on a mission to do. Free patterns that look like they’d be fun to make. And quilt-alongs I can barely […]

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  • A Day in the Life

    Posted on April 4, 2017 by in Prairie Moon Ranch

    So far today, I’ve: • Helped with morning chores. • Ate breakfast and made coffee (necessary before going any further). • Helped sort and unload cattle (in ankle-deep mud). • Spent time in the goat pen. You see, I have all these darling little babies to play with, and I really feel like just moving […]

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  • March 350 Blocks Report

    Posted on March 31, 2017 by in 350 Blocks Project

    I’ve been severely unmotivated this past month. I spent the first whole week in California with my daughters, on vacation for the most part, and it always takes me a while to recover from a vacation — haha! If it weren’t for my guild’s retreat this month, I’m not sure I’d have gotten any sewing […]

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  • Loose Interpretation

    Posted on March 23, 2017 by in Stash Tales

    Or I could say, Interpretation on the Loose! Back at the end of last year, when I was reorganizing all my fabric bins, and lamenting the fact that I couldn’t get all my fabric to fit into the bins, I made the goal of not buying any more fabric unless it was something that is […]

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