• 500 Traditional Quilts

    Posted on October 22, 2014 by in Inspiration, Reviews

    500 seems to be the magical number around here lately. But someone needs to stop me before I eat my 500th Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. Seriously. Or 500 will also be the magical number on my scale. Today’s 500 refers to the new book out by LARK Publishing called “500 Traditional Quilts”. It’s a wonderful […]

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  • No. 500

    Posted on October 17, 2014 by in Longarm Quilting

    No fanfare. No party hats. No confetti fell from the ceiling. No horns. No balloons. No cake even. Just the birds chirping. Jasper bleating in the back yard. And My Cowboy: “I don’t hear that machine runnin’ — git ta work!” Last week, I quilted the 500th quilt on my longarm, since getting it in […]

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  • HalfLogs

    September 350 Blocks Report

    Posted on October 1, 2014 by in 350 Blocks Project

    Well, there’s another month done and gone! How did you do? I managed to make 25 blocks this month, in spite of myself. I made these two for our monthly guild exchange: I made the rows for this quilt, and I’m counting them as 7 blocks: This quilt is the Happy and Scrappy Quilt from […]

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  • Mess

    Our 2014 Fall Guild Retreat

    Posted on September 22, 2014 by in Guild Stuff

    So much fun! And it’s over now. What a great group of ladies to spend a weekend with! We laughed a lot, ate a lot, and sewed a lot. I believe there were 30 of us in attendance. Our guild is getting larger. We even swindled some ladies from the Kansas City area into joining […]

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  • horse

    The Coolidge Park Carousel

    Posted on September 19, 2014 by in Travels

    During our trip to Chattanooga, my sister wanted to go to Coolidge Park and see the hand-carved antique carousel they have there. What a fabulous idea that was! It’s gorgeous. And huge. And we got to ride it! This is the horse I rode: I’ve already forgotten his name. All the animals have names. The […]

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  • book

    Still More Sightseeing

    Posted on September 18, 2014 by in Travels

    Trying to cram as much activity into one trip as we possibly could, after all the sightseeing of the day last Thursday, my sister and I also went to The BadAss Quilter’s Society Party on Thursday evening. Our friends from home were there — Alice, Barb, Sandy, and Louise — I got to see Maddie […]

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  • RubyFalls2

    See Rock City

    Posted on September 17, 2014 by in Travels

    If you’ve ever driven anywhere in Tennessee, you can not possibly have missed noticing at least one sign declaring “See Rock City“. My sister and I have both seen these signs often, but neither of us had ever actually taken that advice and gone to see it. So while we were there this time, we […]

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  • Chattanooga

    Seeing Some Sights

    Posted on September 16, 2014 by in Travels

    My sister and I went to Chattanooga to the AQS Show down there last week. We left on Wednesday morning, and it had rained so much the night before, we had trouble getting out. Our normal route out was flooded over, so we took another road, and when we got to the main highway, part […]

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  • LoveTriangles

    News From the Studio, Episode 1237

    Posted on September 9, 2014 by in Studio News, What's New

    Time for an update from around here, huh? I’ve been busy! I feel like I’ve been in a whirlwind, actually. I can hardly believe summer is almost over. We’ve been working hard on the studio remodel. By we, I mean me and my dear, dear friend, Cindy — I would not be near as far […]

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  • Scraps

    August 350 Blocks Report

    Posted on August 31, 2014 by in 350 Blocks Project

    I can’t believe August is already over! Can you tell I’ve been busy? I’ve hardly blogged at all . . . And it certainly hasn’t been that I’ve been working on my own quilts much at all, either. I made a whoppin’ NINE blocks this month — that’s it. But it did break me over […]

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