Still More Sightseeing

Posted on September 18, 2014 by prairiemoonquilts in Travels

Trying to cram as much activity into one trip as we possibly could, after all the sightseeing of the day last Thursday, my sister and I also went to The BadAss Quilter’s Society Party on Thursday evening.

Our friends from home were there — Alice, Barb, Sandy, and Louise — I got to see Maddie and Flaun — and we met lots of new friends and had a really good time.

Aurifil had donated LOTS of prizes of thread bundles for Maddie to give away, and I think my sister and I both won one! I got this one:


We also got goodie bags with lots of fun things inside. And food — there was good food. If you weren’t there, you simply missed out.

On Friday morning, we finally made it to the AQS Show!

All the quilts were fabulous. The winners were breathtaking, as usual. Marilyn Badger won a well-deserved Best of Show, and Kimberly Einmo won Best Modern Quilt with her “Fire and Ice” creation.

This is the only quilt I took a picture of, and I took it because I knew My Cowboy would like this one. It’s Cochise . . . and it’s very nicely done. It was made by Patsy Heacox.


We visited all the vendors, but we kind of sped through them, because we were afraid we’d buy something. I even made the comment: “I’m not draggin’ home one more piece of fabric until I’ve cleaned up some of the mess I have at home!” Do you think I stuck to that?

I did buy a book . . . because I need 1000 more embroidery designs — doesn’t everyone?


We also visited the Special Exhibits. The cow quilt exhibit was so funny and silly. This one was my favorite: “Triple Sow Cow” by Barb Lambreche. Too funny!


The BadAss Quilter’s Society had a special exhibit! And evidently, I know a lot of BadAss Quilters, because several of my friends had quilts in the exhibit. My friend and fellow guild member, Alice Allinson, had her “My My My My Sedona” quilt in the exhibit. Isn’t it gorgeous?


And my friend, Stephanie Adams, had her “Modern Tulips Gone Grunge” quilt in there, too.


And there were more, but I never get enough pictures . . .

We were done with the show even sooner than we thought we’d be, so we rode the shuttle down to the Tennessee Aquarium. What an amazing place! I had no idea . . .

We got to watch penguins swimming:


We also saw sharks, birds, a butterfly garden, all kinds of turtles, so many different kinds of fish you can’t keep track, otters, and even snakes. And then we went and watched an IMAX movie! It was good to get to sit down for a few minutes.

In my next post, I’ll show you what we did after we left the movie.


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  1. denniele says:

    I might need to be your sister for a while! Looks like a great time!

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