News From the Studio, Episode 1303

Posted on March 9, 2015 by prairiemoonquilts in Studio News

With a little News From the Ranch thrown in for good measure . . .

Last week it looked like this:


Mini-Moo thinks the hay at the top of the pile tastes better.

This week, Mud is the new White:


While trying to shed herself of her furry winter coat, Bonnie seems to have met with some mud!

I’ve been working hard on new samples for my classes for the Arrow Rock Quilt Camp in May. If you haven’t gotten signed up for camp yet, rush over there and do it. It’s a super-fun-filled week of quilting with lots of other fun activities thrown in, all in a cute little historic town chock full of character. You’ll love it! And you’ll also make lots of new friends, if you haven’t been before. By the time camp is over, we’re all like a big family. So much fun, and the week just flies by! Click HERE for all the information.


I bought myself a new ruler to use with my longarm. The one I’ve been using is clear with no lines — how I’ve survived so long without this one, I’m not sure.


It’s called Janet Lee’s Other Favorite, and I got it at The Gadget Girls online. I’m gonna love it!

I’ve also pulled out a pile of fabric to use for my Sizzix Challenge quilt:


Have you started a quilt for Victoria’s Sizzix Challenge yet? You should! Here’s all the info you need: Sizzix Quilt Challenge. So far, I’m planning on using the Melon die in my quilt. I’m sure my idea will evolve from there . . . You need to start one, too — we have until the end of June! What’s keeping you?

In other news, the first round of Cowgirl Club packets sold out really fast! You all like secret goodies, apparently! But no worries, because the next packets will become available the first week of April, which isn’t that far off, so keep your eyes peeled for the announcement of when they’re ready. I’m making more this time than last time, so if you wanted one last time and didn’t get one, you’ll have a better chance next time. And the goodies will be good, I promise!

And don’t forget to pick up a Kansas City Star Sunday paper next Sunday, March 15, when the third installment of Hazel’s Diary will make its appearance!

Meanwhile, have a great week, and I hope you get lots of stitching time!

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  1. Kathy says:

    Love the colors. Blue of course is my favorite. Can’t wait to see the finished quilt.

  2. Cindy says:

    I think Bonnie needs a bath. The one thing I don’t like about spring….mud!

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