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Posted on March 26, 2014 by prairiemoonquilts in Give-Aways, Travels

Last Friday, I grabbed my neighbor, Norma, and we took a field trip over to Missouri Star Quilt Company in Hamilton, MO.

I had never been to Missouri Star Quilt Company before, and I don’t even know why, since it’s only 75 miles from my house. Relatively close, for any quilter on a mission, right?

It was well worth the drive, it was a beautiful day, and we had a blast!

Missouri Star Quilt Company is the home of Jenny Doan, whose fabulous tutorials have gotten quilters hooked without them even knowin’ what hit ’em.

The shop is just beyond description. They have everything!

I’ll show you the few pictures I took, but they just really don’t even capture it very well. You really should just come see it for yourself!

Here’s what you see when you enter the shop if you look right:MSQC4

Here’s what you see when you enter the shop if you look left:MSQC3

Here’s the reproduction fabrics section. I’d love to just have this entire section in my studio!MSQC1

Here’s the “Basics Room”, as I’m calling it. This area has marbles, dots, swirls (a lot of the Moda basics), and some white-on-white selections. MSQC2

There’s another room with lots and lots of choices for wide backings. There are many many other sections containing just about any fabric style, design, or color you could want.

They have an entire wall of solids! I wanted that for my studio, too . . .

Up the street from the main store, they have a new retreat center, and it is HUGE! And fabulous! Norma and I got to tour it. I wanted to move in. Here’s what it looks like when you walk in:MSQCRetreat

They can host 48 people sewing, and I think she said they can sleep 47 in the rooms upstairs. There’s a large kitchen, and the round tables you see are the eating area. What you can’t see to the left and right are all the sewing tables set up in rows. Can you imagine the noise that would come from this entire area filled with sewing machines and chatting quilters?

Across the street from the Retreat Center is another of their shops called Sew Seasonal. This shop houses nothing but their holiday and seasonal fabrics: Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Easter, Valentine’s Day, 4th of July, etc. So much fabric!

They also have another building that houses their machine quilters, and we did not get to see that on this day, but we’re going back sometime.

And of course, the warehouse . . . which we also did not see inside of. If you’re not aware, Missouri Star Quilt Company does a HUGE online business. Their Quilter’s Daily Deal is always fabulous! They have several employees who do nothing but cut fabric for mail orders all day long. That’s a lot of fabric!

Missouri Star Quilt Company also has a brand new magazine out, called BLOCK. It’s a beautifully done magazine, featuring projects using mostly precuts, made from Jenny’s tutorials. The first issue has been out for a bit, and we got to see all the quilts from the magazine on display in the shop. Gorgeous! Blockmag

The photography in the magazine is wonderful, and there are links to the online tutorials from each project as well, so not only can you use the instructions in the magazine, but you can also watch it being done in the online version — a double dose of instruction! And best of all — no ads in the magazine — it’s all quilts and projects and information. Oh wait, that’s not the best thing — the best thing is that it’s only $5.99 — a lot cheaper than some of the magazines currently available.

And you can subscribe — just click HERE to do that. The second issue is coming out right away.

Meanwhile, I have a copy of the first issue that I’m giving away right now! All you have to do for a chance to win is leave a comment on this post. I’ll draw for a winner on Monday, March 31st.

Once you see the first issue, you will want to subscribe . . . just warning you now!

And if you’re ever up for a road trip, I highly recommend Hamilton, MO . . .

UPDATE: The winner of the BLOCK magazine is Marge N.! Thanks everyone for playing along.

0 responses to “Missouri Star Quilt Company”

  1. Diane Jarvis says:

    Great shop. Haven’t seen the magazine yet.

  2. Scarlett R says:

    That place is very overwhelming! I was not prepared for what I was about to see. LOL I love that place!! I’ve seen a lot of people who have the Block magazine, but I don’t have it yet. Maybe now??

  3. Judy says:

    Toss my name in that drawing, please. I love Jennie’s tutorials, she has the best teaching style.

  4. Donna says:

    Thanks for posting photos of the MO Star Quilt Co. store and retreat. I didn’t realize that all of those temptations were so close at hand! I read about the magazine online, and I’m glad to read your endorsement of it.

  5. Deanna says:

    I’d love to have a new magazine…while I don’t purchase many precuts, their ideas and techniques work for scrappy people like myself, too.

  6. Barbara says:

    Thanks for this post. I love learning about new shops & new quilting magazines!

  7. Andrea O'Brien says:

    I have bought several things off her website, and have visited the store once. It is really nice. I would love to see the new magazine!

  8. sandy Lowery says:

    Wow, i would love to tour Missouri Star Quilt Company. I love Jenny’s videos so am sure the magazine would be wonderful too. Maybe I will be lucky and win a copy of the mag, after all, it is my birthday on the 31

  9. Lizzie says:

    Would love to see the new magazine. Wished I lived close enough to visit but love their website and tutorials. Thanks for opportunity to win.

  10. Susan the farm quilter says:

    You have convinced me to include The Missouri Star Quilt Company on my next road trip – can’t just go there as it is 1,623 miles one way from my house!!! Thanks for the info on the new magazine!!

  11. Rosalee says:

    Fabulous article! I already like Jenny and MSQC for online orders and tutorials! Would love the opportunity to retreat there and opportunity to win magazine–thanks!

  12. Ranch Wife says:

    Sounds like a fun trip. So, whadja get?! I would be in big trouble if I went there and my fabric fast would just be a distant memory. I ordered Block and I was impressed. It’s a well done publication.

  13. Cindy in ND says:

    I’m so jealous right now! I would love to go there, and you only live 75 miles away! That’s so awesome. They have so many buildings, wouldn’t you love to go there for a retreat? I would love to see the magazine too. I may have to subscribe. Thank you for a lovely giveaway.

  14. Cindy says:

    Wow, now I want to go! Looks like you could spend a whole day there.

  15. LINDA says:

    HI,this looks so neat!
    Thanks for sharing!

  16. Bari says:

    Okay, so this is just ONE more reason that I need to come up and visit you…road trip! That would be an absolute blast!

    I have heard others talking about the new magazine but have yet to see one. I would assume they do a very quality publication. Jenny was down at our guild late last year and was absolutely wonderful!

  17. Janie says:

    Haven’t seen the magazine, but would love to get my hands on one!!

  18. Paula says:

    Thanks for the tour – i hope to get there myself sometime.

  19. Mary C says:

    I would love to visit MSQC someday. Maybe I can convince my husband it would make an excellent vacation point? Thanks for sharing your tour.

  20. Kathy Kemper says:

    I can’t wait to lay my eyes on the new “Block” magazine!!!

  21. I saw a special on TV on the Missouri Star Quilt Company while vacationing in Texas this winter and thought Oh my I need to go there. Got out the map and checked out where it was located. By the end of the segment I was drooling. Looks like you could spend several hours there. Thanks for the reminder.

  22. Janet Smith says:

    Have been to their old store and was impressed with it – can’t imagine what I would think of the new set-up. It’s awesome I’m sure. I would have gone with you and Norma, too, Shelly.

  23. Phyllis Rainbolt says:

    Love this store! Have been there a few times and always find what I want? Amazed at how they have grown over the years!

  24. Sharon Brown says:

    I have meant to subscribe to this new magazine so thanks for the reminder. In the past 3 years I have taught myself how to quilt, in part by watching you tube, especially Jenny Doans/Missouri Star tutorials, she just makes you feel like you CAN do it!

  25. Terri Gross says:

    That sounds like an absolutely fabulous time. I wish we had a huge shop around here.

  26. K80 says:

    I took your sister there as part of a NEMO self guided shop hop at Thanksgiving…I’m thinking about doing one around Mexico the end of May…you should join us!!!

  27. jmniffer says:

    I’m a huge MSQ fan and look forward to the weekly tutorials. It would be wonderful to have a copy of the new magazine. Thanks for the chance.

  28. Mary says:

    My three-year-old granddaughter likes to watch Jenny’s quilting videos. I bet she and I both would like seeing the magazine. Thanks for sharing about your trip.

  29. Sheri says:

    I love the MSQC! Thanks so much for the tour. I love the tutorials and the daily deals!

  30. Shar F says:

    That looks like the funniest place. I have heard about them through several sites I read, but have never taken the time to check them out. I even have their app on my phone. I guess you can call me lazy. It looks like you had a great time. I dream of coming back there and this will have to be a must see! Thanks for sharing. I hope I win!

  31. Rose Marie says:

    Whew! The competition for this one is keen. I also would like a copy of the magazine.

  32. Barb Bevell says:

    On a recent trip to KC we stopped by, but alas, they closed 15 minutes prior to our arrival. I just peered through the window and drooled………

    We’ll be back. This time, allowing plenty of time to shop and dream.

    Thanks for the review! I didn’t know about their Sew Seasonal Shop. How fun!

  33. Michele says:

    I love that store too! I remember when it first opened around the corner.
    Maybe our guild can have a retreat in their retreat center; I’m really disappointed we didn’t have one this spring

  34. Marge N says:

    I visited the shop last year. I was fortunate to meet Jenny Doan and she autographed one of her magazines. Her deals are awesome. Anxious to shop again. Thanks for sharing.

  35. Karen says:

    Thanks for sharing your experience there. That’s one place I’d love to see, but it’s too far for me. Between your tutorials and Jenny’s, is how I’ve learned to quilt. Thanks for doing the qive-away!

  36. Looks interesting! Maybe I will be a winner!

  37. Susan says:

    Thanks for the view of the shop. It looks like a SUPER place for a retreat! I saw the magazine ad somewhere and would have subscribed right that minute, if it started with issue 1. If I win, I’ll go subscribe. =) Thanks for a chance to win.

  38. dianne says:

    I subscribed to Block right away and have since gifted it to two friends. I am so excited to be heading to MSQC this month for a retreat. A superb quilt shop run by folks who feel like family (or a U2 concert) is about all that can get me out of California in the Spring! Nice feature – great site! Thanks!

  39. Arlene Smith says:

    I can’t wait to get to this place and see what going on in person! I live in the Austin, Texas area – its not too far !! I’ve bought on-line but need to see in person ! Thanks for the tour !

  40. Patty Wood says:

    I would like to be included in the drawing for Block quilting magazine. I am ordering some fabric online today!. I love Jenny’s YouTube tutorials.

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