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Just some more about what’s going on around here. Evidently, I’m too busy to blog much, so something must be getting done, right?

My sister and I went to the AQS Show in Des Moines. It was a blast. We ran into lots of folks from home, and several other friends and folks we knew. I sure had a good time. It was a cold day. Coldest day this fall so far, I think.

Every time we go to a show together, my sister and I buy a pattern together and then we each make a quilt. It’s our little tradition. And yes, Katy is way ahead of me, but I’m hanging in there. This show, we ran into Dawn, from Linen Closet Quilts, right off the bat, and this is the pattern we bought to do together this time: Vicksburg. Isn’t it gorgeous?

It’s a 69″ x 69″ Civil War Sampler quilt, and even the background is scrappy. That’s one of the main things I liked about it, that I wouldn’t have to buy a big chunk of background fabric just to get started. So I went home and pulled out my bin of backgrounds, and I still had trouble finding pieces big enough. I think this means I need to invest in some neutrals before too much longer. While I was still trying to find a background for Block 1, my sister had her Block 1 nearly done! This is how it usually goes — my sister actually makes the quilt, while I just pretend to. Haha!

The day after we went to Des Moines, the Pecan Valley Quilt Guild that we belong to had its quilt show in conjunction with the Brunswick Pecan Festival, so that’s where we were all day.

Here’s a few of the quilts that were hung . . .

Janeen’s Prairie Moons & Stars (made from my pattern — I’m so honored!). Hers is all golds on blue backgrounds. She won a Viewer’s Choice award for it!

This Wedding Ring bed runner was made by a lady named Laura White, and it is stunning. It won first place Viewer’s Choice. No wonder! She used a paper-pieced pattern called Bali Bed Runner by Judy Niemeyer to make it.

This birdhouses quilt is from a McKenna Ryan pattern but I don’t know the name of it. I also can’t remember the lady’s name who made it, but her applique is superb! This is a lovely, lovely quilt. I think it also got a Viewer’s Choice award. (We gave out 5 Viewer’s Choice awards.)

This is Bev’s 10-Minute Block quilt. It’s made from fabrics by Sweetwater for Moda, and it’s so simple — I just absolutely love this quilt! This block can be made from Layer Cakes (10″ squares) and here’s a link to a video by Suzanne McNeill that shows you how: 10-Minute Quilt Block — go try it — it’s fast and fun!

We had a guild signature quilt. We all pieced a signature block, and Barbara put them all together into this quilt for the guild.

We had a raffle quilt. Made and donated by Jessica! Gorgeous.

There were all sorts of vendors and a parade going on outside, too. It was a fun day. Still a bit cold, but fun anyway.

Here’s one of the quilts my sister hung in the show (her other one won a Viewer’s Choice award). I don’t know its proper name — all I can remember is all the names she called it while she was doing all that hand applique and hand quilting, and they’re not suitable for polite company!

I showed my Kitchen Sink quilt. This is a quilt I was inspired to make by my friend, Victoria.

And speaking of Victoria, she has a quilt design in the current (Fall 2012) issue of GenQ Magazine! It’s called Baby Bubbalicious, and she blogged about it here: Baby Bubbalicious.

And I quilted it for her! So I got mentioned:

There’s my 15 minutes of fame . . .

After the quilt show, we went to a family bonfire and hayride at my niece’s house, where I didn’t take a single picture. I think I was too tired. Or maybe I was near comatose from eating too much.

Monday night was guild meeting, where we exchanged the blocks we were to make from last month. We were to make an Aunt Dinah’s block, either from boy colors or girl colors. I couldn’t decide (naturally) so I made one of each. Here’s my boy block:

Here’s my girl block:

Next month’s block is a Christmas stocking. I need to get to work on that, but I’ll probably wait until the last minute anyway. It just wouldn’t be me to be prepared or caught up, now would it?

I’ve finally posted Block 3 of Hazel’s Summer Wildflowers:

I’ll have a couple new patterns to show you next week, so stay tuned. I’ll also be listing a bunch more pink boots for the Pink Boot Event early next week. I’ll be back with more news later!

For the rest of this weekend, I’m spending time with my daughters. Yes, both of them together, which is a rarity these days. They have a full itinerary planned for us, including the Hartsburg Pumpkin Festival tomorrow. You all have a good weekend!



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  1. Cindy says:

    Oh wow, you have been very busy. Love that new pattern you got…..Vicksburg. Looks like a lot of work, but I love it. Also, love your kitchen sink quilt. Now I know there was a reason I saved all those mismatched leftover blocks. Plus, I was given some…. very cool.

  2. Ahhhh! So much to say! Love the pattern you picked out together and LOVE both viewer’s choice awards. Your kitchen sink quilt is amazing. I’m so excited that one of your designs (I would recognize it anywhere) won a viewer’s choice award! Woo hoo! I hope you had some fun!

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