July Procrastination Challenge

Posted on July 6, 2015 by prairiemoonquilts in Challenges

It’s the first Monday of July, so that means it’s time to draw another number from my Procrastination project list to work on this month (or not, as the case seems to be).

As usual, last month, I drew a project that only needs the quilting to be called done, but I’m still not caught up on my customer backlog, so I can’t quilt quilts of my own just yet. So my Sunbonnet Sue quilt is still in the “waiting to be quilted” pile.

And it’s already time to draw another number. This month, it is #5. Number 5 for me is my Pineapple Quilt.


I started a Pineapple quilt years and years ago, in a class I took at the Missouri State Guild retreat in Osage Beach. I got the center done pretty quickly, then decided to do an appliqued border. And there, folks, is where I got stuck!

I’m not even sure where this quilt is right now, but my goal this month will be to locate it, and decide on a different border treatment besides applique, because that just isn’t going to get done. Ever.

I’ll let you know how it all goes, and once I find it, I can take pictures. Even if I don’t get it finished, if I at least get it added to the “to be quilted” pile, that’s progress, right?

How about you?

What will you be working on this month?

7 responses to “July Procrastination Challenge”

  1. Kathy says:

    I’m out to camp and enjoying the quiet. I swing on my glider and read and relax. Winter I do things. This summer it is my garden and relaxing. Life is too short. I’m on STRIKE for the summer. Yeah!!!

  2. randy says:

    I am trying to finish a star quilt top. However every time I climb the stairs to the sewing room. the phone rings on the first floor.

    After that I am working on a charm/ beggar top

  3. Pam in KC says:

    If it rains, I may get some quilting done – otherwise, it’s working in the yard chipping tons of brush — just as soon as we get a replacement carburetor. I want to finish the quilting on Diamond Links. It’s been hanging around partially quilted for a number of years. But I also want to finish Sew Scrappy – a 3 year piecing project and the 2 DP9 quilts I’m working on.

  4. Now that I have my VA quilt out of the way, I’m back to that baby quilt – the one with the elephant – I want to gift. She’s 3 months old now, so I better hurry.

  5. Sue Hook says:

    So I did not do so well on last months project – Quiet Book for the granddaughter. I did get 2 pages done at least making headway. This month I drew #1 which was Paper Doll purses – good for me I did complete these earlier this year so I will try to complete a couple of more pages of the Quiet Book.

  6. Meloney says:

    I’m not home, but that number is my pieced tulip project. I think it is a small project and will work on it when I return.

  7. Karen says:

    I did manage to make some headway on my June project, so at least it’s a bit closer to being finished. Here is my blog post on it: http://fortheloveofneedleandthread.blogspot.ca/2015/07/procrastination-challenge.html
    For July, I’m going to work on a scrappy trip-around-the-world quilt.

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