Hands of Friendship

Posted on June 4, 2019 by prairiemoonquilts in Guild Stuff, Quilts

One of the guilds that I’m a member of, The Hands of Friendship Quilt Guild, in Kirksville, Missouri, had its 34th Annual Quilt Show last weekend. And what a show it was!

We had close to 150 quilts on display. There was a pop-up show of polyester quilts on the front lawn before you even got into the building. I got a shot of them laid out on the tables in the morning while we were waiting on the grass to dry before putting them outside:

And in the lobby before you entered the show,  you could see all the veteran’s quilts that were made to present to our veterans in a ceremony on Saturday afternoon:

Our theme this year was “Blowing in the Wind”, and we had a bed-turning of quilts related to that theme. Our raffle quilt was won by Kay Beach, a founding member of our guild:

I’ll show you the quilts I entered, plus a few that were made from my patterns, and some that were quilted by me. I’m providing links to the patterns and posts, where applicable.

I entered my Log Cabin Challenge in the guild challenge category:

I entered my MixMash quilt, simply because it just might be my favorite quilt I’ve ever made!

And I entered this Round Robin quilt that I made with my friend, Rose Marie, nearly 23 years ago!

My Round Robin quilt has been used and loved and faded and has definitely seen better days. It’s not a show-worthy quilt (wasn’t even when it was new), but I needed to show it because Rose Marie finally finished hers (we did these together), so we had to show them together! Mine was quilted by June Magers, because I finished it long before I ever even had a longarm machine of my own!

Here’s Rose Marie’s, which I quilted for her:

I’ll tell you more about these two quilts in a future post real soon.

Rose Marie also showed two other quilts she’s made from my patterns. This one is from my “Scrappy Wild Geese” pattern. She calls hers “Geese in the Pines” because she used all sorts of tree and pine tree fabrics in hers. I quilted this one for her, very similar to how I quilted my own version.

The she showed her version of the “Hazel’s Summer Wildflowers” quilt that she made. She calls hers “Hazel-Ilene Wildflower”. I love the blue she used for her embroidery. This one was quilted by Joan Harrison.

Kay also showed her “Hazel-Ilene Wildflower” quilt. I love it, too! I got to quilt this one for her:

And Barb showed her quilt she made from my “Triangle Salad” quilt-along. She named her version “Chopped Salad with Black Olives” — haha — love it! I got to quilt this one for her, too.

And finally, I’ll show you Linda’s Gravity quilt, which earned her a Viewer’s Choice ribbon!

We had sooo many lovely, lovely quilts on display. I think our show just gets better and better every year! I’m already excited about next year’s show!

9 responses to “Hands of Friendship”

  1. Diana S says:

    Love all the quilts. Great eye candy!
    The Triangle Salad looks like a fun quilt along. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Judy S. says:

    All great quilts! It must have been quite a show with 150 quilts.

  3. Linda says:

    Beautiful quilts — all of them!

  4. Wendy Tuma says:

    Oh my, reading this was almost as fun as it would have been to be there. So many beautiful quilts!

  5. Angie in SoCal says:

    Thanks for sharing your quilt show with us. So fun.

  6. Debbi says:

    Oh! Such lovely quilts! Thanks for sharing, it was like going to a show.

  7. Sandra Famuliner says:

    I enjoyed seeing all the beautiful quilts.

  8. Rose Marie Smith says:

    The quilt show is always fun. I loved having a few hung this year that got finished!! The work that some of these quilters add to our pieced tops just makes them sing!!! Thanks Shelly!! You made me into a quilter……..not as wonderful as you and many others……….but such a wonderful way to enjoy life.

  9. What a beautiful array of quilts, thanks for sharing! It’s a reminder of the many unfinished quilts I would like to revive. I actually still love all the quilts I started so many years ago, even if some of the fabrics may be dated.

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