April Procrastination Challenge

Posted on April 6, 2015 by prairiemoonquilts in Challenges

Well, my search turned out to be fruitless. I cannot seem to find all the Postage Stamp blocks I already had finished. I must have really packed them safely!

However, I’m confident that they will turn up long before I’m ready to set them all into a finished quilt, what with all the organizing I’ve been doing. Besides, I’m still busy sewing little squares together.


I did manage to sew a lot more squares together, but have not yet made them into any more blocks. Slooooow progress . . .

But I guess slow progress is better than no progress, huh?

And it’s already time to move on to another project for April.

This month, I’ve randomly chosen #12 from my list.


Number 12 is my Yo-Yo quilt, which some would argue should be called a coverlet — either way is fine by me.

My Yo-Yo quilt is terrifically scrappy, and I have a lot of blocks made for it (not sure where they are – are you surprised?) — but I’m also putting a large border of only purple yo-yos around the edges, and that’s what I was working on when I stopped working on it.


So, I have this carton of circles, and all the stuff is in there ready for me to work on; I’m making this my carry-around project this month, and I’ll see how many more yo-yos I can get made by the first Monday in May.

So how about you? What project have you been procrastinating on that you will be pulling out to work on this month? How did you do on last month’s project?

As usual, Sue whipped hers out of hiding and finished it up in no time, and sent me a picture!


She made this One-Block Wonder quilt for her nephew — lucky fella!

10 responses to “April Procrastination Challenge”

  1. Carol Smith says:

    I am trying to organize still.

  2. Meloney says:

    Last month was an easy project. A minkee pillow. I hate working with minkee and had this one cut out, so it is done. http://melsquiltingblog.blogspot.com/2015/03/prairie-moon-procrastination-challenge.html
    This month has me working on a bright and black UFO. I think these are leftover from other quilts. Check the link out to see photos of it. http://melsquiltingblog.blogspot.com/2015/04/prairie-moon-inti-procrastination.html
    this would be a great kids quilt.

  3. Still trying to downsize and organize as I continue. I’ve decided with the number of UFOs I have and WIPs, I’m just going to make smaller versions of them and give them away unless it’s something that really appeals to me still. I did finish a block on one of my WIPs, so some progress was made in March.

  4. Susan says:

    I know you will find what you need. I’m procrastinating on every project I have! I did a little CQ yesterday and am choosing fabric for a pattern test that I need to finish by May 1.

  5. Kathy says:

    Well I pulled a boner last night. Seems like I had a very bad reaction to some out of date ( I didn’t check) meds. So I was in seizures and rapid heart beat. So my daughter called 911 and I kept seizing so they had lights and sirens on. BUT I AM HOME now.

  6. Sue H says:

    My number this month is 7. This is a mystery block quilt that I did with Janet from the Adel, Ia quilt shop. The top is completed it needs quilted and binding.

  7. Pam in KC says:

    I ignored the graduation quilt — the one for the May 16th graduation — so guess what I’m doing this month. I’ve got the blocks I’ve made up on the wall and have sorted the pieces out for the rest of the blocks.

  8. Happily, since I started repackaging all my projects into uniform sized boxes last week, I’m uncovering so many UFOs that I really want to finish. I have to admit that my UFO list has about 22 projects (I know it’s supposed to be 12), and I can’t pick randomly b/c I really must prioritize. So, April has to be a quilt for my granddaughter which I started ??? I did finish one for January and also March, missed Feb but hope to catch up. Thanks again for the challenge and good luck with your yo-yo quilt!

  9. Karen says:

    I’m afraid I didn’t get to my March project. I got side-tracked by bins of old clothes that I’m either cutting up or tossing out, and then I started a jean quilt with those scraps. I’ll try to get that March one done, which was just a binding and then pick another one.

  10. melfunk says:

    I was not successful in completing my black and bright quilt. I have the top done now and hope to get it quilted in May.
    What is your May number? I know, I can pick my own but it is more fun to share a random number. đŸ™‚

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