Aiming For Accuracy Quilt-Along

Posted on June 26, 2013 by prairiemoonquilts in Quilt-Alongs & Bees

There’s a new Quilt-Along starting tomorrow over at Quilting Gallery!

Michele has designed an original quilt specifically for this Quilt-Along.

It’s called the Aiming For Accuracy Quilt-Along, and the first lesson will be posted tomorrow.aiming-for-accuracy-qal-250

You can find all the information you need by clicking HERE.

The fabric requirements are already posted, and there will be prizes along the way. The Quilt-Along runs for 16 weeks. The quilt has 30 blocks and some single units, and measures 58″ x 82″ when finished.

Michele says “the most complicated unit is quarter square triangles. The entire quilt is pieced, no paper piecing, no y-seams and no partial seams”, so you can do this. I think I’m even gonna try it. I know, I know, I don’t need another project, and I always seem to be short on time, but I just love the quilt.

Michele did hers in Pat Sloan’s newest line, Bobbins and Bits (a line I’m in love with as it is), and Pat is even quilting along and making another version with more of her Bobbins and Bits fabrics, and Michele has made one in 1930’s reproductions . . . seeing all those versions has inspired me to want to do this, too.

What do you say? Will you join in, too? I did mention there are prizes, right?

I’ll be back on a timely schedule to show you my blocks as I quilt along . . .

0 responses to “Aiming For Accuracy Quilt-Along”

  1. Mishka says:

    Thanks so much for sharing the quilt-along and being a sponsor.


  2. Libby says:

    Thanks for sharing the “quilt along”. I think I’ll give this a try ~ Need the practice for accuracy.

  3. Rosalee says:

    This looks like a lot of fun, great experience, so I’ll be sewing along! Thanks!

  4. Bari says:

    I really don’t need something else to do, but may just join you on this one. I am thinking patriotic colors for a QOV….

  5. Susan says:

    Thanks for the information. July is a very busy month around here, so I probably won’t join, but I’ll be watching!

  6. I am so far behind on everything I’m working on, I can’t even look at this. I’ll enjoy watching you do it!

  7. Katie Z. says:

    If I didn’t already have a plate-full before me…

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