2016 Arrow Rock Quilt Camp

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I got home yesterday afternoon from this year’s Arrow Rock Quilt Camp. What a fun week! I was exhausted just from having too much fun.

We arrived last Monday to a wonderful BBQ Buffet dinner served at the J. Huston Tavern, and while I could have stayed full for the first three days just from that one meal, we kept getting fabulous meals the entire time we were at Camp. Lunch every day was at the Tavern, dinner two nights at Chez Trappeur, and Thursday night’s dinner at Catalpa, an award-winning restaurant run by an award-winning chef, Liz.

We were housed at the various Bed & Breakfast establishments throughout Arrow Rock, so we also got a wonderful breakfast every morning. I stayed at Borgman’s, and Kathy never failed to send us off to class with a happy full belly, plenty of good coffee, and a visit from Mr. FancyPants, the resident cat!


On the first evening, we had group show and tell, and Candice returned with her project from last year — she took my Mayflowers pattern and really ran with it! She said she liked the hand appliqué so much, she couldn’t stop! She kept going and made two pillow covers. Her quilt is beautiful:


I also shared with the group the quilts from my new book, A Simple Life, and told the story of the diary and the project.

Four instructors taught 3 full days of classes, and we had some wonderful students. A LOT of beautiful work came from those days.

I taught 3 different handwork classes: hand quilting, hand appliqué, and hand embroidery. I’m personally very proud of my students for working so diligently on handwork projects. It’s not easy to sit for 7 hours a day concentrating on a piece of handwork. They were real troopers!


Janice got one entire Oak Leaf and Cherries block finished, and was well on the way to finishing her hand quilted Anchor piece.


Klonda taught a French Braids class. Such gorgeous fabric combinations from everyone! Here’s Julie with one of her sections:


Candy Grisham taught her Dresden Plates class. So many plates were made this week, and every one of them drool-worthy — they pinned them to the classroom curtains as they got them finished.


And Judy Smith once again taught the Mystery Quilt class. I didn’t get pictures of any of those.

There’s a new yarn shop opened up in Arrow Rock, called A Grand Yarn, so on lunch break Wednesday, I shopped and bought yarn. I love the shop! And I’m thinking it’s a good thing I’m not closer, altho I can envision myself making a special trip back there the next time I want some yarn.


I wasn’t going to go back to the yarn shop on Thursday, but Tia dragged me back in there, and I couldn’t resist — I bought some more. The one on the left in the photo below is called “Everlasting Gobstopper” — I could NOT leave it behind! It’s gorgeous gorgeous yarn, and I’m planning to make scarves for the Scarving Artists for St. Anthony’s in San Francisco.


If you’re a knitter, and would like to join in, please visit St. Anthony’s web site HERE for their instructions. They do this every year, and I’ve donated before, but I missed last year because I didn’t get started early enough. I hope by getting started now, I can once again participate this year.

It’s an annual tradition to get a group photo by the Welcome Quilters banner in front of the Schoolhouse, so here we are this year — this is our biggest group ever!


The Arrow Rock Quilt Camp just gets bigger and better every year. Save the dates for next year’s Camp: May 1-5, 2017. Because space is limited, camp enrollment fills up pretty quickly, so if you want to be a part of it in 2017, get signed up early!

Our hosts, Paula and Larry, will be announcing next year’s classes on the camp web site towards the end of this month, and enrollment for the 2017 Arrow Rock Quilt Camp should begin June 1st. So keep your eyes peeled if you want in, and don’t delay signing up, or you’ll miss out — and that’s not something you want to miss out on!

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  1. Susan says:

    This always sounds like so much fun. I check the cost, and I can’t do it in 2017, but MAYBE in 2018! It sounds like a great camp. I could stand to do three days of handwork. =) That green yarn you bought – wish it were about a perle 8 embroidery thread, and gobstoppers, too. I would definitely have bought those!

  2. Cindy says:

    Didn’t you stay there last year? Seems like I remember Mr. Fancy pants.

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