Thanks go to all the following for their generous donations of supplies and time.
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Adena J.

Albert V.

Anonymous donors (4)

Arlene B.

Betsy H.

Camilla R.

Carol C.

Chamberlain Marketing Group

Chaya H.

Cherie B.

Cinda M.

Clifford C.

Col. John G.

Connie S.

Darlene (SewCalGal)

Dave B.

Deb B.

Diane J.

Donna F.

Dot V.

Elizabeth C.

Elizabeth S.

Fountain Lutheran Church, WI

George L.

Grant C.

Heidi W.

Hope S.

Ira R.

Jacque D.

Jeani B.

Jim and Grace W.

Joan and Jennifer S.

Judith S.

Judy B-F.

Judy S.

Kary C.

Kathy K.

Katy K.

Kay B.

Leroy S.

Linda K.

Llywelyn’s Pubs in St. Louis Area

Lydia H.

Mary D.

Masha N.

Melissa B.

Melissa W.

Monday Night Threadbenders

OBUUC Quilters

Peggy C.

Phylis L.

Richard P.

Rivka F.

Roger F.

Rose Marie S.

Sal & Stef

Scarlett L.

Stephanie P.

Terry S.

Thomas S.

Trish P.